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Pocket Edition

Mojang AB
Jens Bergensten
Aron Nieminen
Johan Bernhardsson
Daniel Kaplan
Tommaso Checchi


Android iOS

Written in


Latest version

Alpha 0.8.1


Xperia PLAY
August 16, 2011
Android 2.3+
October 7, 2011 (2.3+ January 30, 2013)
iOS 5.0+
November 17, 2011 (5.0+ August 15, 2013)


(online interactions not rated)
Apple: 4+[2]
Google: Low Maturity[3]


8.2 MB



Source available



Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Google Play
iOS App Store
Amazon Appstore

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the mobile version of Minecraft developed by Mojang AB. It was initially launched exclusively for the Xperia PLAY on Google Play[4] for 8.78430 NZD/$7.49 AUS/$6.99/£4.28/€4.99/14,99 BRL on August 16, 2011. It was later released for other Android devices on the 7th of October 2011.[5] Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS devices was released on Thursday, the 17th of November 2011[6] on the iOS App Store, one day before the launch of Minecraft 1.0 at MineCon 2011 and currently costs $9.99 NZD, $7.49 AUS, $6.99 US and €5.49 EU. On September 13, 2012, the Pocket Edition was made available for purchase on the Amazon Appstore. A demo/lite version of the game, which was essentially version 0.2.1 without world save functionality, was available until October 21, 2013. According to Johan at Minecon 2013, an updated demo/lite version might get released soon.


[edit] Gameplay

In-game screenshot of version 0.8.0.

The objective of the game remains the same as its original PC and Console Edition counterparts, where players can build virtual realities in a sandbox-like environment. However, Pocket Edition lacks certain Survival elements present in other versions of the game, such as taming, redstone circuits and hunger. The multiplayer mode is cross-platform compatible between Android and iOS.[7]

The Pocket Edition is behind in features compared to PC Edition and Console Editions.

The HUD and other elements are adapted to mobile standards of gameplay. Interactions are made via touchscreen and, on Android operating systems, soft keys (both the iOS and Android versions of Pocket Edition have the same gameplay, though[8]). To comply with the disadvantages of touchscreen gameplay, several features were revised. For instance, the crafting system uses the MATTIS system and items are disposed by long-tapping their icon on the hotbar. The game was released with graphics akin to that of Minecraft Alpha, but as of the 0.8.0 update, graphics have become equivalent, and arguably better, than the PC version with light tinting and shading affected by the Sun's position. Differences from the PC edition include:

  • Worlds are finite (256 by 256 blocks) as in Classic version, but there isn't infinite water at world corners, due to being able to build off of a finite world when turned infinite. Because of this, an interesting new game mechanic called "animal spawn control" can be used. This includes removing or covering all dirt blocks on the surface of the world (and therefore the grass blocks) except in a small area to control where and how often animals spawn. This might be changed when worlds become expanded and optionally infinite in 0.9.0 Alpha.
  • The terrain generation is similar to that of Alpha's. It lacks many biomes and generated structures. More biomes and PC-like terrain are planned for 0.9.0 Alpha.
  • The farthest Render distance is higher than in PC.
  • Each mob has some sort of difference from their PC counter parts. See the mobs section below.
  • Multiplayer allows for 3 ways of player connection:
    • Through a LAN, allowing for 10 players to be on a single server
    • Through Minecraft Realms (as of version 0.7.1)
    • Through a user-created external servers (as of version 0.7.4)

[edit] Diversity

Pocket Edition developers have tried to make the game diverse from PC, with the following features;

