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This page contains content on features that will be included in a future update.
These features are confirmed, but not yet added to the game.
Version history and upcoming features

This page is about upcoming features for Minecraft Pocket Edition that have been announced by Mojang employees.


Upcoming Features


Version Upcoming changes
0.9.0 [1]




Bug Fixes:

  • Mipmapping makes fire look like a big orange blob[57]
  • Minecart in multiplayer problems[58]


  • The options.txt file now reads the render distance as raw blocks [59]
  • Possibly support for immersive mode (hides the on-screen navigation bar) for devices running Android 4.4[60]


  • Re-opening of Realms[61]



  • General:
    • An in-game skin changer[63]
      • May be delayed until 1.0.0
    • Improved Controls[64]
      • The jump button will be on the other side of the screen[65]
      • An interaction button, which, when tapped, performs certain actions such as entering minecarts and shearing sheep.[66]
      • Could possibly allow for Sneaking and Sprinting
    • Possibly implementation of commands[67]
  • Biomes:
    • Possibly a new version-exclusive underworld biome[68]


  • A brand new organized crafting system[69] [70]
  • Support for more languages, including Korean[71]
  • New layout for the survival inventory[70]
  • Possibly an animation for switching items.[72]


  • Possibly adaptation for 64-bit hardware/software and/or the Apple A7 processor, potentially making the game faster for 64-bit users.[73]


Version Upcoming changes



  • In-game music[74]
  • Blocks and Items:
  • Other:
    • Skins, if not implemented in 0.9.x, with three possible ways to obtain them:[10]
      • Tied to Mojang account
      • Manually designed
      • Skin packs


  • The Jump button will be on the other side of the screen (if not in 0.9.x)[65]
  • Possibly OpenGL ES 2.0 or 3.0 [75]
    • This will allow for mipmaps on Android
    • It will allow for tinted lighting on the terrain like on PC.
    • It will allow for animated blocks with frame buffers.
    • This will make the game faster by 4-5%.
  • Android will have updated sounds[10]
  • Mobs:


This version refers to features that have been specified to appear in either 1.0.0 or 1.1.0 but has not been decided which version to include which set of features.




