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Huge Mushroom
Huge Mushrooms.gif
Huge Brown MushroomHuge Red Mushroom

Solid Block









Blast resistance





This block can be broken with any tool, but an axe is the quickest




Yes (64)


No, but catches fire from lava

First appearance

Beta 1.8



Data values
Huge brown mushroom
dec: 99 hex: 63 bin: 1100011
Huge red mushroom
dec: 100 hex: 64 bin: 1100100
Huge brown mushroom
Huge red mushroom
Huge Mushroom
Huge Red Mushroom.pngHuge Brown Mushroom.png

Mushroom Island, Roofed Forest

Consists of

Huge Red Mushroom Cap
Huge Brown Mushroom Cap
Huge Mushroom Stalk

Can spawn

Yes, when the player uses bonemeal on a mushroom.

First appearance

Beta 1.8

A Huge Mushroom is a naturally occurring structure on Mushroom Islands and Roofed Forests. They are composed of mushroom stalks and either red or brown colored blocks for the cap. These blocks provide a valid spawn area for hostile mobs, and may be destroyed by hand to yield 0-2 normal mushrooms. The texture for the blocks which make up the cap depends on their position on it; for example, the corner block of the brown variety has 3 sides with the brown texture and 3 sides with the pore texture, while a block in the middle of the cap has only its top face covered with the brown texture and the others covered with the pore texture.

When harvesting mushroom blocks with Silk Touch enchantment, they drop blocks with corresponding mushroom texture (red or brown) on all sides.


Huge mushrooms can be grown by applying bone meal to a small red or brown mushroom that is planted on dirt, grass, podzol or mycelium; this works in any dimension. In open daylight, it requires more bonemeal on dirt or podzol than on mycelium to grow. Can only be grown in darkness (except if grown on mycelium or podzol.) (Note that only the small mushroom's original square needs to be dirt/grass/mycelium/podzol.) The axe is the best tool for destroying huge mushrooms. When destroyed, large mushroom caps and stalks have a chance of dropping small mushrooms of the same type they were grown from. Each giant mushroom can be expected to drop 2-25 small mushrooms, making this a valuable source of food.

A huge mushroom, brown or red, may grow to be 5, 6, or 7 blocks tall; no taller or shorter. They require a 7×7×6 to 7×7×8 space to grow depending on their height, not counting any spaces occupied by torches, ladders, etc. The top of the mushroom is always the same dimensions, but the stem may vary to be 4-6 blocks. However, the bottom-most layer (where the mushroom is placed) only requires blocks immediately adjacent to the source mushroom to be free, not counting diagonal blocks.

A huge mushroom will only grow if there is sufficiently low light, or if grown on mycelium or podzol.

Whenever bone meal is used on a mushroom, it randomly selects a size to attempt to grow. The maximum height that will succeed is one less than the amount of free vertical rows available above the mushroom; thus, if a block is placed 7 meters above the mushroom, anywhere in the 7x7 row, it can only grow to be 5 blocks tall. If the game selects it to be 6 or 7 meters tall, the bone meal will fail on that attempt, similar to how it behaves with tree saplings. This allows the player to force huge brown mushrooms to always be 5 blocks tall, but may consume significantly more bone meal due to failures.

A huge mushroom will not grow above the height limit.

Huge brown mushrooms[edit]

A huge brown mushroom

Huge brown mushrooms consist of a single stalk in the center, with a 7×7 canopy of brown mushroom blocks at the top with the corners missing.

Due to the space requirement matching the size of the canopy at the top, it is possible for a huge brown mushroom to grow with its canopy directly touching a mushroom next to it. This gives explorers the ability to quickly assemble platforms out of huge brown mushrooms, which affords a sleeping platform safe from mobs when illuminated (a single torch in the center is sufficient) or even the base for a house.

Huge red mushrooms[edit]

A huge red mushroom

Huge red mushrooms, like their brown counterparts, have a single stalk in the center, but a different canopy, composed of five 3×3 slabs of red mushroom blocks arranged above and around the stalk, forming a 'dome'. Even though the space requirement is the same, the actual huge red mushroom only ends up being 5×6 blocks in area, so subsequent ones can be grown closer together than brown ones.

