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The "End Poem" is a text-based message written by Julian Gough[1] that appears after the player travels to the End and kills the Ender Dragon, "beating" Minecraft. Upon the Ender Dragon's death, an End Portal is generated, allowing the player to travel back to the Overworld safely. Every time you go through the portal, you will see the End Poem. The poem can be skipped by pressing escape (the poem is about 10 minutes long, so you may want to do this).

Notch has stated that Gough's short story The iHole convinced him that Gough was the right person to write the End Poem.[2]

[edit] Trivia

  • The scrambled words are made up of capital Xs with the §k modifier removed.
  • The Final Line of the Poem, "Wake Up.", may be a reference to the creepypasta of the same name, and/or Herobrine's association with the quote.

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