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These data values refer to the different types of blocks and items. They are used in many, many places in Minecraft. Block IDs are used to define blocks placed in the world and inventory items (including items in chests and items dropped in the world). Item IDs are only valid for items. There are also Entity IDs for entities such as mobs and missiles. Block data further defines blocks placed, describing for example the height of water or the direction a torch points.

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I Has a different ID as an inventory item.
D Use the item's Damage field to define its durability.
S Requires additional data from the saved game's Data array to fully define the block.
B Requires additional data in the item's Damage field to fully define the inventory item.
E Requires a block entity to store additional data.
Red Cannot be legitimately obtained. Only available using the /give command or via inventory editors.
Light Blue Cannot be obtained no matter what. (Some can be placed using /setblock)
Blue Available in Creative mode by item list.
Purple Available in Creative mode by block picking.
Teal Can be obtained by trading with villagers or in Creative mode.
Green Only available by having Enchanted tools or in Creative mode.
Lime Green Only available by having Enchanted tools or via use of the /give command or inventory editors, but unobtainable in the Creative mode menu.
Gray Unused data.

Block IDs


Item IDs


Entity IDs


Horse Variants[edit]

Horse entities have Type and Variant fields that determine the type and look of the horse. All normal horses are of Type 0, donkeys are of Type 1, mules are of Type 2, zombie horses are of Type 3, and skeletal horses are of Type 4. Below is a list of Variant values that determine the variant of Type 0 horses (horse entities of other types seem to ignore the Variant field).

White Creamy Chestnut Brown Black Gray Dark Brown
None 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
White 256 257 258 259 260 261 262
White Field 512 513 514 515 516 517 518
White Dots 768 769 770 771 772 773 774
Black Dots 1024 1025 1026 1027 1028 1029 1030

Variant names taken from the names of the texture file they correspond to.

Giving a Type 0 horse entity a Variant value not in this chart will result in a white horse.

Using a value that is not a true ID (all true IDs are displayed on the chart above) will result in an invisible horse.

Biome IDs[edit]

Biomes have been present in Minecraft since the Halloween Update, and the Biome ID is included in the Anvil file format since 1.2. The Biome ID for worlds stored in the older McRegion file format is calculated on the fly, which could lead to a discrepancy between the earlier generated world, and the features (such as grass color, snow) based on the calculated biome IDs. The Biome page has more technical details on how color is computed for blocks in various biomes.

Dec Biome
0 Ocean
1 Plains
2 Desert
3 Extreme Hills
4 Forest
5 Taiga
6 Swampland
7 River
8 Nether
9 End
10 Frozen Ocean
11 Frozen River
12 Ice Plains
13 Ice Mountains
14 Mushroom Island
15 Mushroom Island Shore
16 Beach
17 Desert Hills
18 Forest Hills
19 Taiga Hills
20 Extreme Hills Edge
21 Jungle
22 Jungle Hills
23 Jungle Edge
24 Deep Ocean
25 Stone Beach
26 Cold Beach
27 Birch Forest
28 Birch Forest Hills
29 Roofed Forest
30 Cold Taiga
31 Cold Taiga Hills
32 Mega Taiga
33 Mega Taiga Hills
34 Extreme Hills+
35 Savanna
36 Savanna Plateau
37 Mesa
38 Mesa Plateau F
39 Mesa Plateau
129 Sunflower Plains
130 Desert M
131 Extreme Hills M
132 Flower Forest
133 Taiga M
134 Swampland M
140 Ice Plains Spikes
149 Jungle M
151 JungleEdge M
155 Birch Forest M
156 Birch Forest Hills M
157 Roofed Forest M
158 Cold Taiga M
160 Mega Spruce Taiga
161 Redwood Taiga Hills M
162 Extreme Hills+ M
163 Savanna M
164 Savanna Plateau M
165 Mesa (Bryce)
166 Mesa Plateau F M
167 Mesa Plateau M
-1 (Uncalculated)

Enchantment IDs[edit]

Used in /enchant and /give commands.

ID Name ID Name Enchantable Item(s) Maximum
0 minecraft:protection Protection Armor 4
1 minecraft:fire_protection Fire Protection Armor 4
2 minecraft:feather_falling Feather Falling Boots 4
3 minecraft:blast_protection Blast Protection Armor 4
4 minecraft:projectile_protection Projectile Protection Armor 4
5 minecraft:respiration Respiration Helmets 3
6 minecraft:aqua_affinity Aqua Affinity Helmets 1
7 minecraft:thorns Thorns Armor 3
8 minecraft:depth_strider Depth Strider Boots 3
16 minecraft:sharpness Sharpness Swords, Axes 5
17 minecraft:smite Smite Swords, Axes 5
18 minecraft:bane_of_arthropods Bane of Arthropods Swords, Axes 5
19 minecraft:knockback Knockback Swords 2
20 minecraft:fire_aspect Fire Aspect Swords 2
21 minecraft:looting Looting Swords 3
32 minecraft:efficiency Efficiency Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes, Shears 5
33 minecraft:silk_touch Silk Touch Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes, Shears 1
34 minecraft:unbreaking Unbreaking Any Item with Durability 3
35 minecraft:fortune Fortune Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes 3
48 minecraft:power Power Bow 5
49 minecraft:punch Punch Bow 2
50 minecraft:flame Flame Bow 1
51 minecraft:infinity Infinity Bow 1
61 minecraft:luck_of_the_sea Luck of the Sea Fishing Rod 3
62 minecraft:lure Lure Fishing Rod 3

Status effects[edit]

Used in /effect command.

