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This page contains content that is no longer in the game.
These features only exist in outdated versions of Minecraft.
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A garden composed of mushrooms, flowers and a sapling.

Decoration Blocks are 2D sprites intersecting perpendicularly which generated in Classic worlds. The varieties were saplings, flowers, and mushrooms, which are different to their counterparts today.


Brown and red mushrooms were found in caves in groups of 7+. If a mushroom was exposed directly to sunlight the mushroom would disappear after a few seconds, mushrooms will only stay if they are not in direct sunlight.


The sapling had a similar texture to the oak sapling texture. If the sapling was exposed directly to the sunlight after a short while the sapling would grow into a tree, the tree that is grown is always a small tree which is usually 3-5 wooden log blocks tall.


Red and yellow flowers were found in groups of 13-30 scattered around the terrain in classic. Flowers could be placed in both direct sunlight and in shade but flowers only naturally generated in sunlight. Flowers could only be placed on dirt and grass.


Decorations served another purpose which was to stop liquids from flowing which made them useful to make doors in lava survival worlds.