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Version history and upcoming features
Planned versions

This page is about planned versions of Minecraft. These updates either have major sources to their existence, or have received development versions.

Computer Edition


1.9, known as The Combat Update,[1] is an upcoming update to Minecraft with no set release date. It is currently listed in the bug tracker as "Far Future Version - 1.9+",[2] and has been mentioned by the Minecraft developers.

Pocket Edition


Alpha 0.12.0[3] is an upcoming update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition with no set release date.

HoloLens Edition

Minecraft will be released on the Microsoft HoloLens in the near future. Initially appearing in a short HoloLens promotional video,[4][5] it was later demoed at E3 2015. Features that take advantage of the augmented reality headset were demonstrated. It is expected that more information will be known at Minecon 2015.[6]