Icon Value Name Effect type In source code Particle color

1 minecraft:speed Speed potion.moveSpeed

2 minecraft:slowness Slowness potion.moveSlowdown

3 minecraft:haste Haste potion.digSpeed

4 minecraft:mining_fatigue Mining Fatigue potion.digSlowDown

5 minecraft:strength Strength potion.damageBoost
- 6 minecraft:instant_health Instant Health potion.heal
- 7 minecraft:instant_damage Instant Damage potion.harm

8 minecraft:jump_boost Jump Boost potion.jump

9 minecraft:nausea Nausea potion.confusion

10 minecraft:regeneration Regeneration potion.regeneration

11 minecraft:resistance Resistance potion.resistance

12 minecraft:fire_resistance Fire Resistance potion.fireResistance

13 minecraft:water_breathing Water Breathing potion.waterBreathing

14 minecraft:invisibility Invisibility potion.invisibility

15 minecraft:blindness Blindness potion.blindness

16 minecraft:night_vision Night vision potion.nightVision

17 minecraft:hunger Hunger potion.hunger

18 minecraft:weakness Weakness potion.weakness

19 minecraft:poison Poison potion.poison

20 minecraft:wither Wither potion.wither

21 minecraft:health_boost Health Boost potion.healthBoost

22 minecraft:absorption Absorption potion.absorption
- 23 minecraft:saturation Saturation potion.saturation


Special data for certain block and item types. Storage differs according to level format.

Block dec hex Use
Wood 0-15 0-F Wood Texture/Rotation
Fire 0-15 0-F Age in ticks (1/20th of a second)
Leaves 0-15 0-F Leaves texture, decay counter
Jukebox 0-1 0-1 Disc in jukebox or not
Saplings 0-15 0-F Age / Tree Type
Cactus 0-15 0-F Age
Sugar Cane 0-15 0-F Age
Water and Lava 0-15 0-F Fluid level
Sand 0-1 0-1 Color of sand
Soil/Farmland 0-8 0-8 Wetness
Crops 0-7 0-7 Crop size
Nether Wart 0-3 0-3 Nether Wart Size
Pumpkin and melon stem 0-7 0-7 Growth stage
Wool, Stained Clay and Carpet 0-15 0-F Color
Dyes 0-15 0-F Dye Color
Fish 0-3 0-3 Type of fish
Command block 0-1 0-1 Commands
Torches and Redstone Torches 0-5 0-5 Torch orientation
Rails (reg, powered, detect) 0-9 0-9 Rail slope, orientation, power
Stairs 0-7 0-7 Stair orientation
Levers 0-15 0-F Lever orientation and thrown state
Door 0-15 0-F Hinge corner position and swing state
Buttons 0-15 0-F Button orientation, whether it's pressed
Sign Posts 0-15 0-F Sign orientation
Ladders, Wall Signs, Furnaces, Chests 2-5 2-5 Orientation
Dispensers, Droppers, and Hoppers 0-15 0-F Orientation
Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns 0-3 0-3 Pumpkin orientation
Pressure Plates 0-1 0-1 Whether it's pressed
Coal 0-1 0-1 Type of coal (mined coal or charcoal)
Tools and Armor varies Damage level
Slabs 0-15 0-F Type of slab
Snow 0-7 0-7 Block height
Cake 0-5 0-5 Pieces eaten
Bed 0-15 0-F Orientation, whether it's occupied
Redstone Comparator 0-15 0-F Orientation, mode and power
Redstone Repeater 0-15 0-F Orientation and delay
Redstone Wire 0-15 0-F Power level
Daylight sensor 0-15 0-F Power level
Grass 0-2 0-2 Appearance (grass, fern, shrub)
Flowers 0-8 0-8 Type of flower
Large Flowers 0-5, 8-13 0-5, 8-D Type of flower
Trapdoors 0-7 0-7 Orientation and "swung" state
Piston 0-5, 8-13 0-5, 8-D Orientation and "extended" state
Piston Extension 0-5, 8-13 0-5, 8-D Orientation and "sticky" state
Stone Brick 0-3 0-3 Stronghold texture
Huge brown and red mushroom 0-10 0-A Texture
Vines 0-15 0-F Attached Surface
Fence Gates 0-7 0-7 Open/Closed, and direction
Potions 0-65535 0-FFFF Potion Type
Brewing Stand 0-7 0-7 Slots used
Cauldron 0-3 0-3 Amount of water
End Portal Frame 0-7 0-7 Orientation, broken/fixed state
Cobblestone Wall 0-1 0-1 Cobblestone or Moss Stone
Flower Pot 0-11 0-B Plant inside flower pot
Heads 0-4 0-4 Type of head
Anvil 0-2 0-2 Damage value
Golden Apple 0-1 0-1 Type of Golden Apple (regular or enchanted)
Wood Planks 0-5 0-5 Wood Planks texture
Block of Quartz 0-4 0-4 Block of Quartz texture/rotation

Wood Planks[edit]

DV Description

0 Oak Wood Planks

1 Spruce Wood Planks

2 Birch Wood Planks

3 Jungle Wood Planks

4 Acacia Wood Planks

5 Dark Oak Wood Planks


DV Description

0 Stone

1 Granite

2 Polished Granite

3 Diorite

4 Polished Diorite

5 Andesite

6 Polished Andesite


DV Description

0 Dirt

1 Coarse Dirt

2 Podzol


The data value is split in half. The bottom three bits determine the type of sapling (and thus the eventual tree type), according to the following table:

Bits Values
A three-bit field storing a value of 0 to 5 specifying the type of sapling:
  • 0:
    Oak Sapling
  • 1:
    Spruce Sapling
  • 2:
    Birch Sapling
  • 3:
    Jungle Sapling
  • 4:
    Acacia Sapling
  • 5:
    Dark Oak Sapling
0x8 Set if sapling is ready to grow into a tree.

The 0x8 bit functions as the counter. The counter is cleared when a sapling is dropped as an item.

Water and Lava[edit]

If bit 0x8 is set, this liquid is "falling" and only spreads downward. At this level, the lower bits are essentially ignored, since this block is then at its highest fluid level.

The lower three bits are the fluid block's level. 0x0 is the highest fluid level (not necessarily filling the block - this depends on the neighboring fluid blocks above each upper corner of the block). Data values increase as the fluid level of the block drops: 0x1 is next highest, 0x2 lower, on through 0x7, the lowest fluid level. Along a line on a flat plane, water drops one level per meter from the source, lava drops one in the nether and two everywhere else.

