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Materials in Minecraft classify blocks into different types, more or less indicating what the block is "made of".

Materials[edit | edit source]

The following materials exist in Minecraft. Each material gives certain properties to the block, although individual blocks can and often will override them.

Material​[n 1] Map color Liquid? Solid?​[n 2] Block light?​[n 3] Block movement?​[n 4] Opaque?​[n 5] Need tool?​[n 6] Can burn?​[n 7] Can replace?​[n 8] Piston​[n 9]
Air    None No No No No No No No Yes Pushed
Grass    127,178,56 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Pushed
Dirt    183,106,47 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Pushed
Wood    104,83,50 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Pushed
Stone    112,112,112 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Pushed
Metal/Mineral    167,167,167 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Pushed
Anvil    167,167,167 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Blocked
Water    64,64,255 Yes No Yes No No No No Yes Replace
Lava    255,0,0 Yes No Yes No No No No Yes Replace
Leaves    0,124,0 No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Replace
Plants    0,124,0 No No No No No No No No Replace
Replaceable plants    0,124,0 No No No No No No Yes Yes Replace
Sponge    167,167,167 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Pushed
Wool    167,167,167 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Pushed
Fire    None No No No No No No No Yes Replace
Sand    247,233,163 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Pushed
Non-solid    None No No No No No No No No Replace
Carpet    167,167,167 No No No No No No Yes No Pushed
Glass    None No Yes Yes Yes No No No No Pushed
Redstone lamp    None No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Pushed
TNT    255,0,0 No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Pushed
Unknown[n 10]    0,124,0 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Replace
Ice    160,160,255 No Yes Yes Yes No No No No Pushed
Packed ice    160,160,255 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Pushed
Snow layer    255,255,255 No No No No No Yes No Yes Replace
Snow block    255,255,255 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Pushed
Cactus    0,124,0 No Yes Yes Yes No No No No Replace
Clay    164,168,184 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Pushed
Gourd    0,124,0 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Replace
Dragon egg    0,124,0 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Replace
Portal    None No No No No No No No No Blocked
Cake    None No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Replace
Cobweb    167,167,167 No Yes Yes No No Yes No No Replace
Piston    112,112,112 No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Blocked
Barrier    None No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Blocked
  1. Names are conjectural.
  2. If yes, block dependent blocks can be placed on this block, and it is considered when spawning structures
  3. If yes, this block reduces the level of light passing through it or blocks it entirely
  4. If yes, entities cannot move through this block, and it usually suffocates them.
  5. If yes, this block cannot be seen through
  6. If yes, breaking the block without using the correct tool drops nothing. Note that this only affects whether the block requires a tool to drop, not whether it can be broken or drops anything at all.
  7. Only used to determine if lava can set fire to blocks; not used for fire spreading.
  8. If yes, trying to place some other block in the spot occupied by this block will succeed.
  9. If "pushed", the block is pushed by pistons. If "replace", the block is broken by pistons. If "blocked", the block prevents pistons from extending.
  10. Defined in the code, but not used on any blocks. Takes less time to break with swords, like plants and leaves.

