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Fishing Rod
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Per catch: 1–3

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Data value

dec: 346 hex: 15A bin: 101011010



Fishing Rods are tools that are mainly used for obtaining fish.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

A fishing rod can be crafted from three sticks and two pieces of string in a fishing rod position. This makes fishing rods a renewable resource.

Ingredients Crafting recipe Description

Stick +

Damaged Fishing Rod

The durability of the two fishing rods is added together, plus an extra 5% durability.

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Enchanted fishing rods can be obtained as a "treasure" item from fishing, and unenchanted ones as a "junk" item.

Trading[edit | edit source]

Fisherman villagers sell one enchanted fishing rod for 7–8 emeralds as their second tier trade. The enchantments will be the same as might be obtained from an enchantment table at levels 5–19.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Fishing[edit | edit source]

The fishing rod's main use is for fishing. Catching an item costs 1 durability, reeling in while the hook is on the ground costs 2 durability, and reeling in while in water does not reduce durability.

Crafting ingredient[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description

Carrot on a Stick

Fishing Rod +

The fishing rod must not be damaged to craft the carrot on a stick.

Hooking mobs and other entities[edit | edit source]

The fishing rod can be used to hook mobs and some entities, but not players. The fishing rod can then be reeled in, which drags them towards the player at a fast rate. This deals no damage. Reeling in while hooked to a mob or entity will cost 5 points of durability.

In 1.10[upcoming], the fishing rod can hook items, and reeling in an item will cost 3 points of durability.

Besides mobs, the entities that can be hooked and reeled in are boats, minecarts of any type, armor stands, shulker bullets, ghast fireballs or shot fire charges, primed TNT, and any falling block such as sand, gravel, dragon eggs or anvils.

Some entities can be hooked, but cannot be reeled in: mobs riding / being ridden by other mobs, paintings, item frames, leash knots or end crystals. Shulkers also can be hooked but not reeled in. It still costs durability to the rod if reeling in is attempted.

The rest of the entities cannot be hooked at all: thrown eggs, snowballs, eyes of ender, ender pearls, potions or bottles o' enchanting, dragon fireballs, wither skulls, fireworks rockets or arrows in flight, area effect clouds, items or xp orbs.

Use on a villager will lower the player's popularity and cause any naturally-spawned iron golem nearby to attack.

In Pocket Edition, hooking an entity mounted on another entity will break the connection between the rider and its ride.

Other usage[edit | edit source]

The hook can also be used to activate wooden pressure plates or weighted pressure plates.

Enchantments[edit | edit source]

A fishing rod can receive the following enchantments:

  1. Only available using enchanted books and an anvil

Video[edit | edit source]

Note: This video is outdated. It does not mention catching an enchanted book

History[edit | edit source]

1.1.1 Fishing rods were added. They had no function and were stackable.
1.2.0 Fishing rods were updated to be able to catch fish from any body of water.
1.6 Fishing rods are no longer stackable, stacking rods would allow the players to change the damage values of any rods stacked to the first rod. This could be exploited to have fishing rods that lasted forever.
There has been a sprite for the fishing rod without the line in items.png, it was unused.
1.7 The sprite is now used when the bobber has been cast to show that it is no longer on the rod. Before this update, the stick texture was used for this purpose.
Sound Update Fishing rod cast sound was changed.
Official release
1.0.0 Added sounds for fishing rods.
1.3.1 12w17a Fishing rods now have infinite durability in creative mode.
1.4.2 12w36a Added carrot on a stick, which can be crafted using a fishing rod and carrot.
12w37a Fishing now gives the player XP with each fish caught.
1.4.6 12w49a Fishing rods can now be enchanted with unbreaking using enchanted books.
1.7.2 13w36a Fishing rods have 2 new enchantments: lure and luck of the sea, and can now also be enchanted in an enchantment table.
Enchanted fishing rods can now be obtained as a "treasure" item from fishing, and unenchanted ones as a "junk" item.
1.9 15w31a Cast fishing rods now look cast in the hotbar/inventory.
15w32a No longer damage the ender dragon.
15w36a Fishing rods now properly hook entities.
Reeling in while hooked to a non-item entity now costs 5 durability (was 3).
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.11.0 build 1 Added fishing rods.
build 8 If an entity is mounted on another entity, hooking it will now break the connection with it's ride.
build 11 Fishing rods are now functional in third person view.
0.12.1 build 12 Fishing rods now makes a less repetitive sounds.
Console Edition
TU1 CU1 1.0 Patch 1 Added fishing rods.

Issues[edit | edit source]

Issues relating to “Fishing Rod” are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The maximum distance you can get between the bobber and yourself is 33 blocks.
  • Skeletons can be pulled into their own arrows.
  • When casting the rod into a portal, the bobber may stick to it like a normal block, go through and travel in the nether, or stop on the next block behind the portal.
  • If you stand directly in front of a column and cast your line onto a block above you, the line will fall downwards.
  • If the bobber hits a painting, the painting will break.
  • If you cast the line into an End Portal, the line and bobber will disappear.
  • The player can get into bed after casting a line, and the line will remain in the water till the player wakes up and reels it in.
  • If the player has not yet gotten the Cow Tipper achievement and catches a piece of leather with a fishing rod, said achievement will be granted.
  • The fishing rod's bobber entity is named "unknown."
  • The fishing rod's bobber has a 3D model in Pocket Edition.

Gallery[edit | edit source]