The stationary versions of each fluid are "stable" and currently not being checked by the engine for further level changes. Oddly the in-code names for stationary water and lava are "water" and "lava" and the regular versions are "flowing_water" and "flowing_lava".


DV Description

0 Sand

1 Red sand


Block 17

DV Description

0 Oak wood facing up/down

1 Spruce wood facing up/down

2 Birch wood facing up/down

3 Jungle wood facing up/down

4 Oak wood facing East/West

5 Spruce wood facing East/West

6 Birch wood facing East/West

7 Jungle wood facing East/West

8 Oak wood facing North/South

9 Spruce wood facing North/South

10 Birch wood facing North/South

11 Jungle wood facing North/South

12 Oak wood with only bark

13 Spruce wood with only bark

14 Birch wood with only bark

15 Jungle wood with only bark

Block 162

DV Description

0 Acacia wood facing up/down

1 Dark Oak wood facing up/down

4 Acacia wood facing East/West

5 Dark Oak wood facing East/West

8 Acacia wood facing North/South

9 Dark Oak wood facing North/South

12 Acacia wood with only bark

13 Dark Oak wood with only bark


If bit 0x4 is set, the leaves are permanent and will never decay. This bit is set on player-placed leaf blocks and overrides the meaning of bit 0x8.

If bit 0x8 is set, the leaves will be checked for decay. The bit will be cleared after the check if the leaves do not decay. The bit will be set again whenever a block adjacent to the leaves is changed.

Block 18

DV Description

0 Oak Leaves

1 Spruce Leaves

2 Birch Leaves

3 Jungle Leaves

4 Oak Leaves (no decay)

5 Spruce Leaves (no decay)

6 Birch Leaves (no decay)

7 Jungle Leaves (no decay)

8 Oak Leaves (check decay)

9 Spruce Leaves (check decay)

10 Birch Leaves (check decay)

11 Jungle Leaves (check decay)

12 Oak Leaves (no decay and check decay)

13 Spruce Leaves (no decay and check decay)

14 Birch Leaves (no decay and check decay)

15 Jungle Leaves (no decay and check decay)

Block 161

DV Description

0 Acacia Leaves

1 Dark Oak Leaves

4 Acacia Leaves (no decay)

5 Dark Oak Leaves (no decay)

8 Acacia Leaves (check decay)

9 Dark Oak Leaves (check decay)

12 Acacia Leaves (no decay and check decay)

13 Dark Oak Leaves (no decay and check decay)

Wool, Stained Clay, Stained Glass and Carpet[edit]

These values specify the color of the wool, Stained Clay, Stained Glass and Carpet. This data is stored in block metadata for placed wool, Stained Clay, Stained Glass or Carpet, and as the "damage" for the item in the inventory.

DV Description

0 Regular (White)

1 Orange

2 Magenta

3 Light Blue

4 Yellow

5 Lime

6 Pink

7 Gray

8 Light Gray

9 Cyan

10 Purple

11 Blue

12 Brown

13 Green

14 Red

15 Black

Torches and Redstone Torches[edit]

DV Description

0 (unused)

1 Facing east (attached to a block to its west)

2 Facing west (attached to a block to its east)

3 Facing south (attached to a block to its north)

4 Facing north (attached to a block to its south)

5 Facing up (attached to a block beneath it)


Single slabs can be either "right-side-up" or "upside-down"; this information is stored in the most significant metadata bit 0x8 as follows:

  • 0: Slab is right-side-up, occupying the bottom half of its voxel.
  • 1: Slab is upside-down, occupying the top half of its voxel.

Thus a right-side-up birch wood slab has metadata value 0x2 (binary 0010), while an upside-down birch slab is represented by metadata 0xA (binary 1010).

Double slabs with the high-order bit set render the top texture on all six sides.

The wooden slab in the stone slabs has the properties of stone, and the texture of oak wood planks. They are unavailable in game and can only be obtained through commands.

Double Stone Slabs[edit]

Block 43
DV Description

0 Double Stone Slab

1 Double Sandstone Slab

2 Double (Stone) Wooden Slab

3 Double Cobblestone Slab

4 Double Bricks Slab

5 Double Stone Brick Slab

6 Double Nether Brick Slab

7 Double Quartz Slab

8 Full Stone Slab

9 Full Sandstone Slab

10 Tile Quartz Slab (note the underside)
Block 181
DV Description

0 Double Red Sandstone Slab

8 Full Red Sandstone Slab

The Full Stone, Quartz, Sandstone, and Red Sandstone Slabs have a top texture on all sides.

Stone Slabs[edit]

Block 44
DV Description

0 Stone Slab

1 Sandstone Slab

2 (Stone) Wooden Slab

3 Cobblestone Slab

4 Bricks Slab

5 Stone Brick Slab

6 Nether Brick Slab

7 Quartz Slab

8 Upper Stone Slab

9 Upper Sandstone Slab

10 Upper (Stone) Wooden Slab

11 Upper Cobblestone Slab

12 Upper Bricks Slab

13 Upper Stone Brick Slab

14 Upper Nether Brick Slab

15 Upper Quartz Slab
Block 182
DV Description

0 Red Sandstone Slab

8 Upper Red Sandstone Slab

Double Wooden Slabs[edit]

Block 125
DV Description

0 Double Oak Wood Slab

1 Double Spruce Wood Slab

2 Double Birch Wood Slab

3 Double Jungle Wood Slab

4 Double Acacia Wood Slab

5 Double Dark Oak Wood Slab

Wooden Slabs[edit]

Block 126
DV Description

0 Oak Wood Slab

1 Spruce Wood Slab

2 Birch Wood Slab

3 Jungle Wood Slab

4 Acacia Wood Slab

5 Dark Oak Wood Slab

8 Upper Oak Wood Slab

9 Upper Spruce Wood Slab

10 Upper Birch Wood Slab

11 Upper Jungle Wood Slab

12 Upper Acacia Wood Slab

13 Upper Dark Oak Wood Slab


0x0 is a placed or spread fire. Once it reaches 0xF the eternal fire-trick will work since there will be no further updates of the block.


