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Elytra (pronunciation: [ˈɛl ɪ trə] el-i-trə)[1] are an item that allows the player to glide. Elytra are grey in color unless the player is wearing a cape, in which case the elytra will adopt the cape's design.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Natural generation[edit | edit source]

Elytra are found in end cities. One pair of elytra is found within an item frame in each end ship.

Repairing[edit | edit source]

Ingredients Crafting recipe Description

Damaged Elytra

The durability of the two elytra is added together, plus an extra 5% durability.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Flight[edit | edit source]

Elytra are equipped in the chestplate slot. They can either be placed directly in the slot, or be equipped using a dispenser.

To initiate flying, the player must jump in midair. From there, direction is controlled by looking left or right, and the flying speed and rate of descent is controlled by looking up or down. Looking upwards while gliding temporarily increases the player's altitude, however doing this for too long stalls the player, causing it to descend at a faster rate (indicated by the player moving their limbs).

Elytra allow the player to travel 10 blocks horizontally for each block fallen when flying at a constant 0° pitch, not including the initial fall, resulting in a best constant glide angle of about 5.7°. The maximum flight time is obtained with a pitch of about 14° up. The maximum terminal horizontal velocity is approximately 67.5 m/s and is obtained with a pitch of about 52° down.[2]

Durability decreases by one point each second when flying. Elytra have 431 durability, resulting in 7 minutes and 11 seconds of flight. It is possible to apply the Unbreaking enchantment using an anvil and an enchanted book, which affects the Elytra in the same way that enchantment affects tools, increasing flight time to about 10 seconds of flight per point of durability for an unbreaking 3 elytra. Low server tick will also increase this if the chunks are being created too fast for the computer to keep up.

The player will not take fall damage while the elytra are equipped unless hitting the ground or a wall at an excessive velocity, which can be caused by nose-diving or stalling. Fall damage will then be a result of the height fallen during the nose-dive or stall.

A player gliding with elytra has a shorter hitbox than usual: 0.6 blocks in height rather than 1.8 blocks.

Repair[edit | edit source]

Elytra when broken

When durability reaches 1, elytra will no longer work until they are repaired, and cannot lose more durability. These “broken” elytra have a different, tattered item texture, though they do not appear differently on the player. They may be repaired either by crafting two together or in an anvil, using leather: each piece of leather will repair the elytra by 108 durability, therefore requiring 4 leather to fully repair.

Enchantments[edit | edit source]

Elytra can receive the following enchantments in survival, but only through an anvil:

History[edit | edit source]

Official release
1.9 October 5, 2015 Tommaso Checchi tweets that Jeb is working on a secret feature for Minecraft PC, saying that "it's like Mario 64."
October 6, 2015 Jeb tweets an animated gif revealing a player gliding around an end city. Elytra have a dragon-wing texture.
Jeb tweets an image of folded wings, which replace the cape the player is wearing.
Jeb tweets another animated gif of his character with Mojang-themed elytra, gliding along a river through a taiga forest.
15w41a Added elytra.
15w42a Elytra now spread slightly when the player crouches.
The player can now take damage from gliding into walls, and crashing into a wall now has its own death message.
The player can now fit through 1-block gaps while gliding.
The player is no longer able to go higher than the starting point of the glide.
15w43a The player's point of view now gets shifted while gliding.
16w06a Elytra now recognize the player's cape and adopt a different elytra cape design for every official cape (see Gallery). In addition, Jeb is working on a feature that will allow players to change the elytra design like regular player skins.
16w07a Elytra are now activated by jumping mid-air. The player no longer glides automatically when falling.
The cape option in the options menu now also disables custom elytra textures.

Issues[edit | edit source]

Issues relating to “Elytra” are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In real life, elytra are the tough forewings of beetles and earwigs that cover the wings they actually use for flight. Elytra are not actually used for flight in real life.
  • It is possible to jump 1.5 blocks while wearing elytra. If the player sprints at the wall and rapidly presses jump, the player activates the elytra, and swoops up to land on top of the wall, even though the player cannot normally jump it.
  • Elytra can be equipped onto mobs using commands, although for some it doesn't work. Most mobs will follow one of three different flight paths (which they cannot control) before landing, at which they will regain their AI.
    • Exceptions to this are squids and chickens, as the squid's AI will cause it to try and "swim" in midair, making it fall straight down because it conflicts with the elytra mechanics. Since chickens fall slowly, they will only move so far.
    • Tamed wolves and ocelots which are not sitting will not teleport until they hit the ground. This also goes for Endermen.

References[edit | edit source]