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Minecraft - Volume Alpha

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The album art for Minecraft - Volume Alpha

Minecraft - Volume Alpha is the first soundtrack released for Minecraft by C418, which features all of the songs available since Alpha made by him plus some extras. It was released on 4 March, 2011 on The second Minecraft soundtrack album, Minecraft - Volume Beta, was released on 9 November 2013.

[edit] Track listing

No. Title Name in Minecraft Length "Descriptions" found on C418's website
1. "Key" nuance1.ogg 1:05 opens
2. "Door" 1:51 Welcome!
3. "Subwoofer Lullaby" hal1.ogg 3:28 Imagine a forest with a subwoofer on overdrive...
4. "Death" 0:41 Totally worth it though
5. "Living Mice" hal2.ogg 2:57 Yes, I mean you.
6. "Moog City" 2:40 Imagine that!
7. "Haggstrom" hal3.ogg 3:24 MHG MHG MHG
8. "Minecraft" calm1.ogg 4:14 The very first and last song.
9. "Oxygène" nuance2.ogg 1:05 Accidental reference obviously.
10. "Équinoxe" 1:54 No reference in here!
11. "Mice on Venus" piano3.ogg 4:41 Or mars.
12. "Dry Hands" piano1.ogg 1:08 Yep!
13. "Wet Hands" piano2.ogg 1:30 And cold too.
14. "Clark" calm2.ogg 3:11 <3
15. "Chris" 1:27 He likes it.
16. "Thirteen" 13.ogg 2:56 No human was harmed in the making of this recording.
17. "Excuse" 2:04 ...
18. "Sweden" calm3.ogg 3:35 Wonderful country
19. "Cat" cat.ogg 3:06 You know what they say - curiosity killed the cat.
20. "Dog" 2:25 I don't know about dogs though...
21. "Danny" hal4.ogg 4:14 All his fault
22. "Beginning" 1:42 All his fault
23. "Droopy likes ricochet" 1:36 Featured in the video on
24. "Droopy likes your face" 1:57 Not featured in the video on but nonetheless completes the song

Total running time: 58 minutes, 51 seconds.

[edit] Music location

To locate these tracks in computer, search:

  • Windows: %appdata%\.minecraft\assets\sounds\music
  • Linux (Most Devices): ~/.minecraft/assets/sounds/music
  • Mac OS X: Search ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/assets/sounds/music

This will direct you to the Minecraft sound files, including the music tracks.

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