For normal sandstone the bottom has a cracked pattern. The other types of sandstone have bottom faces same as the tops.

DV Description

0 Sandstone

1 Chiseled sandstone

2 Smooth sandstone

Red Sandstone[edit]

DV Description

0 Red Sandstone

1 Chiseled Red Sandstone

2 Smooth Red Sandstone


  • 0x0: Head is pointing south
  • 0x1: Head is pointing west
  • 0x2: Head is pointing north
  • 0x3: Head is pointing east
  • 0x4: (bit flag) - When 0, the bed is empty. When 1, the bed is occupied.
  • 0x8: (bit flag) - When 0, the foot of the bed. When 1, the head of the bed.


DV Description

0 Dead Bush

1 Tall Grass

2 Fern


DV Description

0 Poppy

1 Blue Orchid

2 Allium

3 Azure Bluet

4 Red Tulip

5 Orange Tulip

6 White Tulip

7 Pink Tulip

8 Oxeye Daisy

Large Flowers[edit]

DV Description

0 Sunflower

1 Lilac

2 Double Tallgrass

3 Large Fern

4 Rose Bush

5 Peony

8 Top Half of any Large Plant; low three bits 0x7 are derived from the block below.


The top bit (0x8) is a status bit that determines whether the piston is pushed out or not. 1 for pushed out, 0 for retracted.

The bottom three bits are a value from 0 to 5, indicating the direction of the piston (the direction the piston head is pointing)

  • 0: Down
  • 1: Up
  • 2: north
  • 3: south
  • 4: west
  • 5: east

Piston Extension[edit]

The top bit (0x8) is a status bit that determines whether the head is sticky or not (note that the Piston Body actually has completely different block types for Sticky and Regular). 1 is sticky, 0 is regular.

The bottom three bits are a value from 0 to 5, indicating the direction of the piston (the direction the piston head is pointing).

  • 0: Down
  • 1: Up
  • 2: north
  • 3: south
  • 4: west
  • 5: east


Bits Description
A two-bit field containing a value from 0 to 3 specifying the direction of the stairs' full-block side:
  • 0: East
  • 1: West
  • 2: South
  • 3: North
0x4 Set if stairs are upside-down
0x8 (unused)

Redstone Wire[edit]

0xF (15) is a wire placed right next to a power source (like a redstone torch). The value declines with distance until 0x0 (0), which is a non-powered wire. The direction of the wire is not saved but calculated at runtime.

Daylight Sensor[edit]

Redstone signal output from a daylight sensor is data value dependent. 0 meaning no redstone output and 15 full redstone signal. The same is true for the its inverted counterpart block 178.


Crops grow from 0x0 to 0x7. Carrots and potatoes (and Beetroot in MCPE) appear to have 4 stages, but actually grow identically to wheat, merely using the same texture for multiple stages. Note: crops with a data value of 0xF have been spotted; the meaning of the top 0x8 bit is unknown.

Icon Value








Icon Value

0, 1

2, 3

4, 5, 6

Icon Value

0, 1

2, 3

4, 5, 6

Icon Value

0, 1

2, 3

4, 5, 6



0x0 is dry land, 0x1-0x7 are increasing levels of wetness. The wetness value counts down to 0x0 while the farmland does not have access to water. The wet texture is only used on level 0x7. In older versions the wetness levels of the block were based on how far the block is from the water block.



Bits Description
A four-bit field storing a value from 0 to 15 specifying the block's orientation:
  • 0: south
  • 1: south-southwest
  • 2: southwest
  • 3: west-southwest
  • 4: west
  • 5: west-northwest
  • 6: northwest
  • 7: north-northwest
  • 8: north
  • 9: north-northeast
  • 10: northeast
  • 11: east-northeast
  • 12: east
  • 13: east-southeast
  • 14: southeast
  • 15: south-southeast


Bits Description
A three-bit field storing a value from 2 to 5 specifying the block's orientation:
  • 2: north
  • 3: south
  • 4: west
  • 5: east
0x8 (unused)


Minecraft 1.1 and Earlier[edit]

The two least significant bits are the orientation of the door, that is, the corner in which its hinge is positioned:

  • 0x0: northwest corner
  • 0x1: northeast corner
  • 0x2: southeast corner
  • 0x3: southwest corner

The two bits above are flags:

  • 0x8: If this bit is set, this is the top half of a door (else the lower half).
  • 0x4: If this bit is set, the door has swung counterclockwise around its hinge.

For example, the bottom half of a door with its hinge on the southwest corner, which is swung so that it is closed when viewed from the west, will have a data value of (3 | 4) = (3 + 4) = 7.

Starting at Minecraft 1.2 (from weekly snapshot 12w06a)[edit]

Graphic of possible door data values in 12w06a

The total data needed to accurately describe a single door tile is now contained in both door tiles, so both data values have to be inspected.

Common to both door tiles, the top bit (0x8) is as follows:

  • 0: The bottom half of the door
  • 1: The top half of the door

Top Sections

The least-significant bit (0x1) is as follows, assuming you're facing the same direction the door faces while closed:
  • 0: Hinge is on the right (this is the default for single doors)
  • 1: Hinge is on the left (this will be used for the other half of a double-door combo)
The other two bits (0x2 and 0x4) are always zero.
The only valid values for a top section, therefore, are 8 (binary 1000) and 9 (binary 1001).

Bottom Sections

The second bit (0x4) determines the door's state:
  • 0: Closed
  • 1: Open
The bottom two bits determine which direction the door faces (these directions given for which direction the door faces while closed)
  • 0: Facing west
  • 1: Facing north
  • 2: Facing east
  • 3: Facing south


Regular Minecart rails use values above 0x5 for the corner pieces. For powered rails, 0x8 is a bit flag; if set, the rail is powered. The bottom three bits have a valid range of 0x0 to 0x5.