Due to their shape, huge red mushrooms can be used to build a basic hut, either by filling in the space between the cap and the ground, using pistons to push the cap of the mushroom to the ground, or by digging a large enough hole to accommodate a huge mushroom so that the cap intersects with the ground (may take multiple attempts; see above). Due to the height mechanics, one can always force them to be 5 blocks tall with a block 7 blocks above, so one can simply dig a hole in the ground, place a red mushroom, and dig out the 4 adjacent holes. While this may also take multiple attempts, the resulting huge red mushroom will be guaranteed to properly align with the ground.


See the above link on tutorials on how to farm huge mushrooms.

Biome occurrence[edit]

Large mushrooms will always appear in a mushroom biome or "mycellium island". They also appear in Roofed Forest along with Dark Oak Trees. Large mushrooms may also appear naturally at random in other biomes (excluding mesa or plains). These mushroooms will never appear naturally inside caves or ravines.

Data values[edit]

DV Description

0 Pores on all sides

1 Cap texture on top, west and north

2 Cap texture on top and north

3 Cap texture on top, north and east

4 Cap texture on top and west

5 Cap texture on top

6 Cap texture on top and east

7 Cap texture on top, south and west

8 Cap texture on top and south

9 Cap texture on top, east and south

10 Stem texture on all four sides, pores on top and bottom

14 Cap texture on all six sides

15 Stem texture on all six sides


The narrator of the video says that huge mushrooms spawn naturally only in one biome. However, they now spawn naturally in two biomes. The video was made before huge mushrooms were able to spawn in Roofed Forest.


June 14, 2011 Notch showed a picture of a Beta 1.7 change-list. Although it was completely blurred out and was at first thought of as a joke, Notch later stated that one of the pictures with the new lighting system and the change list had a secret in them.
One place where people discussed it was on the Minecraft Forums, where it was discovered that the tabs at the top of the change list, which were partly covered, could be decoded based on the one pixel tall pattern available in the image.[1]
After a user named "tmcaffeine" successfully decoded the image, the tabs read:, changelist.txt,,, HugeMushroomTile.jav(a?), HugeMushroomFeature.(java?), RandomLevelSource(cut).[2]
This led people to believe that huge mushrooms would be added, and indeed, later on Notch revealed a screenshot on Google+ in which two huge mushrooms could be seen as well as an NPC Village.
1.8 1.8-pre1 Huge mushrooms were added
They did not generate naturally, but could be planted by the player by using Bone Meal on a red or brown Mushroom planted on grass or dirt.
Official release
1.0.0 The mushroom island biome was added, which naturally spawns huge mushrooms.
1.2.1 The various mushroom block types are dropped when mined with a pickaxe enchanted with silk touch.
1.2.3 Different mushroom cap types could be created in survival by using the block damage changer exploit with any huge mushroom block as the default block.
1.2.4 The aforementioned bug was fixed.
1.5 The various mushroom block types are no longer dropped when mined with a pickaxe enchanted with silk touch.
1.7.2 The Roofed Forest biome was added, which naturally spawns huge mushrooms.
1.8 14w25a When harvested with Silk Touch enchantment they drop blocks with corresponding mushroom texture (red or brown) on all sides rather than the one with spores.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.9.0 build 1 Added huge mushrooms, as well as roofed forest biomes which naturally spawn huge mushrooms.
Added Full Stem, Full Cap and Full Pores blocks to the Creative Inventory.
Console Edition
TU5 Added huge mushrooms.


The pores that are on the top and bottom of stalk blocks, and under cap blocks, also appear on any of the other sides of cap blocks not facing the air when they spawn.
  • If farming giant mushrooms indoors, use a 9x9x8 space, since torches on walls block mushrooms and the extra space is needed. Alternately, use a 7x7x8 space and put torches in a one-block deep niche set into each wall.
  • If bonemeal is used to grow a huge mushroom, it can grow where the player is standing, causing the player to take suffocation damage.
  • The huge mushroom can be used as an emergency shelter. If a player has bonemeal and a mushroom, they can grow one instantly and sleep inside it after blocking off the bottom, surrounding area. This makes bonemeal and mushrooms ideal to have for adventures away from home.
  • The Huge Mushroom can be used in a Furnace, giving time for smelting 1.5 items like the wood.