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[edit]Music Discs
Music Discs.gif
13 Disccat Discblocks Discchirp Discfar Discmall Discmellohi Discstal Discstrad Discward Disc11 Discwait Disc








First appearances
13 Disc, cat Disc
Alpha 1.0.14 (Seecret Friday 7)
blocks Disc, chirp Disc, far Disc, mall Disc, mellohi Disc,
stal Disc, strad Disc, ward Disc, 11 Disc
Beta 1.9 Pre-release 2
wait Disc
1.4.3 Pre-release
Data values
dec: 2256 hex: 8D0 bin: 100011010000
dec: 2257 hex: 8D1 bin: 100011010001
dec: 2258 hex: 8D2 bin: 100011010010
dec: 2259 hex: 8D3 bin: 100011010011
dec: 2260 hex: 8D4 bin: 100011010100
dec: 2261 hex: 8D5 bin: 100011010101
dec: 2262 hex: 8D6 bin: 100011010110
dec: 2263 hex: 8D7 bin: 100011010111
dec: 2264 hex: 8D8 bin: 100011011000
dec: 2265 hex: 8D9 bin: 100011011001
dec: 2266 hex: 8DA bin: 100011011010
dec: 2267 hex: 8DB bin: 100011011011

Music Discs (previously named Records) are items that can be played in jukeboxes. They play music made by C418; although, custom music can be added with the use of a resource pack.


Acquiring discs

The music discs "13" and "cat" are found in 8% of dungeon chests. All music discs can be obtained by getting a creeper to be killed by a skeleton's arrow.

The player can achieve this by positioning a creeper between a skeleton and themselves, then attracting the skeleton's fire. Since 1.2, mobs no longer attack a second target unless their first target is either killed or out of range, meaning the creeper does not have to be a 1-shot-kill like before. Skeletons will only fire if they are within 15 blocks of the player, so it is recommended that you hunt with speed potions, and be ready to sprint away or sprint attack the creeper if it gets too close. Creepers have 20 health points, or 10 hearts, so it is recommended that you hit them three times with an stone sword (3 hearts damage), then attract a skeleton to one-shot-kill the creeper. This also gives you a single chance to sprint-hit the creeper away if it gets too close. It is also recommended that you make the chase occur within either a plains or desert biome - or some other almost very flat land - so that you can look at the creeper and skeleton without having to look behind you for obstacles.

It is also possible to build a contraption capable of trapping the skeleton and creeper in such a way that the skeleton tries to shoot you through the creeper, but the creeper cannot attack the skeleton. A relatively simple design using pressure plates and pistons to trap the two mobs in their appropriate places is quite effective. Another method is to lure the creeper and skeleton into a hole with a trapdoor over it.


Please note, these tracks have been shortened to 30 seconds, due to an agreement with the author. This does not apply to "11".

Icon Track name Description Track Length (time)

13 An ambient track consisting mostly of cave noises, metallic clinks, splashes, wind blowing, and muffled bow firings.

cat An upbeat, synthetic melody. In the .minecraft directory, the music disc plays another tune by C418, titled Dog.
5:32 (Console Edition)

blocks An upbeat, retro melody.

chirp An upbeat, catchy tune.

far A calm, relaxing, nature-like melody.

mall A calm piece of serene music.

mellohi A slow, slightly melancholic waltz.

stal A moderate jazz-like piece.

strad A tropical-sounding synth piece.

ward The record starts off with an excerpt from Chopin's Funeral March[1] played on synth organ but goes into an electronic, upbeat, exploration and adventure tune with a dark undertone.

11 A slightly disturbing disk, the recording seems to be of a person running across (or maybe breaking) different block types and later on, stopping to use equipment of some kind, cough, and then continue running with a hastened pace. The block sounds similar to that of dirt and stone. The person struggling, and haunting background noises are heard throughout the recording. Strange noises of barking or wind blowing are heard near the end before abruptly stopping. One can hear static noise akin to what would be expected of a broken record after this point before ending.

wait It is an upbeat and relaxing song, with a "blocky" feel to it.

This disc is the latest to be added to Minecraft, although it has existed in the game data for quite some time (as where are we now).

In the Console Edition, it uses the original title where are we now.