  • Crafting uses the MATTIS system.
  • The Nether is not present, but it is replaced by the Nether Reactor. When the Reactor is placed in a certain way with gold and cobblestone, it will trigger a giant "netherrack fortress", which takes up a lot of space, when the core is activated. Zombie Pigmen spawn and are hostile towards the player. Certain items randomly spawn scattered in the room.
  • Poppies are not present, but are replaced by Cyan Flowers, alias Blue Roses.[9] However, in the hotbar, it is named "Rose". Also, red dye is obtained by smelting red mushrooms or crafting from beetroots. This flower will be replaced by the poppy in 0.9.0.
  • Beetroots, beetroot seeds and beetroot soup are exclusive to Pocket Edition. Beetroot can be crafted into rose red and heals 1 health point, however making it into soup recovers much more. It has a 1 out of 14 chance to pop out of grass blocks while harvesting.
  • The Stonecutter is present, which can craft all the types of stone, bricks, and quartz, freeing room for crafting table slots.
  • Shadows on entities move depending on the position of the sun.
  • Glowing obsidian is present, which can only be generated in the Nether Reactor and cannot be obtained in the inventory. It is red and emits dim light. It is also known as Gold Killer since it turns Gold Blocks from the reactor to itself.
  • Invisible bedrock can be found at the edges of the world, which makes worlds finite. It can, however, be walked on, due to the world height limit. However, blocks cannot be placed on it, due to being at the height limit. Any mobs there are invisible and invulnerable to damage.
  • Zombie Pigmen are naturally hostile.
  • Sheeps' color around its face and patches when sheared correspond its wool color.
  • Sugar Cane can be grown with Bone Meal.
  • Cold-en Oak Trees are present, which are glitches and extremely rarely generated.
  • Ink sacs are unobtainable in Survival mode despite there being crafting recipes that require it. Because of this, (light) gray dye and cocoa beans are unobtainable. All dyes can be found in creative mode however.

