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options.txt is the file that stores all the options changeable in the in-game options menu and various other information the game needs to store after quitting. It is found in the .minecraft folder and can be edited with any basic text editor to change your options. Most settings can be changed in-game, but a few can only be changed by editing this file.

[edit] Options

Each line represents a single option or piece of data, with the option followed by a colon followed by the value of that option.

Option Name Meaning and Range of Values Default Value
music Volume of in-game music (0-1) 1.0
sound Volume of in-game sounds beside music (0-1) 1.0
invertYMouse Whether mouse is inverted or not (true/false) false
mouseSensitivity How much a mouse movement changes the position of the camera (0-1) 0.5
fov How large the field of view is (0-1) 0.0
gamma Brightness (0-1) 0.0
ViewDistance The render distance (0-3: Far, Normal, Short, Tiny) 0 (Far)
guiScale Size of interfaces (0-3: 'Auto', 'Small', 'Normal', 'Large') 0 (Auto)
particles Amount of particles (such as rain, potion effects, etc.) (0-2: 'All', 'Decreased', 'Minimal') 0 (All)
bobView Whether or not the camera bobs up and down as the player walks (true/false) true
anaglyph3d Whether 3D mode is turned on (true/false) false
advancedOpengl Whether advanced OpenGL is turned on (true/false) false
fpsLimit Performance setting (0-2: 'Max FPS', 'Balanced', 'Power saver') 1 (Balanced)
difficulty Game difficulty (0-3: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard) 2 (Normal)
fancyGraphics Whether fancy (more detailed) graphics are turned on (true/false) true
ao Smooth lighting (0-2: Off, Minimum, Maximum) 2 (Maximum)
clouds Whether to display clouds (true/false) true
skin Texture pack (string) Default
lastServer Address of last server used with Direct Connect (string)
lang Language to be used (string) en_US
chatVisibility What is seen in chat (0-2: 'Shown', 'Commands only', 'Hidden') 0 (Shown)
chatColors Whether colored chat is allowed (true/false) true
chatLinks Whether links show as links or just text in the chat (true/false [links/plaintext]) true
chatLinksPrompt Whether clicking on links in chat will need confirmation before opening them (true/false) true
chatOpacity Opacity of the chat (0-1) 1.0
serverTextures Whether server textures will be used (true/false) true
snooperEnabled Whether snooper functionality is turned on (true/false) true
fullscreen Whether the game will attempt to go fullscreen at startup (true/false) false
enableVsync Whether v-sync (vertical synchronization) is enabled (true/false) true
hideServerAddress Whether server addresses are hidden by default; toggled by F1 when in Multiplayer menu (true/false) false
advancedItemTooltips Whether mousing over items in the inventory shows its ID and durability (true/false); toggled by F3+H false
pauseOnLostFocus Whether switching out of Minecraft without pressing Esc or opening an in-game interface automatically pauses the game (true/false); toggled by F3 + P true
showCape Whether capes are shown (true/false) true
touchscreen Whether touchscreen controls are used (true/false) false
overrideWidth Width to open Minecraft up with in pixels (0 means default to Minecraft's settings); no in-game control 0
overrideHeight Height to open Minecraft up with in pixels (0 means default to Minecraft's settings); no in-game control 0
heldItemTooltips Whether switching between items shows the name of the item (true/false); no in-game control true
chatHeightFocused When you press the chat button, how tall the chat span is (0-1) 1.0
chatHeightUnfocused How tall the maximum chat span is, when the chat button is not pressed (0-1) 0.44366196
chatScale The scale/size of the text in the chat (0-1) 1.0
chatWidth The span width of the chat (0-1) 1.0
key_key.attack Attack control -100 (left mouse)
key_key.use Use Item control -99 (right mouse)
key_key.forward Forward control 17 (W)
key_key.left Left control 30 (A)
key_key.back Back control 31 (S)
key_key.right Right control 32 (D)
key_key.jump Jump control 57 (space bar)
key_key.sneak Sneak control 42 (left shift)
key_key.drop Drop control 16 (Q)
key_key.inventory Inventory control 18 (E) Chat control 20 (T)
key_key.playerlist List Players control 15 (tab)
key_key.pickItem Pick Block control -98 (middle mouse)
key_key.command Command control 53 (slash)

A list of all available key/button numbers is available at key codes.