  • 0x0: flat track going north-south
  • 0x1: flat track going west-east
  • 0x2: track ascending to the east
  • 0x3: track ascending to the west
  • 0x4: track ascending to the north
  • 0x5: track ascending to the south

Regular minecart tracks can make a circle from four rails:

  • 0x6: northwest corner (connecting east and south)
  • 0x7: northeast corner (connecting west and south)
  • 0x8: southeast corner (connecting west and north)
  • 0x9: southwest corner (connecting east and north)

Activator Rails, Detector Rails, and Powered Rails[edit]

Bits Values

A three-bit field storing a value from 0 to 5:

  • 0: flat track going north-south
  • 1: flat track going west-east
  • 2: sloped track ascending to the east
  • 3: sloped track ascending to the west
  • 4: sloped track ascending to the north
  • 5: sloped track ascending to the south
0x8 Set if rail is active.

Ladders, Furnaces, Chests[edit]

  • 0x2: Facing north (for ladders and signs, attached to the north side of a block)
  • 0x3: Facing south
  • 0x4: Facing west
  • 0x5: Facing east



Bits Description
A four-bit field storing a value from 0 to 15 specifying the block's orientation:
  • 0: south
  • 1: south-southwest
  • 2: southwest
  • 3: west-southwest
  • 4: west
  • 5: west-northwest
  • 6: northwest
  • 7: north-northwest
  • 8: north
  • 9: north-northeast
  • 10: northeast
  • 11: east-northeast
  • 12: east
  • 13: east-southeast
  • 14: southeast
  • 15: south-southeast


Bits Description
A three-bit field storing a value from 2 to 5 specifying the block's orientation:
  • 2: north
  • 3: south
  • 4: west
  • 5: east
0x8 (unused)

Dispenser and Dropper[edit]

  • 0x0: Facing Down
  • 0x1: Facing Up
  • 0x2: Facing North
  • 0x3: Facing South
  • 0x4: Facing East
  • 0x5: Facing West
  • 0x8: Powered and updated. Won't refresh until unpowered and updated.


Bits Values

A three-bit field storing a value from 0 to 5:

  • 0: Output facing down
  • 1: (unused)
  • 2: Output facing north
  • 3: Output facing south
  • 4: Output facing west
  • 5: Output facing east
0x8 Set if activated/disabled.


  • 0x8: If this bit is set, the lever has been thrown and is providing power.

Wall levers:

  • 0x1: Facing east
  • 0x2: Facing west
  • 0x3: Facing south
  • 0x4: Facing north

Ground levers:

  • 0x5: Lever points south when off.
  • 0x6: Lever points east when off. (Note that unlike the other types of switch, this version didn't power wires around the block it was sitting on. This bug was fixed in Beta 1.6)

Ceiling levers:

  • 0x7: Lever points south when off.
  • 0x0: Lever points east when off.

Pressure Plates[edit]

  • 0x1: If this bit is set, the plate is pressed.


  • 0x8 If this bit is set, the button has been pressed. If this bit is set in a saved level, the button will remain pressed after the level is loaded, until a block update occurs.

Button direction:

  • 0x0: Facing down
  • 0x1: Facing east
  • 0x2: Facing west
  • 0x3: Facing south
  • 0x4: Facing north
  • 0x5: Facing up (Face of the button towards the sun)


Heights of snow from 0-7, going from left to right
DV Description

0 One layer, 2 pixels thick

1 Two layers, 4 pixels thick

2 Three layers, 6 pixels thick

3 Four layers, 8 pixels thick

4 Five layers, 10 pixels thick

5 Six layers, 12 pixels thick

6 Seven layers, 14 pixels thick

7 Eight layers, 16 pixels thick

Cacti and Sugar Cane[edit]

0x0 is a freshly planted cactus or cane. The data value is incremented at random intervals. When it becomes 15, a new cactus or cane block is created on top as long as the total height does not exceed 3, but it can spawn naturally randomly up to 5 blocks high from glitches.


DV Description

0 no disc inserted

1 contains a disc

The associated block entity is used to identify which record has been inserted.

Pumpkins and Jack o'Lanterns[edit]

  • 0x0: Facing south
  • 0x1: Facing west
  • 0x2: Facing north
  • 0x3: Facing east
  • 0x4: No face


  • 0x0: 0 pieces eaten
  • 0x1: 1 piece eaten
  • 0x2: 2 pieces eaten
  • 0x3: 3 pieces eaten
  • 0x4: 4 pieces eaten
  • 0x5: 5 pieces eaten

Redstone Repeater[edit]

Bits Values
A two-bit field storing a value from 0 to 3 specifying the direction the redstone repeater is facing:
  • 0: Facing north.
  • 1: Facing east.
  • 2: Facing south.
  • 3: Facing west.
A two-bit field storing a value from 0 to 3 specifying the redstone repeater's delay:
  • 0: Delay of 1 redstone tick.
  • 1: Delay of 2 redstone tick.
  • 2: Delay of 3 redstone tick.
  • 3: Delay of 4 redstone tick.

Effectively, add the repeater's facing value (0 to 3) to 4×(delay-1). For example, a repeater facing west with a delay of 3 redstone ticks would have a block data value of 3 + 4×(3-1) = 11.

Redstone Comparator[edit]

The direction is set in the first 2 least-significant bits:

  • 0: Facing north
  • 1: Facing east
  • 2: Facing south
  • 3: Facing west

The mode is set in the 3rd bit:

  • 0: Comparison
  • 1: Subtraction (output torch is lit)

In 1.5 BlockId 150 (active) is used for the power state and the 4th highest bit is not used:

From 1.6 on BlockId 150 is not used and the power state is determined by the 4th highest bit:

  • 0: Comparator is off
  • 1: Comparator is on (two input torches on, and surface shown as lit)


0x4 is a bit that determines whether or not the trapdoor is swung open. 0 for closed (on the ground), 1 for open (against its connecting wall). 0x8 is a bit that determines whether the trapdoor is on the bottom or top of the block. The remaining two bits describe which wall the trapdoor is attached to:

  • 0x0: Attached to the south wall
  • 0x1: Attached to the north wall
  • 0x2: Attached to the east wall
  • 0x3: Attached to the west wall

Monster Egg[edit]

DV Description

0 Stone Monster Egg

1 Cobblestone Monster Egg

2 Stone Brick Monster Egg

3 Mossy Stone Brick Monster Egg

4 Cracked Stone Brick Monster Egg

5 Chiseled Stone Brick Monster Egg

Stone Brick[edit]

DV Description

0 Stone brick

1 Mossy stone brick

2 Cracked stone brick

3 Chiseled stone brick


DV Description

0 Prismarine

1 Prismarine Bricks

2 Dark Prismarine


DV Description

0 Sponge

1 Wet Sponge

Brown and red mushroom blocks[edit]

Mushroom blocks consist of the same blocks throughout their structure, the data value of each block decides the texture. The default texture on all sides is porous flesh. The cap texture can be either the brown mushroom or red mushroom texture, the textures for porous and stem sides are identical. Although data values 11-13 are unused they have the same texture as data value 0 as placeholders (to keep people from destroying their maps).

