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Custom servers
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A member of the Vexillum Gaming Community asked Scaream to develop a sports based Classic Mod. Scaream first rejected that project but later got interested and started development. This mod is a based off MCLawl and OpenCraft

BasketBall Mod[edit]

The BasketBall mod was first suggested by KG_Bro on the Vexillum Gaming Forums It is based on the OpenCraft CTF Mod, created by Jacob_ (older version by noxyryan but is not public).


  • Multiworld Support
  • Various of commands
  • Staff
  • Several Achievements
  • More!


Staff Ranks[edit]

  • Operator - Super Trusted Members who have the responsibility to administrate the server
  • Moderator - Trusted Members who watch and make sure everything is going fine.
  • Developer - Developer for the server

User Ranks[edit]

  • Newbie - Starting off, playing the game smooth.
  • Reg/Regular - A player who has been on the server for some time
  • Super Reg - A person who has been playing for a long time
  • BasketBallGod - A person who has been playing for a very long time and has shown his responsibility, he/she is also very good at the game.

User Commands[edit]

  • /s shoot the ball
  • /help - access the help menu
  • /about - About the software
  • /pass - pass the ball to someone, costs 100 points
  • /stats - Show's your stats(How many games played... points.. etc.)
  • /store - Access the in-game store
  • /maps - Access the map list

More commands will be added in future versions

More Info[edit]

Scaream has planned this mod to be split into four separate mods, BasketBall, Soccer, Football and Hockey. Once the BasketBall Mod is done, he shall continue this project/ abandon it to code something else.


Download will be available when Scaream decides to release it to the public. It is currently only going to be available for Vexillum Gaming.


The BasketBall Mod was first suggested by a user from the Vexillum Gaming Forums at the end of 2011. Scaream was not very interested at the start but then he got interested in it again and started development. Development was first started in late February 2012, and will be continued until it is finished or until Scaream decides to abandon it.