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Runecraft is a gameplay modification for Bukkit that adds magic to the game in the form of configurable block formations known as "runes" that can be constructed in the actual game world, creating short-term enchantments with a variety of functions. Unlike other Bukkit mods, it does not have any cient-side interface such as the use of commands.

Runecraft was the third SMP mod ever developed and is still actively maintained by RivkiinShadows. Old developers were SuperLlama, Ctri, Zeerix, Josiah42, and Der_niabs.

Rune System[edit]

The modification's functionality is handled with "runes" that players build as structures in the game world out of in-game resources. Runes are predefined patterns of blocks arranged in a square of odd dimensions (e.g. 5x5 blocks) which the modification will recognize and, when the central block is used with a tool, trigger the corresponding effect on the player.

Runecraft Servers[edit]

You can add your own server to this list if it runs runecraft.

Here is a list of other Runecraft servers:

Building Runes[edit]

Runes are constructed as a pattern of odd dimensions (such as 3x3x3 or 5x5x1 blocks). Stone (but not cobblestone), dirt, and other "tier zero" blocks can be used to fill "blank" spaces in the pattern. The material the rune is constructed out of determines the rune's "tier". Higher tiers make the rune more powerful.

Note: Note not all runes can be affected by tier.

Runes are activated by using (right-click by default) the central block, or the floor below with any Tool. Different runes often have specific activation requirements. Shovel runes must be clicked on with a shovel, while teleporters can be activated with an empty hand.


Most vanilla minecraft blocks may be used in the construction of runes. Each block has been assigned a tier value based on their rarity and difficulty to obtain, the tier affects the potency of the rune.

Consult tier block for a partial list of tiered materials.

Note: Server admins may change which tier a material is as of runecraft 2.11. See disabled-runes.txt for details.

Rune Grimoire[edit]

Here we have the layout of all known runes. For details, click the individual runes name.











True Name[edit]






The mod configuration information is on Configuration

Version History[edit]

Version History can be found Here

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