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Description[edit | edit source]

Unlike PC edition server software, Pocket Edition server software lacks many things that are present in Pocket Edition (e.g. mobs and redstone). Some server software, like Nukkit, has redstone and mobs, but is very incomplete. Likewise in PC edition, Pocket Edition server software is free of Mojang source code. However, servers hosted by a third party have plenty of features, but often have a subscription fee.

Server software[edit | edit source]

Name Programming language Forked from (if forked) Current software version (if known) Supported Pocket Edition version Developers Supported Operating Systems (OS) Resource pack support Info
Pocketmine PHP Not forked 1.6.2 1.0.4 dktapps, Intyre, SOF3 Windows, Mac, Linux

(Can run on Android through Pocket Server)

Nukkit Java Not forked 1.0.4 Box, Angelic47, iNevet, MagicDroidX, PeratX, Pub4Game, Snake1999, SuperMarcus Windows, Mac, Linux,

(Can run on Android through Pocket Server)

MiNET C# Not forked 1.0.4 Niclas Olofsson Windows Unknown
Genisys PHP Pocketmine 1.0.4 ITX Windows, Mac, Linux No
Clearsky PHP Pocketmine 1.0.4 thebigsmileXD(XenalDan) Windows, Mac, Linux Unknown
BlueLight PHP Pocketmine 1.0.4 BlueLightJapan Windows, Mac, Linux Unknown
Elywing PHP Genisys 1.0.4 SuperMaXAleX, mqusit Windows, Mac, Linux Unknown
BukkitPE Java Not forked Alpha 0.16.2 xZeroMCPE Windows, Mac, Linux No Looking for developers
Voxelwind Java Not forked 0.1 (Breeze) Alpha 0.16.2 fromgate, Pub4Game, tee7even

Former developer: Tux

Linux Unknown Is maintained by the Nukkit.Ru development team
Cenisys C++ Not forked Unknown ITX Windows, Mac, Linux Discontinued
Imagicalmine PHP Pocketmine Unknown Keith Windows, Mac, Linux Discontinued
numerous-alpaca JavaScript Not forked Alpha 0.14.3 rom1504 Uses your web browser Discontinued
BlockSever Java Unknown Unknown Unknown Windows, Mac, Linux Discontinued

Third party server software[edit | edit source]

Name Usage fee Pocket Edition version Supported OS Resource pack support
LEET Varies, you'll need to buy "credits" to keep your server running 1.0 Android, iOS No
Netherbox Varies by "server plan" 0.16.2 Uses your web browser as a control panel for the server No
MCPEhost Varies by "server plan" 1.0 Uses your web browser as a control panel for the server No