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This page contains content that is no longer in the game.
These features only exist in outdated versions of Minecraft.

These values apply to blocks placed in the world in Minecraft Classic. Since versions since Minecraft Classic have drastically increased the number of blocks, and removed or re-used Block IDs, Minecraft Classic has its own list. Items with IDs in light blue cannot be legitimately obtained in the player's inventory in the game; they can only be obtained by "hacking" (such as the use of Game cheat codes).

Block IDs[edit | edit source]

Icon Dec Hex Block
0 0 Air
Stone-Pre Beta 1.9pre5.png 1 1 minecraft:stone Stone
GrassAlpha.png 2 2 minecraft:grass_block Grass Block
Dirt-Pre Beta 1.9pre5.png 3 3 minecraft:dirt Dirt
Cobblestone-Classic.png 4 4 minecraft:cobblestone Cobblestone
Wooden PlankBeta.png 5 5 minecraft:wood_planks Wood Planks
Sapling.png 6 6 minecraft:sapling Sapling
Bedrock.png 7 7 minecraft:bedrock Bedrock
Water.png 8 8 minecraft:water Flowing Water
Water.png 9 9 minecraft:water Stationary Water
Lava.png 10 A minecraft:lava Flowing Lava
Lava.png 11 B minecraft:lava Stationary Lava
Sand before 1.9-pre6.png 12 C minecraft:sand Sand
Gravel-Pre Beta 1.9pre5.png 13 D minecraft:gravel Gravel
Old Gold Ore.png 14 E minecraft:gold_ore Gold Ore
Iron Ore.png 15 F minecraft:iron_ore Iron Ore
Coal Ore.png 16 10 minecraft:coal_ore Coal Ore
Icon Dec Hex Name Block
Oak Wood.png 17 11 minecraft:wood Wood
LeavesAlpha.png 18 12 minecraft:leaves Leaves
Sponge (Indev).png 19 13 minecraft:sponge Sponge
Glass.png 20 14 minecraft:glass Glass
Red Cloth-Classic.png 21 15 minecraft:cloth Red Cloth
Orange Cloth-Classic.png 22 16 minecraft:cloth Orange Cloth
Yellow Cloth-Classic.png 23 17 minecraft:cloth Yellow Cloth
Lime Cloth-Classic.png 24 18 minecraft:cloth Lime Cloth
Green Cloth-Classic.png 25 19 minecraft:cloth Green Cloth
Aqua Green Cloth-Classic.png 26 1A minecraft:cloth Aqua Green Cloth
Cyan Cloth-Classic.png 27 1B minecraft:cloth Cyan Cloth
Blue Cloth-Classic.png 28 1C minecraft:cloth Blue Cloth
Purple Cloth-Classic.png 29 1D minecraft:cloth Purple Cloth
Indigo Cloth-Classic.png 30 1E minecraft:cloth Indigo Cloth
Violet Cloth-Classic.png 31 1F minecraft:cloth Violet Cloth
Magenta Cloth-Classic.png 32 20 minecraft:cloth Magenta Cloth
Pink Cloth-Classic.png 33 21 minecraft:cloth Pink Cloth
Icon Dec Hex Name Block
Black Cloth-Classic.png 34 22 minecraft:cloth Black Cloth
Grey Cloth-Classic.png 35 23 minecraft:cloth Gray Cloth
White Wool.png 36 24 minecraft:cloth White Cloth
Dandelion.png 37 25 minecraft:dandelion Dandelion
Rose.png 38 26 minecraft:rose Rose
Brown Mushroom.png 39 27 minecraft:brown_mushroom Brown Mushroom
Red Mushroom.png 40 28 minecraft:red_mushroom Red Mushroom
Gold (Block)-Pre Alpha 1.2.0.png 41 29 minecraft:block_of_gold Block of Gold
Iron (Block)-Pre Alpha 1.2.0.png 42 2A minecraft:block_of_iron Block of Iron
Double Stone Slab.png 43 2B minecraft:slab Double Slab
Stone Slab.png 44 2C minecraft:slab Slab
Brick (Block)-Pre Alpha 1.0.11.png 45 2D minecraft:brick Brick
TNT.png 46 2E minecraft:tnt TNT
Bookshelf.png 47 2F minecraft:bookshelf Bookshelf
Moss Stone-Pre Beta 1.8.png 48 30 minecraft:moss_stone Moss Stone
Obsidian.png 49 31 minecraft:obsidian Obsidian