Other planned features, items, and blocks

Feature Description
Ender Chests[77] Jeb stated that Ender Chests might be added sometime after 0.9.0.
More Blocks On the Terrain-atlas files there appears to be textures for other blocks that are not in MCPE yet, possibly hinting they may come later in future updates.
Better controls for larger devices[78] Tommaso said via reddit/r/mcpe that more reachable controls for larger devices would be something "cool" to add in the future. This will most likely tie into the new controls in the 0.9.x versions.
Bonus Chest[79] Johan stated that they are thinking how to handle Bonus Chests. He said that they may be added alongside with the difficulty settings.
Camera implementation[80] At the Minecraft Pocket Edition panel at MineCon 2012, as well as one of Jbernhardsson's livestreams, it was stated that future plans include trying to have a proper use for cameras, perhaps an easier way to take screenshots and share them with others. Since the addition of toggling the GUI on and off, the camera has become useless except for taking a frontal picture. It's possible that they may never implement the camera because of this feature.
Capes[20] In the Pocket Edition Future Panel at Minecon 2013, Jeb considered that capes for Minecon 2014 could have capes for Minecraft Pocket Edition too.
Change of GUI button texture[81] Tommaso mentioned that he would like to add a "rocky texture" to the buttons, as the current texture is "too plain".
Chat Scrolling[82] Johan said he would keep it in mind for future versions.
Commands[20] In Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7.4 and later, typing any word preceded with "/" would say "Command x not found." This hinted that commands were pre-programmed in the code, but not fully implemented. Tommaso hinted that Commands might be implemented in 0.9.0. In the Pocket Edition Future Panel at Minecon 2013, Tommaso stated that certain commands from PC will be given toggle switches.
Cyan Flower reimplementation[47] Johan stated that the Cyan Flower will be replaced with the poppy in 0.9.0, but may return.
Day-night cycle in Creative Mode[83] Tommaso has stated that a Creative Mode day-night cycle is being experimented with.
Demo/Lite Version Re-release[20] In the Pocket Edition Future Panel at Minecon 2013, Johan stated that an updated version of the Demo/Lite version might be released later.
Exclusive Features[10][20] In the Pocket Edition Future Panel at Minecon 2013, while Jeb was discussing on how Pocket Edition would be diverse from PC, he mentioned that some exclusive mobs may be implemented. In the 21 million panel livestream, it was stated that once pocket edition is parallel with the PC version, in terms of gameplay features, there may be pocket edition only features.
Experience[84] Johan said there will be something like experience in the future, after 0.9.0.
External devices support[20] In the Pocket Edition Future Panel at Minecon 2013, Jeb stated that support for gamepads and keyboards aren't currently being developed, but shall be pushed for the future. In the 21 million panel livestream, it was stated that there will be support for external devices (e.g. usb mouse etc) in the future.
Horses[10] In the 21 million panel livestream, Jeb stated that horses will be implemented in the future.
Hunger/Sprinting[20] In the Pocket Edition Future Panel at Minecon 2013, Jeb stated that he is undecided on adding hunger due to controversy that it created on PC. Johan stated that he would like a toggle switch for hunger. Tommaso stated that if hunger is not implemented, sprinting would be timed as in older PC versions. Tommaso has similar opinions as Jeb about hunger's controversy. Later, Tommaso stated that he will added hunger but he thinks it should still be disabled in Peaceful mode.[85][86] In the 21 million panel livestream, it was stated that hunger will be added in the future.
Increased Height Limit[87] Tommaso has said that right now, a 256-block height limit causes too much lag to be added. He has considered it for the future.
Jukeboxes[10] In the 21 million panel livestream, Jeb stated that jukeboxes would be added sometime after in-game music is added.
More Difficulty Modes[88] With no specific date implied, Johan mentioned that they'll be adding more difficulty modes.
OpenGL ES Upgrade[89][90] According to Tomasso, sometime after 0.9.0, MCPE will use OpenGL ES 2.0, which will allow for new changes such as an updated sound engine and mipmaps on Android.
Replacement of the Nether Reactor[91][92] Johan mentioned on the issue tracker that the Nether Reactor may be replaced in the future. However, if the Nether does get implemented, it will most likely be next year because of preparations for the Beta Release. More recently via the MCPE subreddit - Johan stated that the next iteration of the Nether Reactor will be some kind of "super dungeon" and that the Nether dimension is not currently on their radar. In reply to a comment on reddit, Tomasso stated he has thought about it for 0.9.0.[32]
Riding Pigs[93] Johan mentioned on reddit that riding pigs will be added in the future. Saddles exist in the game but do not function if hacked in.
Spawn Eggs for Hostile Mobs[20] In the Pocket Edition Future Panel at Minecon 2013, Jeb stated in response to a question "I think so. I don't see why they shouldn't be there." Hostile Mobs are not in Creative due to them currently still being hostile to the player. However, fully functional hostile eggs of all five types are available in the code, and can even be obtained in the inventory with hacking. They appear as chicken spawners if hacked in. In the 21 million panel livestream, it was mentioned there would be more spawn eggs in the future.
Squids[94] Johan stated that squids will be added in the future.
Survival interfaces in creative[10] In the 21 million panel livestream, it was stated that survival screens (e.g. smelting, crafting and armor interfaces etc) may be implemented in Creative.
Texture pack support[20] In the Pocket Edition Future panel at Minecon 2013, Johan stated that with the new texture system, it may be possible to add support for texture packs. He has considered it for after 0.9.0.
Twitch streaming[10] In the 21 million panel livestream, it was stated that it may be a possible to include Twitch streaming some time after 1.0.0.


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