[edit] Blocks

Icon Name Note
Air Unobtainable
Stone.png Stone Old sounds (Android); No variations
Grass.png Grass Block Color not dependent by biome; Incorrect mining sound (Android)
Dirt.png Dirt Old sounds (Android)
Cobblestone.png Cobblestone Old sounds (Android)
Cobblestone Wall.png Cobblestone Wall Old sounds (Android), Glitched description (iOS)
Mossy Cobblestone Wall.png Mossy Cobblestone Wall Creative mode exclusive; Old sounds (Android)
Oak Wood Planks.png Wooden Plank Four types, excluding Acacia and Dark Oak; Jungle is Creative mode exclusive; Old sounds (Android)
Sapling.png Sapling Only Oak, Birch and Spruce available
Bedrock.png Bedrock Unobtainable in Survival inventory; Old sounds (Android)
Invisible Bedrock Exclusive block; Unobtainable in inventory without editing
Acts as a barrier for world edges; Creates X-ray vision; Projectiles can be thrown through it; Can be walked on at world height limit
Water.png Water Color not dependent by biome; No flowing sound (used to be present in 0.1.x but now removed); Does not affect block breaking speed; Block breaking cracking animation cannot be seen through it; Unobtainable in inventory without editing
Lava.png Lava Old animation; No sound; Unobtainable in inventory without editing
Sand.png Sand Yellow sand only; Old sounds (Android)
Gravel.png Gravel Old sounds (Android)
Gold (Ore).png Gold Ore Old sounds (Android)
Iron (Ore).png Iron Ore Old sounds (Android)
Coal (Ore).png Coal Ore Creative mode exclusive; Old sounds (Android)
Wood.png Wood Four types, excluding Acacia and Dark Oak; Jungle is Creative mode exclusive, All types have Oak texture for the rings; Old sounds (Android)
Leaves.png Leaves All four types; Jungle is Creative mode exclusive; All types' breaking particles are that of Oak; Color not dependent by biome
Glass.png Glass Old stepping sounds (Android); Old sounds (iOS)
Lapis Lazuli (Ore).png Lapis Lazuli Ore Creative mode exclusive; Old sounds (Android)
Lapis Lazuli (Block).png Lapis Lazuli Block Old sounds (Android)
Sandstone.png Sandstone All three types; Old sounds (Android)
Bed.png Bed Has white texture underneath (bug); Spawns the Player even if missing or obstructed
White Wool.png Wool All colors; Light Blue Wool is tagged as Blue Light Wool since 0.5.0 (bug)
White Carpet.png Carpet All colors in creative mode; Only red carpets in survival mode
Tall Grass.png Tall Grass Does not spawn naturally; Color not dependent by biome; Cannot be grown into Double Tall Grass
Fern.png Fern Does not spawn naturally; Color not dependent by biome; Cannot be grown into Large Fern
Dead Bush.png Dead Bush Creative mode exclusive
Dandelion.png Yellow Flower Tagged as Flower
Cyan Flower.png Cyan Flower Exclusive block. Tagged as Rose
Brown Mushroom.png Brown Mushroom
Red Mushroom.png Red Mushroom Can be smelted to make Red dye
Gold (Block).png Block of Gold Old sounds (Android)
Iron (Block).png Block of Iron Old sounds (Android)
Block of Coal.png Block of Coal Old sounds (Android)
Stone Slab.png Stone Slab Old sounds (Android)
Oak-Wood Slab.png Wooden Slab Four types, excluding Acacia and Dark Oak; Jungle is Creative mode exclusive; Old sounds (Android)
Acted like stone prior to 0.7.3. Tagged as Fake Wood Slab if stored from before 0.7.3 and drop normal Oak Slab. Tagged as [RespectiveWoodType] Wooden Slab
Sandstone Slab.png Sandstone Slab Old sounds (Android)
Cobblestone Slab.png Cobblestone Slab Old sounds (Android)
Bricks Slab.png Bricks Slab Old sounds (Android)
Quartz Slab.png Quartz Slab Old sounds (Android); Different texture
Stone Bricks Slab.png Stone Bricks Slab Old sounds (Android)
Brick (Block).png Brick Old sounds (Android)
TNT.png TNT Old explosion sound; more destructive to rock-type blocks
Bookshelf.png Bookshelf Old sounds (Android)
Moss Stone.png Moss Stone Creative mode exclusive; Old sounds (Android)
Obsidian.png Obsidian Faster to mine; Does not create Portals; Old sounds (Android)
Glowing Obsidian.png Glowing Obsidian Exclusive block; Unobtainable in inventory without editing
Torch.png Torch Old sounds (Android)
Fire.png Fire Unobtainable in inventory without editing
Wooden Stairs.png Wooden Stairs Four types, excluding Acacia and Dark Oak; Jungle is Creative mode exclusive; Old sounds (Android), Tagged as [RespectiveWoodType] Stairs
Chest.png Chest Old stepping sounds (Android)
Must face the same direction as an adjecent chest to make a Large Chest, otherwise it creates two adjecent chests
Breaking particles concur with texture
Diamond (Ore).png Diamond Ore Unobtainable in Survival inventory; Old sounds (Android)
Diamond (Block).png Block of Diamond Old sounds (Android)
Crafting Table.png Crafting Table Old sounds (Android)
StoneCutter.png Stonecutter Exclusive block
Crops.png Wheat Crops Unobtainable in inventory without editing.
Hay Block.png Hay Bale
Farmland.png Farmland Old sounds (Android); Can be hydrated from below; Unobtainable in inventory without editing.
Furnace.png Furnace Old sounds (Android)
Sign.png Sign Crafting gives one sign (bug); Block form unobtainable in inventory without editing.
Wooden Door.png Wooden Door Old stepping sounds (Android); Block form unobtainable in inventory without editing.
Ladders.png Ladder Old sounds (Android); No climbing sound
Cobblestone Stairs.png Cobblestone Stairs Tagged as Stone Stairs; Old sounds (Android)
Redstone (Ore).png Redstone Ore Unobtainable in Survival inventory; Old sounds (Android)
Snow.png Snow cover Unobtainable in Survival inventory; Does not stack into layers; Does not reform.
Ice.png Ice Unobtainable in Survival inventory; Not translucent; Old sounds (Android); Does not reform.
Snow (Block).png Snow
Cactus.png Cacti Can sometimes grow against blocks (bug)
Clay (Block).png Clay Old sounds (Android)
Sugar Canes.png Sugar Cane Can be grown with Bone Meal; Color not dependent by biome; block form unobtainable in inventory without editing.
Fence.png Fence Old sounds (Android)
Netherrack.png Netherrack Old sounds (Android)
Glowstone (Block).png Glowstone Old sounds (Android)
Cake.png Cake
Trapdoor.png Trapdoor Old stepping sounds (Android), Can only be placed on bottom half of blocks.
Stone Brick.png Stone Brick Three types, excluding chiseled. Cracked and Mossy are Creative mode exclusive; Old sounds (Android)
Glass Pane.png Glass Pane Does not attach to Iron Bars; Old stepping sounds (Android), Old sounds (iOS); Old rendering
Iron Bars.png Iron Bars Does not attach to Glass Pane; Old sounds (Android), Old rendering
Melon (Block).png Melon Old sounds (Android)
Seed Stem.png Melon Stem Unobtainable in inventory without editing.
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Not wearable; Does not create Golems; Old sounds (Android)
Jack o'Lantern.png Jack o'Lantern Old sounds (Android)
Seed Stem Grown.png Pumpkin Stem Unobtainable in inventory without editing.
Carrot (Block).png Carrot Crop Stone sounds when broken (bug); Unobtainable in inventory without editing.
Potatoes (Block).png Potato Crop Stone sounds when broken (bug); Unobtainable in inventory without editing.
Beetroot Seeds.gif Beetroot Crop Exclusive block; Stone sounds when broken (bug); Unobtainable in inventory without editing.
Rails.png Rail Old sounds (Android)
PoweredRail.gif Powered Rail Always powered; Old sounds (Android)
Fence Gate (Closed).png Fence Gate Old stepping sounds (Android)
Stone Brick Stairs.png Stone Brick Stairs Old sounds (Android)
Brick Stairs.png Brick Stairs Old sounds (Android)
Nether Brick.png Nether Brick Old sounds (Android); No slab or Fence variation
Nether Brick Stairs.png Nether Brick Stairs Old sounds (Android)
Sandstone Stairs.png Sandstone Stairs Tagged as Sand Stone Stairs; Old sounds (Android)
Block of Quartz.png Block of Quartz All three types; Pillar does not turn sideways; Old sounds (Android)
Quartz Stairs.png Quartz Stairs Creative mode exclusive; Old sounds (Android)
Sponge.png Sponge Creative mode exclusive
Reactor Block.png Nether Reactor Core Exclusive block; Not functional in Creative

