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[edit]Nether Quartz
Nether Quartz.png
Nether Quartz

Raw Materials






Yes (64)

First appearance

1.5 (13w01a)

Data value

dec: 406 hex: 196 bin: 110010110



Nether quartz or simply Quartz is a Nether exclusive item obtained by mining nether quartz ore (PC and Console version) or when manufactured with the Nether Reactor (Pocket Edition).


[edit] As a crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Block of Quartz

Nether Quartz

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Block of Quartz
Nether Quartz Nether Quartz
Nether Quartz Nether Quartz

Daylight Sensor

Any Wood Slab +
Glass +
Nether Quartz

Glass Glass Glass Grid layout Arrow (small).png Daylight Sensor
Nether Quartz Nether Quartz Nether Quartz
Oak Wood SlabSpruce Wood SlabBirch Wood SlabJungle Wood SlabAcacia Wood SlabDark Oak Wood Slab Oak Wood SlabSpruce Wood SlabBirch Wood SlabJungle Wood SlabAcacia Wood SlabDark Oak Wood Slab Oak Wood SlabSpruce Wood SlabBirch Wood SlabJungle Wood SlabAcacia Wood SlabDark Oak Wood Slab


Nether Quartz +

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Diorite2
Cobblestone Nether Quartz
Nether Quartz Cobblestone


Diorite +
Nether Quartz

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Granite
Diorite Nether Quartz

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Redstone Comparator

Stone +
Redstone Torch +
Nether Quartz

Redstone Torch
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Redstone Comparator
Redstone Torch Nether Quartz Redstone Torch
Stone Stone Stone

[edit] Smelting

Ingredients Smelting recipe

Nether Quartz Ore +
Any fuel

Nether Quartz Ore Grid layout Furnace Progress.png Nether Quartz
Grid layout Fire.png
CoalCharcoalOak WoodOak Wood Planks

Note that the nether quartz ore block can only be obtained with the Silk Touch enchantment.

[edit] Video

[edit] History

Official release
1.5 13w01a Added nether quartz.
13w01b Fixed nether quartz not being obtained when smelting nether quartz ore in a furnace.
January 4, 2013 Jeb tweeted that Nether Quartz would be used for more decorative uses as well.[1]
January 7, 2013 Jeb tweeted a picture of some Block of Quartz tests potentially being replacements for the lack of limestone/marble in the game.[2]
1.5 13w02a Added block of quartz, crafted with nether quartz.
1.8 14w02a Nether quartz can be used to craft granite and diorite.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.6.0 Added nether quartz.
Console Edition
TU14 Added nether quartz.

[edit] Trivia

  • Nether quartz ore appears to be quite common, but in reality, is about as common as iron ore in the Overworld, each spawning approximately 70 ores per chunk, although it spawns in large veins similar to coal ore. It seems more common because it can spawn on almost any layer within the Nether (except the extreme upper or lower layers), the Nether has more exposed blocks than an Overworld cave, and Netherrack can be removed far more quickly than stone.
  • If the player entered the Nether before 1.5 was released, then after the update was released, nether quartz ore would only spawn in newly generated chunks. This makes it difficult to find nether quartz in old worlds.
  • Although in real life striking a quartz crystal on a piece of steel is just as effective as flint on steel (for making sparks), there seems to be no plan to implement a quartz and steel striker, possibly because gravel (thus, flint) is more common than nether quartz, so it is cheaper to use flint anyway. You even need the normal flint and steel to make the trip anyway, unless some other ignition technique is used.

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