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Golden Apple



Golden Apple
4 (Hunger.svgHunger.svg)


II (0:05)
Enchanted Golden Apple
4 (Hunger.svgHunger.svg)


V (0:30)

Fire Resistance




Yes (64)

First appearances

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Data values
Golden Apple
dec: 3220 hex: 1420 bin: 1010000100
Enchanted Golden Apple
dec: 3221 hex: 1421 bin: 1010000101


The golden apple is a special food item that can be eaten by the player.

Enchanted golden apples (sometimes known as notch apples) are a variant of golden apples that require more materials to obtain, but have stronger effects.



Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Golden Apple

Gold Ingot +

Enchanted Golden Apple

Block of Gold +

Natural generation

Golden apples (normal) can be found in 2.5% of stronghold altar chests, and 7.2% of dungeon chests, all in stacks of 1.


See also: Hunger management

To eat a golden apple, press and hold use while it is selected in the hotbar. Both restore 4 (Hunger.svgHunger.svg) points of hunger and 9.6 hunger saturation.

The regular golden apple provides absorption for 2 minutes (providing 4 (Absorption Heart.svgAbsorption Heart.svg) points of absorption health) and regeneration II for 5 seconds (long enough to heal 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) points of damage). The enchanted golden apple provides absorption for 2 minutes, regeneration V (1 (Half Heart.svg) every 3 ticks, Heart.svg × 3⅓ per second) for 30 seconds, fire resistance for 5 minutes and resistance (20% reduced damage from all sources except the Void) for 5 minutes.

Golden apples can be eaten even when the player's hunger bar is full.

A total of 200 (Heart.svg × 100) health points can be restored by eating an enchanted golden apple. The healing speed is enough to endure nearly any damage except from the Void.

Curing zombie villagers

A regular golden apple can be used to convert a zombie villager into a villager.


Both types of golden apples can be used to improve the chances of taming a horse by 10%, for breeding horses and for speeding up the growth of baby horses by 4 minutes.

Crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description

Black Mojang Charge Banner

Enchanted Golden Apple +

Emblazons a black Mojang charge (Mojang logo)

Dyed Mojang Charge Banner

Enchanted Golden Apple +
Any Dye +

Emblazons a dyed Mojang charge (Mojang logo)

Data values

Golden apples have the ID minecraft:golden_apple (322) and are further defined by their damage value.

DV Description

0 Golden Apple

1 Enchanted Golden Apple


Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different) Version restriction Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Overpowered Build a Notch apple Getting an Upgrade Pick up an enchanted golden apple from a crafting table output. PC N/A N/A



? A player named JTE put a crafting recipe for golden apples as a joke at the bottom of a crafting guide he made. The recipe used gold ingots instead of gold blocks, like the golden apple recipe introduced in 1.6.[1]
February 27, 2010 Golden apples added. They healed a full 20 (Heart.svg × 10) health points, making them the single best food in the entire game, despite being not yet obtainable.
Seecret Friday 2 Golden apples can now be rarely found in dungeons.
1.8 Golden apples can now be crafted, with an apple and eight blocks of gold.
Due to the addition of hunger, golden apples were changed so that they restored 10 (Hunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svg) instead of 20 (Heart.svg × 10) health points, but also gave Regeneration for 30 seconds.
Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre2 Golden apples gained a purple glow when viewed from the player's inventory, and its tooltip was changed from the standard white to a magenta color.
1.1 11w48a Golden apples became easier to craft. Standard apples became able to very rarely drop from oak leaves, meaning that players no longer have to venture into strongholds/dungeons to find one. This caused the golden apple to decrease in value but also made them easier to obtain.
? Golden apples were changed so that they restored 4 (Hunger.svgHunger.svg) and only gave 4 seconds of Regeneration. Their crafting recipe was also modified, requiring 8 gold nuggets instead of 8 blocks of gold to craft. Although its natural spawn is rare, it is easier to obtain through crafting.
1.3.1 12w21a Added enchanted golden apples. Highly resembling the golden apple prior to 1.1, it has Regeneration IV (30 seconds), Resistance (5 minutes), and Fire Resistance (5 minutes). Crafted with 8 blocks of gold, it shines like an enchanted item and has a purple tooltip instead of the standard golden apple's blue one. The standard golden apple remained unchanged.
1.4.2 12w32a Golden apples can be fed to a zombie villager with the Weakness debuff causing them to revert to villagers after a delay of about 3 minutes.
1.6.1 13w23a Normal golden apples use 8 gold ingots instead of 8 gold nuggets, and the Regeneration effect was slowed down.
13w23b Normal golden apples give the player Health Boost for 1:30 and Regeneration II for 0:10. This temporarily gives the player 4 extra base health points, and it heals a total of 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) health points.
13w24b The Health Boost effect was replaced with Absorption, lasting 1:30. Enchanted golden apples gave the player Absorption as well, and Regeneration IV was increased to Regeneration V.
? Absorption now lasts 2:00.
1.8 14w06a Crafting an enchanted golden apple will give you the achievement "Overpowered".
Upcoming Pocket Edition
0.12.1 build 1 Added golden apples and enchanted golden apples.
build 3 Added golden apple crafting recipe.
build 4 Added enchanted golden apple crafting recipe.
Console Edition
TU1 Added golden apples.
TU5 Due to the addition of hunger, golden apples were changed so that they restored 10 (Hunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svgHunger.svg) instead of 20 (Heart.svg × 10) health points, but also gave Regeneration for 30 seconds.
TU14 Added enchanted golden apples.
TU19 Gives extra "absorption" health for a short period


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