[edit] Items

Icon Name Note

All Tools Tools do 1 (Half Heart.svg) less than PC 1.6.2. and later
Flint and Steel.png Flint and steel Old sound
Apple2.png Apple
Carrot.png Carrot
Potato.png Potato Can be used to breed Pigs
Baked Potato.png Baked Potato Glitched name (iOS); Glitched description (Android)
Bow.png Bow
Arrow.png Arrow
Coal.png Coal
Charcoal.png Charcoal
Redstone (Dust).png Redstone Only used for crafting
Watch.png Clock Not functional in inventory or crafting menu
Compass.png Compass Not functional in inventory or crafting menu
Minecart.png Minecart Emits smoke when destroyed; Not as solid to itself (attempting to stack them on top of each other results in them overlapping)
Diamond (Gem).png Diamond
Ironitm.png Iron Ingot
Golditm.png Gold Ingot
Stick.png Stick
Bowl.png Bowl
Mushroomsoup.png Mushroom Stew
String.png String Cannot be placed
Feather.png Feather
Gunpowder item.png Gunpowder
Grid Chain Chestplate.png All armor Leather Armor cannot be dyed; Chain Armor unobtainable without editing.
Flint.png Flint
Pork.png Raw Porkchop
Grilledpork.png Cooked Porkchop
Seeds.png Seeds
Wheat.png Wheat
Bread2.png Bread
Painting.png Painting All paintings except Wither; Unobtainable exclusive paintings are "Earth", "Wind", "Fire", and "Water"
Bucket.png Bucket All four types; Milk is inedible
Snowball.png Snowball
Leather.png Leather
Clay (Brick).png Clay Brick
Clay (Item).png Clay
Grid Sugar Canes.png Sugar Cane
Paper.png Paper
Book.png Book Uses old crafting recipe of three paper
Egg2.png Egg Spawns chickens with incorrect health (bug)
Lightstonedust.PNG Glowstone Dust
Bonemeal.png Dye All 16 colors; Cocoa Beans crafted from Orange Dye and Ink Sac; Ink Sac unobtainable in Survival inventory; Bone Meal can be used on any block, wasting the bonemeal (bug)
Bone.png Bone
Sugaricon.png Sugar
Shears.png Shears
Melon Slice.png Melon
Melon Seeds.png Melon Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds.png Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie
Beetroot Seeds.png Beetroot Seeds Exclusive item; Tagged as Beetroots Seeds
Beetroot.png Beetroot Exclusive item
Beetroot Soup.png Beetroot Soup Exclusive item
RawBeef.png Raw Beef
Steak.png Steak
RawChicken.png Raw Chicken
Cookedchicken.png Cooked Chicken
Spawn Null.png Spawn Egg Only available in Sheep, Pig, Cow and Chicken; Hostile eggs unobtainable in vanilla Pocket Edition, have Chicken texture
Nether Brick (Item).png Nether Brick
Nether Quartz.png Nether Quartz

