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Raw Beef
Raw Beef



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Yes (64)

First appearance

Beta 1.8

Data value

dec: 363 hex: 16B bin: 101101011



Raw Beef is a food item dropped when cows are killed. Each piece of raw beef restores 3 units of the food bar and 1.8 hunger saturation.


[edit] As a cooking ingredient

Steak can be obtained by cooking the raw beef in an furnace with some kind of fuel. A pair of saplings or a plank is recommended for maximum cooking efficiency for a single raw beef to cook.

Alternatively, the player can use a flint and steel to set cows on fire to collect ready-cooked steak. Bear in mind that all items, including steak and raw beef, will eventually burn in fire (and lava), enforcing the use of caution when setting animals on fire as their drops are in danger of being burned in a fire.

Name Ingredients Smelting recipe


Raw Beef +
Any fuel

Raw Beef Grid layout Furnace Progress.png Steak
Grid layout Fire.png
CoalCharcoalOak WoodOak Wood Planks

[edit] Advantages

  • Raw beef is relatively quick to get at all stages of the game without requiring specialized tools, and even faster to collect when the player has a stone sword (or better) and a sizeable herd nearby.
  • Unlike raw chicken, raw beef does not carry a chance of contracting food poisoning when eaten.
  • Cooking raw beef yields steak, a food item that restores 4 units of the food bar and 12.8 saturation when eaten.
  • Cows can drop up to 3 raw beef, as opposed to a chicken, which can only drop 1 raw chicken. This is a relatively high drop rate for a mob, as mobs typically drop up to 2 of an item (save for the pig, which has a chance to drop 3 porkchops), such as skeletons dropping up to only 2 arrows and/or bones upon death.

[edit] Disadvantages

  • Raw beef's availability is dependent on the presence of cows within sight, which can be random at best and require extensive traveling in some cases, depending on the biome the player spawns in.

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[edit] History

1.8 Added in the Adventure Update. Raw Beef was introduced as one of the new food items dropped by cows in addition to their leather.
Official release
1.4.2 12w37a Texture changed from 1.3.2 beef.png to 12w37a beef.png (The item sprite no longer has a dark outline).
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.4.0 Added raw beef.

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