Mushroom (disambiguation)

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Mushroom may refer to:

  • Mushrooms
    - naturally occurring types of fungus that are commonly found in dark places. There are red and brown variants, and one of each type plus a bowl can be crafted into mushroom stew.

  • Mushroom (block)
    - a solid block that is part of huge mushrooms.

  • Mushroom Stew
    - a food item created from small brown and red mushrooms. Mushroom stew was one of the more filling foodstuffs available in the game.

  • Huge mushroom
    - giant variants of the small red and brown mushrooms.

  • Mushroom island
    - a biome made up of mycelium blocks and filled with mushroom-related objects.

  • Mooshroom
    - a cow 'infected' with red mushrooms which only spawns in mushroom biomes. It is red, can be sheared for mushrooms, can be 'milked' with a bowl to gain mushroom stew, and can be milked with a bucket to get milk.

  • Nether wart
    - a mushroom like plant found naturally in the nether.