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Minecraft Realms
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Multiplay through Mojang.


Support address

[email protected]

Dev. status

Beta (see availability)

Minecraft Realms is a work-in-progress feature that, put simply, allows players to create and manage their own private server with minimal work and without the hassle of managing a custom server. Hosted by Multiplay through Mojang[1], Realms provides an easy and faster way to create Minecraft servers and allows the owner to manage their Realm from inside the game. Do take note, however, that Realms are not intended for large public servers, but for groups of friends or as a family server.[2] As Minecraft Realms is to the PC edition, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has a similar service, Pocket Realms, which is supported by Amazon and currently is a free limited version available to the same Alpha Testers as the PC version.


[edit] Availability

The countries in which Minecraft Realms is available.

Realms is still in development and is subject to a limited release to certain countries. A subscription can currently only be purchased when living in one of the following countries and regions:

Region Available since
Sweden[3] December 19, 2013 (beta)
Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland[4] February 26, 2014
UK, Netherlands, Ireland[5] March 25, 2014
Canada[6] April 1, 2014

[edit] Subscriptions

The subscription screen in-game, accessed through the Configuration menu.

Unlike most things relating to Minecraft, to get Realms you must subscribe.[7] Depending on which type of subscription you managed to obtain, you will have a different length on your subscription. See the below table for the exact counts. No matter which type of subscription you obtain, it can be renewed via the link in-game (see Owner's Guide section for more.) If you follow the link, it'll take you to your Mojang account page, where from you can then choose to extend your subscription. Because of this, anyone wishing to buy a Realm must migrate their account to a global Mojang account (visit for more info.)

Type of Subscription Length
MINECON 2013 Prepaid Card 30 days
Extension of Current Subscription Depending on choice, either 30, 60, or 180 days
New Realm Depending on choice, either 30, 60, or 180 days

[edit] Managing a Realm

If you own a Realm, it can sometimes be slightly confusing what buttons do what. Here is a quick overview of the Realms menu:

Thumbnail Description of Functions
Title.png This is the main menu as you see it if you have bought a Realm, as well as if you have been invited to one. To get to Realms, follow the appropriate button.
Minecraft Realms screen.png This is the main screen in the Realms menu. Here, you can select your Realm to play on it, configure it, and other options. It also shows Realms you have been invited to, allowing you to select it and either play on it or leave it. If you own the Realm, your face will appear next to it. If a Realm belongs to someone else, their face will be inserted. Each Realm box shows the name, short description (or whether or not it's in a Minigame), the owner's name, the Realm status, and how many players are currently online.
Realms Configure.png This is the screen you get to if you own a Realm and click the "Configure" button in the main Realms menu. Here, you can completely manage your Realm. There are two main columns: The player management column on the left, and the main management column on the right. The player management column allows you to manage which players are whitelisted on your Realm, as well as let you promote players of your choice to operators. The "+" button allows you to add new players to the Realm. Just type in their username, and they will be able to accept the invitation and play on your Realm.

In the right column is everything else having to do with Realm management: Minigame Management, General Realm Settings, Backups info, Reset options, and an option to view your Subscription. Minigames are a feature that allow you to temporarily switch your Realm over to a minigame from a set list. The list includes maps and minigames from popular Minecrafters. You can also change it back at any point without losing the world. The general settings are the Realm's name, description, default gamemode and difficulty level. The backups button allows you to revert your Realm to any of the regularly made backups, as well as download the latest backup to your computer. The reset button allows you to reset your default world, which cannot be undone without reverting to a previous backup. This is equivalent to deleting a world and making a new one. Finally, you have the Subscription button at the bottom, which allows you to view the remaining time that Realm has before further payment for it must be made, as well as an option to extend the time. There is also a button next to the Realm's name that allows you to set whether or not the Realm is "on", or in other words, whether or not players can get on and play on your Realm.

[edit] Playing on a Realm

Thumbnail Description of Functions
Realms Invited Screen.png If you have been invited to a Realm, you will see the Minecraft Realms button on your main menu. Click it and you will be taken to screen rather like this. If you click on the letter up top, you will be taken to a screen where you can view all of the Realms you have been invited to. You can highlight a Realm and choose whether or not to accept the invitation. If you do accept, then the Realm will appear on your list and you can play it! If you reject, then your name will be taken back off the invited list unless the owner puts it back on.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Mojang blog closing signature was signed // The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams instead of the usual // The Minecraft team starting with the blog Minecraft Snapshot 13w09a.[8]

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Issues

The best way to report Realms bugs is to email the Realms support address, linked in the infobox above.

[edit] History

Minecraft Realms has been in development since Minecon 2012, when Mojang revealed that they wanted to host their own servers. At the release of Snapshot 13w09b (released in March 2013,) about 100 active players[9] were selected by a computer algorithm[10] to test the first alpha version of Realms.[11] Later on, with the release of Minecraft 1.6.4, new Alpha Testers were chosen. Also, if you went to Minecon 2013, you received a Minecraft Realms prepaid card, which could be redeemed on Mojang's website for one subscription to Minecraft Realms (the subscription is valid for 30 days). Finally, on December 18, 2013, Minecraft Realms Beta was made available to the public of Sweden.[12] Over the course of that day to the present, Minecraft Realms has become available elsewhere.

[edit] Version History


Official release
1.5 Added Minecraft Realms Alpha, which was only accessible to 100 alpha testers
1.5.1 Changed Realm List Layout to show your owned Realms first, then ones you are invited to.
Overhauled Configuration screen, changing layout
Changed the way Realms show up on the main list
Updated "More Info" link
1.6.4 More alpha testers chosen, using the same algorithm as the first round of testers were picked with
1.7.4 Configuration screen layout changed
Updated Realms list to include a picture of the owner's face as the server logo
1.7.5 Added Minigames feature
1.7.6 Added the ability to promote other players to Operators via the configuration screen
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.7.1 Added Pocket Realms, accessible only to the testers of the PC edition
0.7.6 Moved Realms login button to the settings menu
"Play on Realms" button only appears if a tester is signed in
0.8.0 Bug introduced where players can log in to Realms, but are logged out upon restarting the game
0.8.1 Fixed above bug.

[edit] References