[edit] Mobs

Icon Name Note
SheepFace.png Sheep Have color overlay around its face and when sheared
ChickenFace.png Chicken Incorrect health if spawned from egg; Underside of head is black
CowFace.png Cow Old sounds
PigFace.png Pig Sometimes drops nothing; Can be bred using Beetroots or Potatoes, as well as carrots.
ZombieFace.png Zombie Generic zombie only; Cannot spawn with/wear armour or pick up items; Drops 0-2 feathers; Does not destroy doors; Slightly slower than in PC Edition; Does not drop iron
SkeletonFace.png Skeleton Holds bow with both hands; Has half the health it has in PC Edition; Slightly slower than in PC Edition; Shoots arrows slowly and with low accuracy; Cannot spawn with/wear armor or pick up items; Does not drop bow; Old sounds
SpiderFace.png Spider Has half the health it has in PC Edition; Cannot spawn with potion effects; Missing one sound
CreeperFace.png Creeper Slightly smaller explosion (except to stone type blocks); Slightly slower than in PC version; Old explosion sound; Old triggered animation
ZombiePigmanFace.png Zombie Pigman Missing hat layer; Naturally hostile; Arms don't stand out; Move the same speed as zombies; Drops gold ingots and/or feathers; Burns in sunlight; Incorrect Anger sounds (Android); Does not drop golden sword

[edit] Development

[edit] Release

A video of an early prototype was released on Twitter, showing the game on the Xperia PLAY. The alpha version was recently released, and became no longer exclusive to the Xperia PLAY on the 7th of October 2011. The non-exclusive version was going to be released on September 29th for Android[10] but there were several severe bugs that needed to be fixed; the release was delayed until the 7th of October.

A version for iOS devices was confirmed to be released before 2012 in an interview with Mojang[11] and was subsequently released on the 17th of November 2011.

[edit] Alpha

Logo used until 0.7.1's slight change logo

After the initial releases for iOS and Android, updates were released in parallel, with the same features being added for both platforms. During the Alpha stage, various aspects of gameplay were introduced into Pocket Edition including: crafting, smelting, more blocks, items, mobs and more game modes to bring it closer to the PC version. As of the 0.6.0 update, players are given the option of diamond, iron, gold, and leather armor. There are also new features never seen before in the computer version such as the Stonecutter (a crafting table specifically for stone blocks). They also have fancy clouds which made the "Fancy Graphics" more important to the players. In 0.7.0 a toggle switch for the sky was added.

MCPE Beta has been discussed among the development team, and based on information in Johan Bernhardsson's livestream of 0.6.2, he plans to add in-game music. He has mentioned but does not know if he can implement enchanting, the End, and sprinting.

[edit] Snapshots

On November 21, 2013, Johan and Tommaso announced that they will be giving out snapshots for people to test the version before releasing it.They stated that it will be called beta test and will only be available for Android. Unlike expected, it was downloaded by over 8000 testers. The download is available from Google Plus, from a secret group. The first version to encounter snapshots was 0.8.0 for large amounts of testing. The snapshot name appears to be build. During the first version of snapshots, there were 8 snapshots and no pre-release.

[edit] Success

As of December 2013, Pocket Edition had sold 16.5 million copies, while in the same time, PC had sold 13 million. These calculations came out after the 0.8.0 update.[12]

On April 9 2014, Jeb announced that Pocket Edition had sold over 21 million copies[13] (at the time, PC had sold over 14.8 million).

This is considered a huge success, having Pocket Edition be more popular than any edition, though considered to be the least developed.

