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Many features have been mentioned for inclusion in the Pocket Edition.

Note that this page only documents features that were mentioned but are not yet in the game. Features in development versions are described on the parent version page.

Far biome

A version exclusive Far biome, found at the edge of finite worlds was going to be implemented in 0.9.0 but got delayed.[1][2][3][4]

Biome-based difficulty

Tommaso stated on reddit that he would like to add a "difficulty" number that mobs could have depending on their circumstances, such as resource that it spawns from and weather.[5] This would vary the amount of hostile mobs at night and the amount of recources gained from each biome. He also stated that he would like more biome-specific mobs as well as biomes with specific difficulty/mob distributions.

This was partially added with the feature of spiders spawning from leaves.

Other world sizes

Tomasso stated on reddit that there may be other limited world sizes in addition to the current Old world type (256x256). These world sizes could be 1000x1000 and 10000x10000. It is possible that these world sizes will come with realms and can only be used in realms.[6]

Pocket Realms

Minecraft Realms for the Pocket Edition was available as a trial, but was later removed. It was planned to be added again in Alpha 0.9.1 however was delayed for unknown reasons.[7]

When it was mentioned at MineCon 2015, the response was that it should be in this year.[8] When it was mentioned in the Pocket Edition Q&A Lifestream, it was stated that Shoghi was working on authentication and it should be coming soon. On January 3, 2016, Marc Watson confirmed that Pocket Realms would be released later this year.[9] It was later said to be added to Alpha 0.15.0.

From the PC version

The developers have mentioned many features from the PC version which will eventually be included in the Pocket Edition.

Brief mentions

  • Some way to display coordinates without an F3 menu[13]
  • A recipe book which contains all crafting recipes, should MATTIS be taken out in the Windows 10 version[13]
  • MCPE for Oculus Rift and maybe Google Cardboard[13]
  • The ability to remap long touch to hardness-based touch (3D Touch) for iPhone 6S[13]
  • Ability for really large contraptions to work in unloaded chunks[13]
  • Splash screen for Android devices[4]
  • New Buttons:[4]
    • Dye [Sheep]
  • A version exclusive underworld underground structure[26]
  • Cave Culling 2.0[4]
  • Change of GUI button texture[27]
  • Multiplayer chat scrolling[28]
  • Demo/lite version re-release[2]
  • Programming interface[18]
  • Copy worlds[29][30]
  • Tommaso mentioned adding 3-D grass on grass blocks;[31] although he decided against it as it was expensive and clashes with the style.[32]
  • Windows 10 Edition & Minecraft PE only structure – seen in demonstrations of the Windows 10 Edition at MineCon.[33]
  • The following mobs were mentioned in a Q&A session, which although far fetched were tossed around – penguins, llamas, alpacas and wizards (but not spell-casting)[13]
  • Shaders[13]
  • A dream dimension[13]
  • Support for iOS 6 may be dropped[34]
  • Smoother auto-jump/auto-climb[35]
  • Villages generated on swamp biomes with cobblestone roads[36]
  • Frogs[37]
  • Making pistons able to push blocks with tile entities.[38]


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