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Rose Red
Rosered dye.png
Rose Red

Wool dyes


1 (Data)




Yes (64)

Data value

dec: 3511 hex: 15F1 bin: 1010111111


dye 1

Rose red is a primary color dye created by placing a poppy, rose bush or red tulip into a crafting square. In Pocket Edition it is made from Red Mushroom or Beetroots


[edit] Obtaining

[edit] Crafting

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Poppy or
Red Tulip or
Rose Bush

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Rose RedRose RedRose Red2

PoppyRed TulipRose Bush

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Xbox 360 Edition:

In Xbox 360 Edition, roses still exist. Therefore, they can still be crafted into two Rose Reds.

Ingredients Crafting recipe


Grid layout Arrow (small).png Rose Red2


Grid layout Shapeless.png

Pocket Edition:

In Pocket Edition, the only ways of getting Rose Red dye is crafting it from Beetroots or smelting Red Mushrooms (see below). There is a recipe for rose red in-game, but no roses, rendering it unobtainable before 0.4.0

Ingredients Crafting recipe


Grid layout Arrow (small).png Rose Red


Grid layout Shapeless.png

[edit] Smelting

As poppies do not exist in the Pocket Edition, smelting is one of the two methods to acquire rose red. The player cannot smelt Red Mushrooms for red dye in any other version.

Ingredients Smelting recipe

Red Mushroom +
Any fuel

Red Mushroom Grid layout Furnace Progress.png Rose Red
Grid layout Fire.png
CoalCharcoalOak WoodOak Wood Planks

[edit] Usage

Like all other dyes, Rose Red can be:

[edit] As a crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Red Firework Star

Gunpowder +
Rose Red +
Diamond or
Glowstone Dust or
Head or
Gold Nugget or
Feather or
Fire Charge

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Red Firework Star
Gunpowder Rose Red

DiamondGlowstone DustHeadGold NuggetFeatherFire Charge

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Red Stained Clay

Hardened Clay +
Rose Red

Hardened Clay Hardened Clay Hardened Clay Grid layout Arrow (small).png Red Stained Clay8
Hardened Clay Rose Red Hardened Clay
Hardened Clay Hardened Clay Hardened Clay

Magenta Dye

Lapis Lazuli +
Bone Meal +
Rose Red

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Magenta Dye4
Lapis Lazuli Bone Meal
Rose Red Rose Red
Grid layout Shapeless.png

Magenta Dye

Pink Dye +
Rose Red +
Lapis Lazuli

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Magenta Dye3
Pink Dye Rose Red

Lapis Lazuli
Grid layout Shapeless.png

Orange Dye

Rose Red +
Dandelion Yellow

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Orange Dye2
Rose Red Dandelion Yellow

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Pink Dye

Rose Red +
Bone Meal

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Pink Dye2
Rose Red Bone Meal

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Purple Dye

Lapis Lazuli +
Rose Red

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Purple Dye2
Lapis Lazuli Rose Red

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Red Stained Glass

Rose Red +

Glass Glass Glass Grid layout Arrow (small).png Red Stained Glass8
Glass Rose Red Glass
Glass Glass Glass

Red Wool

White Wool +
Rose Red

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Red Wool
White Wool Rose Red

Grid layout Shapeless.png

[edit] Data values

Data value Description
Dec Hex Bin

0 0 0 Ink Sac

1 1 1 Rose Red

2 2 10 Cactus Green

3 3 11 Cocoa Beans

4 4 100 Lapis Lazuli

5 5 101 Purple Dye

6 6 110 Cyan Dye

7 7 111 Light Gray Dye

8 8 1000 Gray Dye

9 9 1001 Pink Dye

10 A 1010 Lime Dye

11 B 1011 Dandelion Yellow

12 C 1100 Light Blue Dye

13 D 1101 Magenta Dye

14 E 1110 Orange Dye

15 F 1111 Bone Meal