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Material Blocks
Air Air
Grass MyceliumGrass BlockHay Bale
Dirt DirtCoarse DirtPodzolFarmlandGrass Path
Wood Oak WoodSpruce WoodBirch WoodJungle WoodAcacia WoodDark Oak WoodOak Wood PlanksSpruce Wood PlanksBirch Wood PlanksJungle Wood PlanksAcacia Wood PlanksDark Oak Wood PlanksOak Wood SlabSpruce Wood SlabBirch Wood SlabJungle Wood SlabAcacia Wood SlabDark Oak Wood SlabOak Wood StairsSpruce Wood StairsBirch Wood StairsJungle Wood StairsAcacia Wood StairsDark Oak Wood StairsOak FenceSpruce FenceBirch FenceJungle FenceAcacia FenceDark Oak FenceOak Fence GateSpruce Fence GateBirch Fence GateJungle Fence GateAcacia Fence GateDark Oak Fence GateNote BlockBookshelfChestTrapped ChestCrafting TableSignOak DoorSpruce DoorBirch DoorJungle DoorAcacia DoorDark Oak DoorWooden Pressure PlateJukeboxWooden TrapdoorBrown Mushroom (block)Red Mushroom (block)Daylight SensorWhite BannerOrange BannerMagenta BannerLight Blue BannerYellow BannerLime BannerPink BannerGray BannerLight Gray BannerCyan BannerPurple BannerBlue BannerBrown BannerGreen BannerRed BannerBlack Banner
Stone StoneGranitePolished GraniteAndesitePolished AndesiteDioritePolished DioriteSandstoneChiseled SandstoneSmooth SandstoneRed SandstoneChiseled Red SandstoneSmooth Red SandstoneCobblestoneMoss StoneBricksStone BricksMossy Stone BricksCracked Stone BricksChiseled Stone BricksNether BrickBlock of QuartzChiseled Quartz BlockPillar Quartz BlockStone SlabSandstone SlabCobblestone SlabBricks SlabStone Bricks SlabNether Brick SlabQuartz SlabRed Sandstone SlabPurpur SlabSandstone StairsCobblestone StairsBrick StairsStone Brick StairsNether Brick StairsQuartz StairsRed Sandstone StairsPurpur StairsCobblestone WallMossy Cobblestone WallNether Brick FenceBedrockGold OreIron OreCoal OreLapis Lazuli OreDiamond OreRedstone OreEmerald OreDropperDispenserFurnaceObsidianMonster SpawnerStone Pressure PlateNetherrackNether Quartz OreEnchantment TableEnd Portal FrameEnd StoneEnd Stone BricksEnder ChestHardened ClayWhite Stained ClayOrange Stained ClayMagenta Stained ClayLight Blue Stained ClayYellow Stained ClayLime Stained ClayPink Stained ClayGray Stained ClayLight Gray Stained ClayCyan Stained ClayPurple Stained ClayBlue Stained ClayBrown Stained ClayGreen Stained ClayRed Stained ClayBlack Stained ClayPrismarinePrismarine BricksDark PrismarineBlock of CoalPurpur BlockPurpur Pillar
Metal/Mineral Lapis Lazuli BlockBlock of GoldBlock of IronBlock of DiamondBlock of EmeraldBlock of RedstoneIron DoorIron BarsBrewing StandCauldronCommand BlockHopperIron TrapdoorWeighted Pressure Plate (Heavy)Weighted Pressure Plate (Light)Structure Block
Anvil Anvil
Water Water
Lava Lava
Leaves Oak LeavesSpruce LeavesBirch LeavesJungle LeavesAcacia LeavesDark Oak Leaves
Plants Oak SaplingSpruce SaplingBirch SaplingJungle SaplingAcacia SaplingDark Oak SaplingDandelionPoppyBlue OrchidAlliumAzure BluetRed TulipOrange TulipWhite TulipPink TulipOxeye DaisyMushroomMushroomWheat CropCarrot CropPotato CropBeetroot CropSugar CanePumpkin StemMelon StemLily PadNether Wart CropCocoa PodChorus PlantChorus Flower
Replaceable plants Tall GrassFernDead BushSunflowerLilacRose BushPeonyVines
Sponge Sponge
Wool White WoolOrange WoolMagenta WoolLight Blue WoolYellow WoolLime WoolPink WoolGray WoolLight Gray WoolCyan WoolPurple WoolBlue WoolBrown WoolGreen WoolRed WoolBlack WoolBed
Fire Fire
Sand SandRed SandGravelSoul Sand
Non-solid RailPowered RailDetector RailActivator RailTorchRedstoneRedstone TorchRedstone RepeaterRedstone ComparatorLadderLeverButtonButtonTripwire HookTripwireFlower PotWither Skeleton SkullSkeleton SkullZombie HeadHeadCreeper HeadEnd Rod
Carpet White CarpetOrange CarpetMagenta CarpetLight Blue CarpetYellow CarpetLime CarpetPink CarpetGray CarpetLight Gray CarpetCyan CarpetPurple CarpetBlue CarpetBrown CarpetGreen CarpetRed CarpetBlack Carpet
Glass GlassGlass PaneWhite Stained GlassOrange Stained GlassMagenta Stained GlassLight Blue Stained GlassYellow Stained GlassLime Stained GlassPink Stained GlassGray Stained GlassLight Gray Stained GlassCyan Stained GlassPurple Stained GlassBlue Stained GlassBrown Stained GlassGreen Stained GlassRed Stained GlassBlack Stained GlassWhite Stained Glass PaneOrange Stained Glass PaneMagenta Stained Glass PaneLight Blue Stained Glass PaneYellow Stained Glass PaneLime Stained Glass PanePink Stained Glass PaneGray Stained Glass PaneLight Gray Stained Glass PaneCyan Stained Glass PanePurple Stained Glass PaneBlue Stained Glass PaneBrown Stained Glass PaneGreen Stained Glass PaneRed Stained Glass PaneBlack Stained Glass PaneGlowstoneBeaconSea Lantern
Redstone lamp Redstone Lamp
Unknown Not applied to any blocks.
Ice Ice
Packed ice Packed Ice
Snow layer Snow (cover)
Snow block Snow
Cactus Cactus
Clay Clay (block)Slime BlockCobblestone Monster EggStone Monster EggStone Bricks Monster EggCracked Stone Bricks Monster EggMossy Stone Bricks Monster EggChiseled Stone Bricks Monster Egg
Gourd PumpkinMelon (block)Jack o'Lantern
Dragon egg Dragon Egg
Portal PortalEnd Portal32x32px
Cake Cake
Cobweb Cobweb
Piston PistonSticky PistonPiston HeadPiston Extension
Barrier Barrier

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Endermen will teleport depending on materials which block movement. They choose a random destination and then seek downwards until they find a block with a movement-blocking material.
  • Various things that spawn on the "surface" similarly check material movement-blocking to find the surface.
  • Paintings, banners, signs, cakes, and mob heads are placed on any solid material. This is why signs can be placed on each other without any visible connection.
  • Player spawning checks for obstruction based on material solidity.
  • Lava checks for a burnable material nearby when attempting to start fires. The fire itself uses its own list of flammable materials, which is why fire will start next to some wood blocks but will never consume the block.
  • Water and lava spread and currents generally depend on whether the block's materials blocks movement, while placement from a bucket depends on the block's solidity.
  • Fence gates must be placed above a block with a solid material.
  • When broken, ice will turn to water if above a block with a liquid or movement-blocking material.
  • Cacti break depending on the solidity of an adjacent block's material.
  • Farmland turns to dirt if a solid-material block is placed on top.
  • Rain and snowfall fall through blocks that have a non-liquid material that does not block movement.
  • Dungeon, lake, and Nether portal generation checks for solid materials, rather than solid blocks.
  • Solid-material blocks cannot be placed at Y=255, while non-solid-material blocks can.
  • Note blocks check materials to determine the instrument. They check for a material of stone, sand, glass, or wood, while any other material is given the default piano sound.