DV Description

0 Pores on all sides

1 Cap texture on top, west and north

2 Cap texture on top and north

3 Cap texture on top, north and east

4 Cap texture on top and west

5 Cap texture on top

6 Cap texture on top and east

7 Cap texture on top, south and west

8 Cap texture on top and south

9 Cap texture on top, east and south

10 Stem texture on all four sides, pores on top and bottom

14 Cap texture on all six sides

15 Stem texture on all six sides

Pumpkin stem and Melon stem[edit]

Pumpkin and melon stems grow from 0x0 to 0x7; however, world editors can force in stems up to 0x15. During each stage of growth a part of their model is revealed. In the last stage a stem can spawn a melon or pumpkin next to it on empty dirt, grass or farmland. As long as this fruit remains the stem will appear bent towards the fruit.


Determines the face against which the vine is anchored. Note that (except for Top) these are testable as bit flags, unlike most of the other directional data for other block types. Multiple sides can contain vines. The "top" attachment is assumed to be present if data is 0 or there is solid block above.

  • 1: south
  • 2: west
  • 4: north
  • 8: east

Fence Gates[edit]

The left circle was opened from the outside, the right one from the inside. Facing directions: Red = North; Green = East; Yellow = South; Blue = West
Bits Description
Two bits storing a value from 0 to 3 specifying the direction the gate is facing:
  • 0: Facing south
  • 1: Facing west
  • 2: Facing north
  • 3: Facing east
0x4 0 if the gate is closed, 1 if open.

Nether Wart[edit]

Like Crops, the data value is related to the size of the Nether Wart. There are three distinct visual stages to Nether Wart's growth (the associated data values are given):

Icon Value




Brewing Stand[edit]

The bottom three bits are bit flags for which bottle slots actually contain bottles. The actual bottle contents (and the reagent at the top) are stored in a TileEntity for this block, not in the data field.

  • 0x1: The slot pointing east
  • 0x2: The slot pointing southwest
  • 0x4: The slot pointing northwest


The data value stores the amount of water kept in the cauldron, in units of glass bottles that can be filled.

  • 0: Empty
  • 1: ⅓ filled
  • 2: ⅔ filled
  • 3: Fully filled

End Portal block[edit]

The bottom two bits determine which "side" of the whole portal frame this block is a part of. To make the frame activate, each of the portal frame blocks in the pattern must "face" toward the middle. Since the image is near-symmetrical, it is difficult to tell which direction an individual block is actually facing, but if the block isn't facing in that direction and that is the last frame block where the Eye of Ender is placed, the frame won't activate.

Direction vectors for the blocks are the following:

  • 0: To the south
  • 1: To the west
  • 2: To the north
  • 3: To the east

0x4 is a bit flag: 0 is an "empty" frame block, 1 is a block with an Eye of Ender inserted.


Bits Values
A two-bit field storing a value from 0 to 4 specifying the direction the pod is attached to:
  • 0: Attached to the north
  • 1: Attached to the east
  • 2: Attached to the south
  • 3: Attached to the west
A two-bit field storing a value from 0 to 3 specifying the stage of growth of the plant:
  • 0: First stage
  • 1: Second stage
  • 2: Final stage

Tripwire Hook[edit]

  • 0x4: This bit means the tripwire hook is connected and ready to trip ("middle" position)
  • 0x8: This bit means the tripwire hook is currently activated ("down" position)

An activated hook will normally have a value of 0xC, meaning "connected" and "activated".

The two low bits determine to which wall the hook is attached:

  • 0x0: Facing south
  • 0x1: Facing west
  • 0x2: Facing north
  • 0x3: Facing east


Bits Description
0x1 Set if tripwire is activated (an entity is intersecting its collision mask).
0x2 Set if tripwire is suspended in the air (not above a solid block).
0x4 Set if tripwire is attached to a valid tripwire circuit.
0x8 Set if tripwire is disarmed.

Cobblestone Walls[edit]

DV Description

0 Cobblestone Wall

1 Mossy Cobblestone Wall

Flower Pots[edit]

For Flower Pot blocks placed from Minecraft version 1.7, the plant contained in the pot is stored in the associated Tile Entity. See Tile Entity Format for details. The absence of a tile entity indicates either an empty Flower Pot, or one whose block was placed prior to version 1.7.

For Flower Pot blocks placed before version 1.7 the plant contained in the pot is indicated by the data value, according to the following table:

DV Description

0 Empty

1 Poppy

2 Dandelion

3 Oak sapling

4 Spruce sapling

5 Birch sapling

6 Jungle sapling

7 Red mushroom

8 Brown mushroom

9 Cactus

10 Dead bush

11 Fern

12 Acacia sapling

13 Dark oak sapling


Note: Only part of the information for this block/item is in the data value, the rest in the associated Tile Entity. See Tile Entity Format for details.