3:58 (Fades at 3:51)

Raw music files

The 12 music tracks created for records by C418 can be found in:

  • Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft\assets\virtual\legacy\records (AppData is hidden by default, directory changed sometime with the new Mojang launcher (originally %appdata%\.minecraft\resources\streaming\))
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft/resources/streaming/ (.minecraft folder is hidden)
  • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/resources/streaming/ (~/Library is hidden in 10.7)

As of the addition of resource packs to Minecraft, all music disk files are easily accessible in .ogg format, with previous versions of the game only having Cat and 13 in .ogg formats, with the other files in .mus format, which was decrypted by Minecraft on-the-fly.

Console Edition tutorial world disc locations

See also: Xbox 360 Tutorial Mode#1.8.2 secrets
  • Chirp - X: 41, Y: 78, Z:153 (Through lava wall to the right of castle)
  • Mall - X: 102, Y: 60, Z: 268 (Sand temple)
  • 11 - X: 64, Y: 94, Z: 166 (Top of castle)
  • Cat - X: -42, Y: 57, Z: 248 (Swamp house)
  • Blocks - X: 65, Y: 71, Z: 176 (Underneath castle - downstairs)
  • Mellohi - X: 86 Y: 74 Z: 166 (Centre pathway - in front of castle)
  • 13 - X:106 Y: 75 Z: 166 (Entry to castle - checkpoint)
  • Far - X: -42, Y: 60, Z: 94 (Underwater house)
  • Stal - X: 59, Y: 62, Z: 27 (Nether - near blaze spawner)
  • Ward - X: 196, Y: 79, Z:71 (Castle Tower)
  • Strad - X: 28, Y: 62, Z: 8 (Dungeon Temple)
  • Where are we now (aka Wait) - X: 373, Y: 65, Z: -146 (Mooshroom biome)



April 2010 C418 uploaded this video to YouTube. It contains previews of many music tracks that were later added as records.
1.0.14 13 and cat were the first records to be added to Minecraft. Records offically renamed to music discs. 13 was an ambient track before this update.
1.2_02 Before this update, gold 13 music discs were noticeably more common than green cat ones. Now, green cat discs are more often dropped.
1.6 Before, an SMP bug existed when a music disc was ejected from a jukebox. The disc would pop out along with a "ghost" client-side disc that only you could see. This ghost disc was not able to be picked up. This bug has now been fixed.
C418 first announced new music discs during Beta 1.8
Official release
1.0.0 1.9pre2 9 new discs were implemented, adding up to a total of 11 discs, although they are not dropped by any Creepers. These are stored along with the first discs, 13.mus and cat.mus, (which have been decoded as 13.ogg and cat.ogg respectively). Before this update, there were 12 unused music files, now only one remains unused, which is the song "where are we now". "Where are we now" was not added with the rest of the new 9 discs because of problems with the spaces in the name.[2]
1.1 All of the discs except for 11 can be dropped by Creepers killed by Skeletons. Also, they all have the same probability of being dropped now.
1.4.4 1.4.3pre The disc where are we now was renamed to wait and was made available in game. 11 is also available in survival now. It is dropped by Creepers in the same way as other Discs.
1.5 13w04a Active jukeboxes give off a redstone signal when a comparator is placed behind it; its strength depends on the ID of the inserted disc.
1.6.1 13w24a Custom music discs can now be made using resource packs.
Console Edition
TU1 Added 13 and cat.
TU5 Added the remaining 10 music discs.
TU12 Where Are We Now uses the blue texture used in the PC version, opposed to the green Cat texture it used to use.


It has been stated that in the future, there will be 14 music discs to find in Minecraft,[3] and the changelog for Beta 1.6[4] confirmed that the record player will support 'more than 15 songs.'


  • One of the disc names, stal, is in Swedish; "stal" means "stole", but can also be "stål" without the ring diacritic, which means "steel".
  • Music disc "11", based on its data value, is the 11th disc in the game, is the only music disc that is shattered to pieces (this is why the end is static), lasts for 1 minute and 11 seconds, and outputs 11 when put in a comparator jukebox.
  • Chirp uses a sample from the Optigan disc "Bossa Nova Style"[5]. It also sounds very similar to the song "The Orb Of Dreamers" from the PlayStation game series LittleBigPlanet, which also uses the sample. You can compare the two here.
  • In Console Edition, if you play the music disc "Cat", then after it is finished playing "Cat", it will play "Dog", which is a remix of Cat by C418 and is part of the Minecraft - Volume Alpha soundtrack album.