It is also usually in the top 10 in the App Store's and Google Play's Paid Apps Section in the Top Charts.[14][15]

[edit] Controls

[edit] Android & iOS

The Android and iOS versions feature a D-pad at the bottom-left corner of the screen, which controls movement. The jump button is located in the center of the d-pad. As of 0.6.0 the d-pad is more blocky, and when moving forward, two strafing buttons will appear. Note that when moving towards an adjacent block that is one level higher than the Player, the player will automatically jump up the block. One can place blocks by tapping the screen in a desired location. Destroying blocks is similar to the PC version's way, but rather than clicking the mouse, the player taps and holds. The search button used to be able to change the camera to and from third person view, but now this has to be done via the pause screen, and the menu and back buttons will open the pause screen. To open the inventory screen, tap the triple dotted button on the right of the hot bar. You can touch and hold an item in the hot bar to throw it, and if the hot bar contains a stack of items, it will throw the entire stack. You cannot divide it unless interfacing with a container (chest, furnace).

[edit] Xperia PLAY

*Controlled with slide out PlayStation keyboard:

PlayStationTriangle.svg - Open inventory

PlayStationCircle.svg - Scroll right in hotbar

PlayStationX.svg - Jump (press twice to toggle flying mode in Creative*)

PlayStationSquare.svg - Scroll left in hotbar

D-Pad: Move

Left Touchpad: Sneak

Right Touchpad: Look/Turn

Select: Open crafting menu (Survival only)

L1: Break Blocks

R1: Place Blocks

Menu: Pause

* To fly: Quickly press jump twice in a row. To ascend, hold the jump button and press up on the directional pad. To descend, hold jump and press down. (Creative Only)

[edit] Tablet features

All devices have an option to enable Split Touch Controls, which may be more suitable for bigger screens. There is a cross hair and the right half of the screen lets the player rotate the camera.

Other than the screen size difference allowing 6 slots in the hotbar (which as of 0.7.0 if the D-pad on other devices is small, you get an extra slot), the tablet version of the game is the same as other versions, hence the ability to play multiplayer cross-platform with other devices.

[edit] System requirements

Android iOS
Version Android 2.3.7 "Gingerbread" (MCPE 0.7.2 & under require Android 2.3.0 and up) iOS 5.0 (MCPE 0.7.2 & under require iOS 4.3.3 and up)
Processor Any with support of floating-point calculations ("ARM-v7a code") 600 MHz ARMv7 Cortex CPU
800 MHz Apple A4 CPU
Storage Varies 8.2 MB (100 MB to 1 GB is encouraged for world saving)
Data Connection Optional (Realms access) Optional (Realms access)
Supported Devices

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play[16]
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray[17][18]
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro[18]

iPod Touch (3rd, 4th, and 5th Generation)
iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C)
iPad (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generation, Air)
iPad Mini (1st and 2nd Generation, Retina display)

Some devices below these specifications have been known to work fine either with or without custom ROM images, kernels, and overclocking of the CPU. However, the CPU "MSM7227" is not supported due to its lack of the floating-point unit.[19]

[edit] Helpful Hints & Tips

  • Make sure your battery is charged, and/or plugged in (3D gaming drains the battery quickly).
  • Get used to the controls before playing on servers (it is easy to mine the block under a torch by mistake).
  • Tap and hold an item in the hotbar to drop it.
  • Know the difference between Hostile and non-hostile mobs. If you are entirely new to Minecraft, a simple trick can be used to differentiate: Hostiles will approach and follow you, passives will ignore you.
  • Know how to apply armor and manage your health. Armor is next to the Crafting tab in the inventory screen.
  • Peer-to-peer networking requires UDP port 19132
  • If you're having trouble with block placement/mining accuracy - turn on split touch controls. This brings up the crosshair from the PC and Xbox versions to allow more precise placement.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed by hostile mobs, turn on Peaceful mode in the options menu by moving the difficulty slider to the left.
  • If you are looking for diamonds, they spawn deep underground, near bedrock, roughly on the 10-16th layers.

