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None; Cancels all status effects





First appearances


Alpha 1.0.11

Pocket Edition

Alpha 0.7.0
Data value

dec: 335 hex: 14F bin: 101001111



A bucket of milk is an item obtained from cows and mooshrooms by right-clicking on them with an empty bucket. Milk is only ever encountered in a bucket, nowhere else, and it cannot be placed down on the ground like water or lava; despite milk being a liquid, it is not a fluid block in Minecraft. Its main use is removing all potion effects active on the player. It is also an ingredient in cake.


[edit] Usage

You can milk cows and mooshrooms infinitely. Holding right-click with a bucket of milk will start the drinking sound and animation. When fully consumed it does not fill the hunger bar, but will immediately cure the player of any status (potion) effects. Because of that you can remove bad effects like poison, hunger, and wither, but also good effects such as regeneration, strength, speed and more.

[edit] As a crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe


Wheat +
Milk +
Egg +

Milk Milk Milk Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cake
Sugar Egg Sugar
Wheat Wheat Wheat

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[edit] History

1.0.8 Milk was first introduced, but it had no purpose, only obtainable through inventory editing.
1.0.11 Milk can now be obtained by right-clicking a cow with a bucket.
1.2 It was incorporated into the crafting recipe for cake, but it still was not edible.
1.2_01 Squid could now be milked by right-clicking on their mouth if part of their body was exposed to air or if they were not touching another block. An easy way to accomplish this was to pull a squid with a fishing rod away from other blocks and then milk it.
1.4 Removed squid milking.
1.8 Milk was made edible.
Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre2 According to a tweet by Jeb on September 30th 2011, milk was made a cure for all potion effects.[1]
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.7.0 Added milk buckets.
Console Edition
TU1 Added milk buckets.

[edit] Issues

Issues relating to "Milk" are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

[edit] Trivia

  • If you drink milk while having nausea, the nether portal animation will show.
  • Since it cures poison, an ideal source of food would be rotten flesh followed by a bucket of milk, which will restore hunger and then cancel out the food poisoning respectively. This would only require one cow or mooshroom, and an open space for zombies to spawn on at night, or a mob farm that can spawn and kill zombies.
  • Because of its ability to cure status effects, it is a good idea to take it into an abandoned mineshaft for curing the poison effect from cave spiders.
  • In Pocket Edition, milk is not edible, as it lacks potion effects.
  • You can milk baby cows.

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