For the block, data values determine the block placement:

DV Description

0 (unused)

1 On the floor (rotation is stored in the tile entity)

2 On a wall, facing north

3 On a wall, facing south

4 On a wall, facing east

5 On a wall, facing west

For the item and for the tile entity, data values determine the skull type:

DV Description

0 Skeleton Skull

1 Wither Skeleton Skull

2 Zombie Head

3 Head

4 Creeper Head

Block of Quartz[edit]

DV Description

0 Block of Quartz

1 Chiseled Quartz Block

2 Pillar Quartz Block (vertical)

3 Pillar Quartz Block (north-south)

4 Pillar Quartz Block (east-west)


DV Description

0 Coal

1 Charcoal


DV Description

0 Ink Sac

1 Rose Red

2 Cactus Green

3 Cocoa Beans

4 Lapis Lazuli

5 Purple Dye

6 Cyan Dye

7 Light Gray Dye

8 Gray Dye

9 Pink Dye

10 Lime Dye

11 Dandelion Yellow

12 Light Blue Dye

13 Magenta Dye

14 Orange Dye

15 Bone Meal


Both raw and cooked fish use the same data values. Note that clownfish and pufferfish cannot be cooked.

DV Description

0 Raw Fish

1 Raw Salmon

2 Clownfish

3 Pufferfish


Anvil data values differ between the item and block.


DV Description

0 Anvil

1 Slightly Damaged Anvil

2 Very Damaged Anvil


DV Description

0 Anvil (North/South)

1 Anvil (East/West)

2 Anvil (South/North)

3 Anvil (West/East)

4 Slightly Damaged Anvil (North/South)

5 Slightly Damaged Anvil (East/West)

6 Slightly Damaged Anvil (West/East)

7 Slightly Damaged Anvil (South/North)

8 Very Damaged Anvil (North/South)

9 Very Damaged Anvil (East/West)

10 Very Damaged Anvil (West/East)

11 Very Damaged Anvil (South/North)

For an anvil in the world, 0x1 is the bit that determines whether the anvil is orientated in a north-south (0) or a west-east (1) direction. 0x4 and 0x8 are bits which determine whether the anvil is a regular (0x4 & 0x8 = 0), a slightly damaged (0x4 = 1) or a very damaged (0x8 = 1) one. For an anvil in the inventory, the data value is a counter of how damaged it is.


A Glass Bottle filled with a potion. Potion type is stored in item's damage value as a 16-bit number. Potion effect, name, and other flags are encoded on bits. Effect duration itself isn't there, but can be calculated from other values.

Current meaning of bits is described below. Note that potion name overlaps with potion effect and tier.

Bit Dec Hex Meaning
0 1 0001 Potion effect Potion name
1 2 0002
2 4 0004
3 8 0008
4 16 0010
5 32 0020 Tier
6 64 0040 Extended duration
7 128 0080 (ignored)
8 256 0100
9 512 0200
10 1024 0400
11 2048 0800
12 4096 1000
13 8192 2000 Can become splash potion
14 16384 4000 Splash potion
15 32768 8000 (ignored)

To calculate damage value of potion with desired effect use the following formula:

DV = potion_effect + tier_bit + extended_bit + splash_bit

for example:

  • potion with "Instant Health" effect has damage value 5 (= 5 + 0 + 0 + 0);
  • potion with extended "Slowness" effect has value 74 (= 10 + 0 + 64 + 0);
  • splash potion with tier II "Strength" effect has value 16425 (= 9 + 32 + 0 + 16384).

To get potion with certain name, use the following formula:

DV = potion_name + extended_bit + splash_bit

for example:

  • Splash version of "Charming Potion" has damage value 16423 (= 39 + 0 + 16384)

"Potion name" bits[edit]

Dec Hex Potion
0 00 Water Bottle / Mundane Potion
1 01 Potion of Regeneration
2 02 Potion of Swiftness
3 03 Potion of Fire Resistance
4 04 Potion of Poison
5 05 Potion of Healing
6 06 Potion of Night Vision
7 07 Clear Potion
8 08 Potion of Weakness
9 09 Potion of Strength
10 0a Potion of Slowness
11 0b Potion of Leaping
12 0c Potion of Harming
13 0d Potion of Water Breathing
14 0e Potion of Invisibility
15 0f Thin Potion
Dec Hex Potion
16 10 Awkward Potion
17 11 Potion of Regeneration
18 12 Potion of Swiftness
19 13 Potion of Fire Resistance
20 14 Potion of Poison
21 15 Potion of Healing
22 16 Potion of Night Vision
23 17 Bungling Potion
24 18 Potion of Weakness
25 19 Potion of Strength
26 1a Potion of Slowness
27 1b Potion of Leaping
28 1c Potion of Harming
29 1d Potion of Water Breathing
30 1e Potion of Invisibility
31 1f Debonair Potion
Dec Hex Potion
32 20 Thick Potion
33 21 Potion of Regeneration
34 22 Potion of Swiftness
35 23 Potion of Fire Resistance
36 24 Potion of Poison
37 25 Potion of Healing
38 26 Potion of Night Vision
39 27 Charming Potion
40 28 Potion of Weakness
41 29 Potion of Strength
42 2a Potion of Slowness
43 2b Potion of Leaping
44 2c Potion of Harming
45 2d Potion of Water Breathing
46 2e Potion of Invisibility
47 2f Sparkling Potion
Dec Hex Potion
48 30 Potent Potion
49 31 Potion of Regeneration
50 32 Potion of Swiftness
51 33 Potion of Fire Resistance
52 34 Potion of Poison
53 35 Potion of Healing
54 36 Potion of Night Vision
55 37 Rank Potion
56 38 Potion of Weakness
57 39 Potion of Strength
58 3a Potion of Slowness
59 3b Potion of Leaping
60 3c Potion of Harming
61 3d Potion of Water Breathing
62 3e Potion of Invisibility
63 3f Stinky Potion

Note: potion with name set to 0 is called "Water Bottle" only if no other bit is set. Otherwise, it is called "Mundane Potion".

Note: potions with an effect and splash potion bit set have additional "Splash " prefix.

