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[edit]Lily Pad
Lily Pad.png
Lily Pad

Solid Block









Blast resistance





Any tool




Yes (64)



First appearance

1.0.0 (Beta 1.9-pre1)



Data value

dec: 111 hex: 6F bin: 1101111



The Lily Pad is a collectable block found growing on water in swamplands. They can be acquired by fishing, which makes them a renewable resource. They can be walked on.


Lily pads can only be placed on top of water. Lily pads occupy the block above water and are not part of the water block itself.

Lily pads face a consistent direction which depends on their location and is not affected by the direction the player is facing. Replacing a lily pad will not change the direction.

If Lily pads are broken by removing the water source beneath it, it will be destroyed without creating a block update, meaning that you can create sand and other floating gravity blocks if you placed them on top of the lily pad before you break it.


Lily pads can be used to make paths over water without having to build bridges or use full blocks. This is helpful for crossing large water surfaces, and especially helpful for movement in farms, as players can easily access crops without wading through water.



Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre1 Added lily pads. Lily pads are non-solid, and can only be placed in swamplands.
Beta 1.9-pre6 Lily pads are now solid blocks.
1.3.1 12w21a Boats no longer break when they collide at high speed with lily pads. Instead, the lily pad is destroyed.
1.7.2 13w36a Lily pads can be caught in fishing as treasure.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.9.0 build 1 Added lily pads.
build 3 Lily pads are now brighter in the inventory.
Console Edition
TU7 Added lily pads.


  • Mobs cannot spawn on lily pads.
  • Lily pads are destroyed when the water beneath freezes.
  • Lily pads are destroyed when water flows on it. This can be used to climb by alternating the placement of lily pads and water source blocks without leaving the placed lily pads.
  • Even when swimming under water, lily pads can be destroyed with one hit.
  • When lily pads are placed on water source blocks that do not take up the space of the entire block (when the water is flowing to the block next to it), the lily pad will appear floating above the water source block.
  • It is also possible for lily pads to generate on the surface of underground lakes.
  • As with slabs, any block placed above a lily pad will appear to float above it. This is because even though the lily pad doesn't occupy its entire space, it still is a block, and no other block may occupy that space.
  • When placing a lily pad, the arm does not swing.
  • In the Console Edition, if a swamp is next to a taiga at the edge of the world, lily pads in the swamp may spread to the taiga ocean, which could be frozen, causing it to generate on ice.
  • Lily pads can sometimes spawn one block lower than expected, erasing the water block it was supposed to appear on. This only happens when there is a solid block next to the water and the player is aimed at it through the water. Even then it only happens sporadically (although it is usually repeatable once you find a spot that will do it).
  • Lily pads are the shortest solid block in Minecraft, being a measly 0.016 blocks tall.
  • If you run over a lily pad with a boat, the lily pads will be destroyed and will drop as items.
  • If you sprint on lily pads, they will give off water particles.