[edit] Trivia

Example of blocks "snapping" to the indev wall
  • Players can have skins on the iOS version and Android by replacing char.png in the app file. However, the chosen skin will appear as another player's skin if playing over local Wi-Fi.[20]
  • In the demo video, before the game was released, smooth lighting was available. It was taken out due to bugs being produced on a wide range of devices. As of 0.7.0, it is on by default, and since 0.8.0, it cannot be turned off.
  • Worlds played before 0.3.0 update had the other wool and sugar cane blocks.
  • The terrain.png file in the APK file found on Android devices is nearly identical to that in the PC version, containing textures for items unimplemented in the Pocket Edition (e.g., cauldron, End Portal).
  • It is possible to play multiplayer over Bluetooth even though it is not coded into the game. Tutorial here. (not available since iOS 6)
  • The Indev wall is also cut by the height limit allowing players to go over it.
  • By placing ladders on the TOP of blocks at the edge of a map (stacking ladders on the top of ladders also works) it is possible to place ladders on the Indev wall as if it were a solid block.
  • Blocks that "snap to" other blocks such as torches, glass panes, and fences will "snap to" the indev wall as if it were an existing block. Torches only do this if an attempt is made to place them on a block they can't be placed on such as ladders.
  • The rose is textured to a cyan color. Even though its considered a rose, it cannot be crafted into dye; rose red dye is obtained by smelting red mushrooms instead.
  • If a modifier or command is used to obtain an item from the Minecraft entity folder (e.g. iron door) the background of the non-existing entity will appear red (No longer the case since 0.8.0) meaning it does not exist or was never meant to. Selecting such an item crashes the game.
  • The average placing/destroying block range is 4-6 on the PC version but for the iOS/Android is 6-9.
  • Skeletons are significantly less accurate and fast in Pocket Edition than PC or Xbox, making them easier to fight.
  • Zombie Pigmen are missing the hat layer of their texture on their heads.
  • Zombie Pigmen are NOT neutral in Pocket Edition. They will attack you on sight, and inflict heavy damage in groups. (Only from a shorter distance, compared to regular distance. [Bug?] ) Considering they only spawn from the Nether Reactor, this means they can be very difficult to fight: You must collect the items as well as deal with the Zombie Pigmen, while in a relatively small space. They also do not burn when touching lava.
  • In Creative mode, there are spawn eggs for passive mobs, but not hostile mobs. This is because hostile mobs are still aggressive in creative mode, and this is probably going to be changed.
  • Before 0.7.0, players on fire would see 2 transparent orange panels in front of their face that resembled the water texture from iPhone versions, or the old water in Minecraft.
  • On Kindle Fire, updates won't appear until a long time after the update is released, however, due to the Kindle Fire being based off a modified Android OS, if you hold the current MCPE in your menu, and press "Remove from Device", then you can afterwards download any android MCPE update .apk file, tap on it in a file manager that you can download from the appstore, and install it normally, allowing you to play an update before any other Kindle Fire user, provided you find a .apk of an MCPE update download link on the internet or by transferring it from an Android device to a Kindle Fire, using a computer. (Not really the case anymore. The Amazon App Store skipped the version 0.7.3 update.)
  • Due to the auto-jump feature, if one opens the inventory or pause menu at the same time as jumping or swimming, one can go on auto-pilot and the player would jump, walk and/or swim without any commands. Auto-pilot ends once the pause menu or inventory is closed.
  • In 0.7.3, the moving title screen in the background is copied from the PC Edition of Minecraft.
  • In version 0.7.3, a bug known as duplication was a major glitch for players. The glitch occurs if you put items in a chest and exit out of the game, get your items back from the chest, then walk far away, delete the history of minecraft, then come back to the chest, the items are there even though you have them in your inventory.
  • There is a bug where zombies, skeleton and spiders have incorrect health. Skeletons and zombies have 40 hearts while spiders have 14, making them easier to fight.
  • In the lite version, there was a hack where you obtain any kind of block and it will be in the menu with the amount of infinity. You can also change gamemodes and TNT could be ignited by hand.
  • As of 0.8.0, clouds are always 3D, even on non-Fancy graphics, but the only difference is that Fancy graphics make clouds transparent.
  • Most players during 0.1.1 - 0.5.0 have low graphics with short render distance, due to Fancy graphics still being tested and lagging the game.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] References

  1. The name of "Rose" was introduced in 0.5.0
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