"Potion effect" bits[edit]

Dec Hex Effect Potion suffix Duration Bottles Icon Effect color Tier II?
0 0 - - - Grid Mundane Potion.pngGrid Splash Mundane Potion.png - - -
1 1 Regeneration Regeneration 0:45 Grid Potion of Regeneration.pngGrid Splash Potion of Regeneration.png

2 2 Speed Swiftness 3:00 Grid Potion of Swiftness.pngGrid Splash Potion of Swiftness.png

Sky blue
3 3 Fire Resistance Fire Resistance 3:00 Grid Potion of Fire Resistance.pngGrid Splash Potion of Fire Resistance.png

4 4 Poison Poison 0:45 Grid Potion of Poison.pngGrid Splash Potion of Poison.png

5 5 Instant Health Healing instant Grid Potion of Healing.pngGrid Splash Potion of Healing.png - - Yes
6 6 Night Vision Night Vision 3:00 Grid Potion of Night Vision.pngGrid Splash Potion of Night Vision.png

Navy blue
7 7 - - - Grid Mundane Potion.pngGrid Splash Mundane Potion.png - - -
8 8 Weakness Weakness 1:30 Grid Potion of Weakness.pngGrid Splash Potion of Weakness.png

9 9 Strength Strength 3:00 Grid Potion of Strength.pngGrid Splash Potion of Strength.png

Dark red
10 a Slowness Slowness 1:30 Grid Potion of Slowness.pngGrid Splash Potion of Slowness.png

11 b Jump Boost Leaping 3:00 Grid Potion of Leaping.pngGrid Splash Potion of Leaping.png

Bright green
12 c Instant Damage Harming instant Grid Potion of Harming.pngGrid Splash Potion of Harming.png - - Yes
13 d Water Breathing Water Breathing 3:00 Grid Potion of Water Breathing.pngGrid Splash Potion of Water Breathing.png

14 e Invisibility Invisibility 3:00 Grid Potion of Invisibility.pngGrid Splash Potion of Invisibility.png

Light gray
15 f - - - Grid Mundane Potion.pngGrid Splash Mundane Potion.png - - -

"Tier" bit[edit]

Dec Hex Meaning
0 0000 Tier I effect.
32 0020 Tier II effect. Multiply duration by 1/2.

Note: Fire Resistance, Weakness and Slowness effects have no second tier. Their strength and duration are unaffected by this bit.

"Extended duration" bit[edit]

Dec Hex Meaning
0 0000 Base duration.
64 0040 Multiply duration by 8/3.

"Splash potion" bit[edit]

Dec Hex Meaning
0 0000 Drinkable potion.
16384 4000 Splash potion. Multiply duration by 3/4.

Spawn Eggs[edit]

Damage values on Spawn Eggs will cause it to spawn the entity of that id. For example; "/give [playername] spawn_egg 1 50" (a damage value of 50) would cause the spawn egg to create Creepers.


Each map item's damage value corresponds to the map ID saved in each world's NBT data. The map's parameters, such as the scale of the map, its location in the world and what areas are explored are saved in separate .dat files, unlike written books or fireworks which store their additional data directly into the item itself. If a map is cloned they will both share the same damage value and newly explored areas will appear on both instances.

Golden Apple[edit]

DV Description

0 Golden Apple

1 Enchanted Golden Apple


  • Using /give command or inventory editors, an item can be spawned with its data value out of normal bounds. This can cause a normal looking item to appear, but will be unusable and unstackable with an identical item that has a different data value. In the case of Wool colors, data values "rotate" when out of bounds. Examples are provided:
    • Example 1 - Stacking: If the player were to type /give <PLAYERNAME> 351 1 1, an Ink Sac would be given to the player like normal. However, if the player were to type /give <PLAYERNAME> 351 1 -4 afterward, another Ink Sac would be given, but it won't stack with the first Ink Sac, because the two Ink Sacs have different data values, despite the fact that both items appear to be the same thing.
    • Example 2 - Value Defaults: Using the /give command to spawn an item with data values that are out of valid bounds will "default" to the lowest or highest valid data value closest to it. Typing /give <PLAYERNAME> 351 1 -23 will spawn an Ink Sac, due to -23 being closest to 0, the lowest possible valid data value for dye, being the Ink Sac. Typing /give <PLAYERNAME> 351 1 43 will spawn Bone Meal, because 43 is closest to the dye's highest valid data value, being 15, which is what Bone Meal is.
    • Example 3 - Non-usable: Note that the valid data values for dye are between the numbers 0 and 15. Any type of dye that's spawned with an data value lower than 0 or higher than 15 cannot be used. So if one is using the /give command to spawn a dye with a data value above 15, which would spawn Bone Meal, the said Bone Meal can not be used to mix with other dyes or be used as a quick plant growing agent.
    • Example 4 - Rotation: Data value rotation has been confirmed for Wool, but only the colors seem to rotate. Using a Wool data value of 16 (when the highest is 15) (Note: the wool data value of 16 is shown as nether warts in the inventory, but when placed by the player it becomes white wool) will "circle back" to white wool, which is 0. Using an data value of 18 will circle back to Magenta Wool, because 18 is 3 integers higher than the max of 15, it will circle back to 0, but the extra 3 bumps it to the data value of 2. Using /give to hack in wool with a damage value above 255, however, will result in a flat wool block. Additionally, the color rotation is reversed in the inventory; a wool block with a damage value of 256, for example, looks like black wool in the inventory, but converts to white wool when placed. The highest damage value that can be achieved with /give is 2,147,483,647, which appears as white wool that converts to black wool when placed. A similar effect happens with every block/item with damage values, depending on the block. For example, giving yourself a Wood block with a data value of 10 would give a rotated Birch wood block, because wood uses data values to determine their rotation. As with Wool, giving yourself wood with a data value above 15 will cycle round back to a wood block that appears as the matching wood block with a data value 16 less than itself (for example, a wood block with a data value of 16 appears as Oak Wood but cannot be crafted into planks and will not stack with regular Oak Wood). Wood with a data value above 255 does not appear flat; the data rotation happens normally.

JSON Data Values[edit]

  • Web/Plugin/App Developers looking for a JSON representation of the minecraft data values and PNG images can use the free api at: (Free registration required to prevent abuse). This list is maintained by a volunteer and has an "update" value that lets you know the latest update. It may not reflect the latest changes here.