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[edit]Redstone Torch
Redstone (Torch, Inactive).png
Redstone (Torch, Active).png
Redstone Torch

Non-solid Block






Yes, 7 (when on)

Blast resistance





Any tool




Yes (64)



First appearance

Alpha 1.0.1



Data values
Torch off state
dec: 75 hex: 4B bin: 1001011
Torch on state
dec: 76 hex: 4C bin: 1001100

A redstone torch is special block in Minecraft that interacts with Redstone. It has several functions in redstone circuitry, but the primary purpose is to act as a power source.


[edit] Crafting

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Redstone +

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Redstone Torch



[edit] Usage

[edit] As a crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Activator Rail

Iron Ingot +
Stick +
Redstone Torch

Iron Ingot Stick Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Activator Rail6
Iron Ingot Redstone Torch Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot Stick Iron Ingot

Redstone Comparator

Stone +
Redstone Torch +
Nether Quartz

Redstone Torch
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Redstone Comparator
Redstone Torch Nether Quartz Redstone Torch
Stone Stone Stone

Redstone Repeater

Stone +
Redstone Torch +

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Redstone Repeater
Redstone Torch Redstone Redstone Torch
Stone Stone Stone

[edit] As a light source

Redstone torches have a light level of 7 and will not melt ice or snow due to their low light level. This means they have half the light output of a regular torch, allowing mobs to spawn nearby.

Placing a redstone torch can be a good indication of whether there is adequate lighting on a block to prevent mobs from spawning. Redstone torches have the maximum light in which mobs will spawn, so they can be helpful when spawner farming.

Although one redstone ore block will produce 4-5 redstone dust, redstone is much harder to find than coal, and is made into torches at a 1:1 ratio (rather than 1:4). Therefore, using redstone torches as light sources is merely a cosmetic application and little else; unless you happen to have more redstone than desired.

[edit] As a redstone circuit component

The redstone torch will constantly power wires, doors, etc. and is an inverter or logical NOT in circuits. The redstone torch may be shut off by supplying power to the block that it is placed upon via a switch, lever, pressure plate, etc. It may also be shut off by a powered wire which is placed on the floor adjacent to the block that the redstone torch sits upon. The redstone torch, in turn, powers any wires which are immediately beside it (at the base of the redstone torch) as well as the block which is immediately above it. A redstone torch takes 1 "redstone tick" (2 game ticks) in Minecraft world time (approximately 0.1 seconds) to react to a power change in the block it rests upon. A wire can transfer power for a length of up to 15 blocks which may be used to operate doors, pistons, switches, redstone torches, etc. at a distance. See Redstone circuits for more information on using redstone torches in circuits and logic gates.

If redstone is scarce, and the only purpose of the torch is to supply power (i.e. not being used in any logic gate), it can usually be replaced with a lever, with the added advantage of being turned off if the need arises.

Redstone torches can be used to sabotage/activate traps and mechanisms as well as opening locked iron doors making it useful for raiding parties in multiplayer. A door circuit designed to be closed when constantly powered prevents this vulnerability.

Redstone torches will burn out when switched between the on and off states too often – 8 or more off-on-cycles within 60 game ticks (3 seconds). This can happen if the player clicks a lever quickly and repeatedly with the lever being hooked up to a redstone torch, or when the player creates an infinite feedback loop by inadvertently or purposely wiring a redstone torch back into itself (a 1-clock). This will cause the torch to repeatedly apply and remove current, allowing the torch to come back on and once again apply current to itself. This causes the torch and any mechanisms wired to it to rapidly activate and deactivate repeatedly and could crash the game depending on the complexity of the mechanism.

When burnt out the torch will issue a puff of smoke and a hiss similar to an extinguished fire. Then it will ignore any events which would normally turn on the torch until enough time has been elapsed so that there are 7 or fewer off-on-cycles within the last 60 game ticks. After that, the redstone torch will be restored to normal function by any block update (a neighboring block change or nearby redstone update) or by a block tick (the random checks that occur every game tick to update the world). There is no limit on how often a single redstone torch can burn out.

[edit] History

1.0.1 Added redstone torches.
1.1.0 Redstone torches can no longer be placed on tree leaves, but only in fancy mode.
1.0.2_01 Redstone torch, NOT gates, only signal into blocks above them or next to them.
1.2.0_02 Redstone torches no longer duplicate in SMP.
1.2_01 Fixed redstone torches acting really weird when placed.
1.6.6 It is now possible to place redstone torches on glowstone.
1.7.3 Corrected a redstone torch duplication bug when using pistons.
Official release
1.2 'Burnout' time reduced from 100 ticks to 60 ticks.
1.3.1 Redstone torches can now be placed on upside-down slabs and stairs.
1.4.2 Redstone torches are destroyed when an anvil falls on them.
1.5 13w01a Redstone torches are used to craft Redstone Comparators and activator rails.
1.8 14w07a Redstone Torches attached to the wall are now simply rotated versions of upright redstone torches, rather than having their own block model.
Console Edition
TU1 Added redstone torches.

[edit] Issues

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[edit] Trivia

  • In the source code, redstone torch is called notGate.
  • The redstone torch has the same placement rules as the regular torch, as seen by this chart.
  • Before redstone repeaters were added, redstone torches were used to extend signals like this:


  • Alternatively, one could use a double inverter, which uses exactly the same amounts of materials as the above method, but can be used in a one block high space (at the cost of being 2 blocks longer):


  • The "stick" part of a redstone torch has the same texture as a torch.

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