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This page is part of the Rewrite for Style project.

About[edit source]

The goal of this project is to make pages more consistent with the style guide. Many pages still have most of the information stuffed in the header, and then various information in the later sections repeats that.


How to rewrite a page[edit source]

See the sub-projects for additional guidelines. See General guidelines for standard guidelines across all articles.

  1. Choose a page from one of the sub-projects, either Environment or Gameplay
    1. If the page is not on any of the lists, then you may first propose official standards on the style guide, and then you propose a new list on the talk page. Just note that due to technical limitations only up to four sub projects will be done at once.
  2. Rewrite the page to fit the style guide standard.
    1. Place information in the proper sections for that type of article.
    2. Remove information that belongs on other pages, e.g. information about the void on the Bedrock article.
    3. Remove tutorial information and add it to the proper tutorial if relevant.
    4. Remove history information and place it in the history section.
  3. Add the corresponding category for that type of page.

Please note that these are guidelines, and are not official standards. For the official standards, see the style guide.

How to help[edit source]

Feel free to leave project suggestions on the talk page.

Members[edit source]

To join the project, add your signature to the bottom of this list using ~~~.

To do list[edit source]

  • Add sub-pages for sub projects

    •  Done: Added blocks, items and entities

    •  Done: Added structures.

    •  Done: Added environment and gameplay
  • Create categories.

    •  Done: Categories added for unchecked blocks, items and entities

    •  Done: Categories changed to checked

    •  Done: Category added for structures

    •  Done: Category added for environment and gameplay
  • Add categories to previously rewritten pages.

    •  Done: Categories are all added by now.
  • Rewrite pages to fit style guide.

    •  Done: Finished blocks

    •  Done: Finished items

    •  Done: Finished entities

    •  Done: Finished structures

    •  In progress Rewrite environment and gameplay
  • Have a bot remove the categories to relevant pages upon project completion.

    •  Done: Removed category for blocks

    •  Done: Removed category for items

    •  Done: Removed category for entities

    •  Done: Removed category for structures

Total progress[edit source]

77 of 109 pages have been completed