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[edit]Ender Pearl
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Ender Pearl

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Yes (16)

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Beta 1.8

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dec: 368 hex: 170 bin: 101110000



An Ender Pearl is an item that is dropped by Endermen upon death.


Throwing an Ender Pearl by right clicking will cause the user to teleport to its impact location, consuming the Ender Pearl, and dealing 5 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg) damage to the user. Wearing enchanted armor with Feather Falling or Protection reduces the amount of damage taken. If the player doesn't have enough health, the player dies after teleporting. Ender Pearls do not function in creative mode.

Ender Pearls are useful to teleport to hard-to-reach locations, such as up/down/across ravines or cliffs. (When teleporting downward, the key distance is 8 blocks -- if you're further up than that, the pearl will do less damage than jumping down would.) They are also useful to escape death, such as if the player is trapped by a group of mobs or if the player accidentally falls in a pit of lava. The optimal throwing angle for horizontal speed is 32.2 degrees teleporting you 51 blocks in 3.6 seconds (14.166666...m/s). The throwing power is approximately 16.656 m/s in the direction of which the Ender Pearl was thrown

Ender Pearls are necessary to craft Eyes of Ender, which are used to locate strongholds and activate End Portals. Therefore, Ender Pearls are crucial to reach The End unless you trade with villagers for Eyes of Ender.

Ender Pearls can also be used for unique entrances. With enough Ender Pearls, a player can place Lava in an entrance, and proceed to throw Ender Pearls through the lava so as to teleport to the other side. This is effective as thrown Ender Pearls are one of the few entities that do not burn while passing through Lava.

As a crafting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Eye of Ender

Blaze Powder +
Ender Pearl

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Eye of Ender
Blaze Powder Ender Pearl

Grid layout Shapeless.png



1.8 Added Ender Pearls along with Endermen. Ender Pearls have no use.
Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre1 Ender Pearls are now less commonly found near bodies of water since Endermen now teleport away when in contact with water. Before this version, Endermen didn't attempt to teleport and were damaged/killed from water much more frequently, causing numerous Ender Pearls to occur around bodies of water.
Later, on a suggestion from isJesus, Notch implemented the teleporting feature for Ender Pearls.[1][2][3]
Beta 1.9-pre2 Added teleporting feature to Ender Pearl.
Using an Ender Pearl to teleport resulted in being kicked from servers for "hacking". This is due to a check triggering that was supposed to prevent modified clients from moving too quickly.
Beta 1.9-pre3 Ender Pearls are now used to craft Eyes of Ender.
1.8 14w11b Ender Pearls have a 5% chance to spawn Endermites when used.
Console Edition
TU5 Added ender pearls.
TU7 Added teleporting feature to ender pearls.


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  • Ender Pearls can be used to teleport/move through non-solid blocks by pressing against the blocks and using the Ender Pearl at the player's feet until the player goes through.[4]
  • Protection and Feather Falling enchantments both reduce falling damage taken from the Ender Pearl. With enough protection and enough pearls, one could travel a long distance very quickly.
  • It is possible to spawn a thrown Ender Pearl with the ID 14, but it does not teleport. This will only display the Ender Pearl sprite and disappear instantly.
  • If the player throws an Ender Pearl and then dies before impact, the player does not teleport after respawning, nor does the player take fall damage from the pearl.
  • If the player throws an Ender Pearl in survival mode and changes to creative mode before the pearl lands, the player is still teleported.
  • The player is teleported if they throw an Ender Pearl and enter the Nether before it lands. The pearl is not lost if an Ender Pearl is thrown into a Nether Portal and the player travels through the portal,the pearl will appear and land and teleport the player as if you had just thrown it .
  • Ender Pearls can travel about 30 meters when thrown straight up and about 50 meters forward when thrown in a 45° angle.
  • Ender Pearls collide with vines, tall grass, Dead Bushes, Ferns, Flowers, all kinds of Saplings, all kinds of Mushrooms, all kinds of Minecarts, Boats, and Nether Portals.
  • If multiple Ender Pearls are thrown in succession, the player can only be hurt once from fall damage within about a one second span.
  • If a player dies from Ender Pearl teleportation, it will say: "<player> hit the ground too hard".



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