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This skin currently does not have a use.
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A Pigman is a Pig in a humanoid form. Although currently not implemented into the game, their skin could be found within the game files in versions prior to 1.6. They have the same dimensions as the player. No coding is present within the game to spawn them.


Minecraft user Miclee came up the idea for Pigmen. He was given the Bacon Cape as a reward, but when Notch was asked for personal capes by other users, the Bacon Cape was taken away from Miclee to prevent further commotion.

Notch mentioned April 25, 2011 that he might add Pigmen as NPC Villages' townspeople.[1] In Beta 1.9 Pre-releases, a different Villager mob was introduced.

Regular pig models were changed in Beta 1.8 to have a protruding snout. Whether this will be applied to Pigmen or Zombie Pigmen in the future is unknown, although possibly unlikely due to them sharing the same shape as Zombie Pigmen, Giants, Zombies, Humans, and Players.

As of 1.6.2, the texture file is no longer in minecraft, however, in older versions it is in the game's files and can be worn as a player skin.


  • The model used in the source is called a "Biped". A lot of other models use this as a base, such as the Creeper model.
  • In the 2nd Skin Pack for the Xbox 360 Edition, a Pigman is a selectable character. Note the texture is slightly different.
  • Pigmen were originally intended to inhabit the villages in minecraft but were replaced by Villagers instead.