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The menu screen is comprised of the main menu as well as other menus displayed when Minecraft is paused. The menu screen is the interface that allows players to change options such as the game language and resource pack active, as well as create a new world or join a multiplayer server. Upon the opening of the game's menu, the game's logo will appear with a splash caption beneath it. The game's menu can be accessed anytime in-game by pausing the game, with the Esc by default.

By default, there are 5 buttons in the title screen menu: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Options, Quit Game and Language. There can also be a Minecraft Realms button if you meet certain criteria. In the background, there is a constantly moving, blurred image of a Minecraft world with distinguishable features. The map shown can be edited with the use of a resource pack.


[edit] Minceraft

There is a one in 10,000 chance that the title screen will display "Minceraft" instead of "Minecraft". Notch made it as a small secret, and enjoyed that he was the only one who knew of its existence. After stating a secret was in Minecraft undiscovered, the Internet went wild, trying to find it. Soon after, Notch wrote an article called "A Post-Mortem of Minceraft".

In crash logs, a reference to Minceraft may appear as a joke, stating "You should try our sister game, Minceraft!".

Screen with Minceraft on it with a random splash.

[edit] Main menu buttons

Main menu of Minecraft with random splash text.

Option Description
Singleplayer Choose a world to play, or make one.
Multiplayer Opens the multiplayer join screen.
LanguageButton.png Allows you to set the game language.
Options Opens up a window where the player can change keyboard bindings, mouse, audio, and video options, and multiplayer options.
Quit Game Closes the game.

[edit] Pocket Edition

Main menu of Pocket Edition with random splash text as it appeared in Alpha 0.7.3 - 0.7.5.

Option Description
Play Choose a world to play, or make one.
Play on Realms Allows one to play using Realms (only appears if invited to Realms)
Pocket Edition Options.jpg Opens Options menu

[edit] Singleplayer Menu Screen

The singleplayer menu screen is a menu screen that appears when you click singleplayer. It is where you can create or delete or recreate your worlds. If you already made a world you could select it in there. Many people who started minecraft up go in this menu screen right away. The singleplayer menu screen consists of these options: New World, Delete world, Recreate world and play world.

[edit] Multiplayer Menu Screen

The Multiplayer menu screen is a menu screen in Minecraft that allows you to play online with fellow players. You can join an available online server, create your own, or use direct connect to join any server using it's server address. The Multiplayer Menu consists of the options: Join Server, Direct Connect, Add Server, Edit, Delete, Refresh, and Cancel. When adding a server, you must give the server a name and it's server address. There's also the option of if you want to hide your server address or not.

[edit] History

Originally the main menu displayed a pattern of the dirt block texture (texture packs could however use a different texture).
1.8 Completely revamped the title screen adding an animated background, a version tag in the bottom left corner and new options in the option menu.
1.9 Minceraft easter egg added.
Official release
1.1 Added language select button.
12w37a Added "Re-Create" option to the World selection menu.
13w03a The "Texture Packs" button has been moved to the "Options..." screen.
13w09a The "Minecraft Realms" button is moved to the main screen, taking the spot of the "Texture Packs" button.
1.7.2 November 15, 2013 Added menu music.

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