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Melon (block)

Solid Block






Partial (blocks light)



Blast resistance





This block can be broken with any tool, but a sword is the quickest; however it still takes double damageUse-axe.png




Yes, 64



First appearance

Beta 1.8



Data value

dec: 103 hex: 67 bin: 1100111



Melons are blocks that grow from fully grown melon seeds. Once the plant reaches maturity, it will randomly create melon blocks on adjacent farmland (or dirt/grass). Destroying a melon yields 3-7 melon slices up to a maximum of 9 with a tool enchanted with fortune. A melon slice can be consumed for Hunger.svg, or crafted into melon seeds to be planted as a new stem.


[edit] Crafting

Ingredients Crafting recipe


Melon Melon Melon Grid layout Arrow (small).png Melon (block)
Melon Melon Melon
Melon Melon Melon

Note that this process cannot be reversed. The melon block must be placed and broken again to reclaim the melon slices. Some melon slices are wasted in this process, as breaking a melon block only yields a portion of the melon slices used to craft the block. It still may be done for the sake of space efficiency, as a full stack of melons breaks into an average of 320 slices yet only takes one inventory slot. This enables food for a long journey to be carried compactly.

[edit] Farming

For other types of farming see Farming (disambiguation)

To start a Melon farm, one must first find Melon Seeds, which can be found in abandoned mine shaft chests. You can also obtain melons (which can be crafted into melon seeds) from trading with villagers, and/or finding them naturally spawning in jungles. Planting a melon seed places a small stem that will grow over time. Once the stem reaches maturity and is not already connected to a melon, the stem will attempt to spawn a melon block in one of the four immediately adjacent blocks; however, this attempt can fail if the chosen adjacent block is not empty or the block beneath is not dirt, grass, or farmland. Once a stem has connected to a melon, that stem will not produce any further melons until the existing melon is harvested. You may collect melon blocks by using silk touch enchanted tool. Melons will revert farmland below them to dirt when they grow. For more details and farm layout suggestions, see the tutorial.

[edit] History

Melons were first revealed in an IGN interview with Notch.[1]

1.8 Introduced melons.
Official release
1.0.0 1.9pre4 Melons had a bug that made it only yield 1 Melon.[2]
1.7.2 13w36a Melons now spawn in jungle biomes.
1.8 14w31a Now break faster when mined with an axe.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.5.0 Added melons.
0.9.0 build 1 Melons now spawn naturally in jungle biomes.
build 10 Melons now spawn a lot less in jungle biomes.
Console Edition
TU5 Added melons.
Pi Edition
0.1.1 Added melons.

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[edit] Trivia

  • Any stem adjacent to a melon block will appear to be connected to it, even if the melon was not grown from that stem.[3]
    • Due to this, if a Melon block spawns between two stems, it will connect to both of them. Pumpkins also do this.
  • On the complete ideas for the Ideas section, it was stated that Watermelons were to be implemented.[4]
    • Despite the fact that the block and the items are called "Melon", "Melon Slice" and "Glistering Melon", they have the appearance of Watermelons and Watermelon Slices, like they were originally supposed to be named.
  • When a melon block is pushed by a piston, it will break into melon slices.
  • The block form is square, yet the slices are round.

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