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All of the current ores.

Ores are a block type in Minecraft.


Ores are primarily collected for crafting purposes, such as for tools and armor. Redstone is obtained from redstone ore, which can be used to create redstone circuits. Ore can also be combined to create a block of the material's type.


This graph shows the actual amount of ore found in a relatively small but untapped world.
Ores extracted down to bedrock

The following is the distribution of ores according to the altitude (layers are number of blocks above the lowest layer of bedrock). The highest layers that gold, redstone, diamond, and lapis lazuli can be found on are two layers lower.[1] The graph on the right shows the ore distribution.

Ore type Most found on... Commonly found up to... Rare on layers... None at or above... Lowest tier of pickaxe needed for drop Found in...

Layers 5-52 Layer 128 Layer 129-131 Layer 132

The Overworld

Layers 5-54 Layer 64 Layer 65-67 Layer 68

The Overworld

Lapis Lazuli
Layers 14-16 [note 1] Layer 23 Layer 31-33 Layer 34

The Overworld

Layers 5-29 Layer 29 Layer 31-33 Layer 34

The Overworld

Layers 5-12 Layer 12 Layer 13-15 Layer 16

The Overworld

Layers 5-12 Layer 12 Layer 13-15 Layer 16

The Overworld

[note 2]
Layers 5-29 Layer 29 Layer 30-32 Layer 33

The Overworld
, only in the Extreme Hills biome

Nether Quartz
[note 3]
Layers 15-120 Layer 120 Layer 124-125 Layer 126

The Nether
  1. Unlike other ores, lapis lazuli's frequency peaks around layer 15, and slowly tapers off above and below.
  2. Instead of multi-block veins, emerald ore is placed in scattered blocks.
  3. Quartz spawns equally in all parts of the nether. (Not counting lava and bedrock.)

Redstone has the same layer and line-size statistics as Diamond, but is generated 8 times per chunk as opposed to 1.

Ore varieties[edit]

Finished raw materials[edit]

Craftable blocks[edit]



0.0.14a_01 Grid Iron Ore.png Grid Coal Ore.png Old Gold Ore.png Added gold ore, iron ore, and coal ore.
They could only be found exposed in amounts ranging from roughly 10 to 30 in a vein. Since there was the lack of a crafting system, these can only be mined for fun and will not yield any useful materials.
0.26 SURVIVAL TEST 9 Changed the texture of gold ore to Grid Gold Ore.png.
0.27 SURVIVAL TEST 10 Mining an ore gives the corresponding block of it.
0.31 Grid Diamond Ore.png Added diamond ore.
1.0.1 Grid Redstone Ore.png Added redstone ore.
1.2 Grid Lapis Lazuli Ore.pngAdded lapis lazuli ore.
1.6 Bug fixed where ore was more or less common depending on the quadrant.
1.8 The highest layer for some ores was lowered by 2.
Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre4 Coal, diamond, redstone, and lapis lazuli can now also drop as ore blocks with Silk Touch.
1.3.1 12w21a Removed Ruby Ore.png Added emerald ore, which generates in veins up to 10 blocks.
12w21b Emerald ore's texture was changed to Grid Emerald Ore.png.
12w22a All ores except gold and iron (which give experience when smelted) drop experience points when mined.
Emerald ore spawns by itself, instead of in veins.
1.5 13w01a Added nether quartz ore.
1.8 14w29a Ore generation is now a lot faster.


  • Iron and Gold drop the actual ore block when mined without the Silk Touch Enchantment. All of the other ores drop the usable item when mined.
  • Lapis Lazuli, Nether Quartz, and Emerald do not have the same texture as the other ores. All of the other ores have the same texture, but with a different color.
  • Gold ore is the only ore that can't be mined by its own pickaxe.
  • Only Iron, Gold and Diamond can be used to make tools.