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Diamonds are one of the rarest materials in Minecraft.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Natural generation[edit | edit source]

Diamonds can be found in 7.4% of stronghold altar chests, 22.0% of nether fortress chests, 16.3% of village blacksmith chests, 15.5% of desert and jungle temple chests, all in stacks of 1–3, in 15.8% of chest minecarts in abandoned mine shafts, in stacks of 1–2, and in 21.5% of End city chests, in stacks of 2–7.

Mining[edit | edit source]

See also: Tutorials/Diamonds

Diamond ore mined using an iron or diamond pickaxe will drop a single diamond. If the pickaxe is enchanted with Fortune, it can drop an extra diamond per level of fortune, allowing for a maximum of 4 with Fortune III. If the ore is mined using a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch, it will drop itself rather than a diamond.

A nether reactor core will drop 3 diamonds when mined in Pocket Edition 0.12.[upcoming]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Block of Diamond


Smelting[edit | edit source]

Ingredients Smelting recipe

Diamond Ore +
Any fuel

Usage[edit | edit source]

Diamonds are used to craft the most durable tier of tools and armor.

Crafting ingredient[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description

Block of Diamond


Diamond Hoe

Diamond +

Diamond Boots


Diamond Leggings


Any Firework Star

Gunpowder +
Any Dye +

Up to eight dyes can be added.
Up to one of any head, a gold nugget, a feather, or a fire charge can be added.
Both the diamond and the glowstone dust can be added with any of the other ingredients.

Diamond Axe

Diamond +

Diamond Helmet


Diamond Shovel

Stick +

Nether Reactor Core

Iron Ingot +

Pocket Edition only.

Diamond Sword

Diamond +

Diamond Chestplate



Any Wood Planks +

Diamond Pickaxe

Diamond +

Enchantment Table

Obsidian +
Diamond +

Trading[edit | edit source]

Villager armorers, tool smiths and weapon smiths buy 3-4 diamonds for one emerald as part of their third tier trades.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different) Version restriction Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
DIAMONDS! Acquire diamonds with your iron tools Acquire Hardware Pick up a diamond from the ground. All except PE 20G Gold
Diamonds to you! Throw diamonds at another player. DIAMONDS! Drop a diamond. Another player or a mob must then pick up this diamond. PC Xbox, PS4 and Windows 10 15G Bronze

Video[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

0.31 January 29, 2010 Added diamonds. Initially, they were referred to as emeralds.
January 30, 2010 Emeralds from the previous version are now referred to as diamonds.
Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre2 Diamond ore could still be smelted into diamond gems, even though there was no silk touch or any way to pick up the ore without mods.
1.3.1 12w21a Diamonds can now be traded for 1 emerald. It is usually seen as a useless trade because renewable things like wheat and wool can be traded for emeralds. For amount of diamonds to emeralds see trading
12w21b Diamond was changed in the game code from emerald to diamond, due to actual emeralds being added. Diamond's original name during Indev, as stated above, was emerald in the code, and was kept this way until this snapshot.
1.4.6 12w49a Diamonds can be used to craft a firework star with a trail.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.3.2 Diamonds can now be collected and crafted into tools.
0.5.0 Diamonds can now be used to craft a nether reactor core.
Console Edition
TU1 Added diamonds.

Issues[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Diamonds are a well-known item because they are one of the most shown things on merchandise.
  • In real life, diamond is very fragile in certain directions, so it is not a good material for tools or armor, except for cutting other materials.