Cocoa Beans

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Cocoa Beans
Cocoa Beans

Wool dyes


3 (Data)




Yes (64)

First appearance

Beta 1.2

Data value

dec: 3513 hex: 15F3 bin: 1010111113


dye 3

Cocoa Beans are a primary color dye and food ingredient. They can be found as cocoa pods, which grow on the side of small jungle trees.


[edit] Obtaining

On Minecraft Pocket Edition, cocoa beans are obtained through crafting. On other versions, they are obtained through farming.

[edit] Farming

Cocoa beans come from cocoa pods, which are found naturally in jungle biomes. Placing a cocoa bean on the side of a jungle wood log will plant a new cocoa pod. (The log does not need to be attached to a tree).

Cocoa has three stages of growth. During its first, the pod is small and green. In the second stage, the plant is bigger and colored tan. In its last stage, the pod is even bigger, and orange-brown. When destroyed in the first two stages, the pod will yield only one cocoa bean. When destroyed in the third stage, it will give two or three cocoa beans. Bone meal can be used to force the cocoa pod forward 1 stage of growth. Cocoa pods will "pop" and drop their beans when struck by flowing water, pushed by a piston, or if their log is removed by any means.

[edit] Crafting

As of 0.8.0 version of the Pocket Edition, cocoa beans are crafted with an ink sac even though they are unobtainable in survival.

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Orange Dye +
Ink Sac

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cocoa Beans
Orange Dye Ink Sac

[edit] Usage

Like all other dyes, Cocoa Beans can be:

[edit] As a crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe


Wheat +
Cocoa Beans

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cookie8
Wheat Cocoa Beans Wheat

Brown Firework Star

Gunpowder +
Cocoa Beans +
Diamond or
Glowstone Dust or
Head or
Gold Nugget or
Feather or
Fire Charge

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Brown Firework Star
Gunpowder Cocoa Beans

DiamondGlowstone DustHeadGold NuggetFeatherFire Charge

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Brown Stained Clay

Hardened Clay +
Cocoa Beans

Hardened Clay Hardened Clay Hardened Clay Grid layout Arrow (small).png Brown Stained Clay8
Hardened Clay Cocoa Beans Hardened Clay
Hardened Clay Hardened Clay Hardened Clay

Brown Stained Glass

Cocoa Beans +

Glass Glass Glass Grid layout Arrow (small).png Brown Stained Glass8
Glass Cocoa Beans Glass
Glass Glass Glass

Brown Wool

White Wool +
Cocoa Beans

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Brown Wool
White Wool Cocoa Beans

Grid layout Shapeless.png

[edit] Data values

Data value Description
Dec Hex Bin

0 0 0 Ink Sac

1 1 1 Rose Red

2 2 10 Cactus Green

3 3 11 Cocoa Beans

4 4 100 Lapis Lazuli

5 5 101 Purple Dye

6 6 110 Cyan Dye

7 7 111 Light Gray Dye

8 8 1000 Gray Dye

9 9 1001 Pink Dye

10 A 1010 Lime Dye

11 B 1011 Dandelion Yellow

12 C 1100 Light Blue Dye

13 D 1101 Magenta Dye

14 E 1110 Orange Dye

15 F 1111 Bone Meal

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[edit] History

1.2 Cocoa beans were initially introduced, but were only obtainable through an inventory editor.
1.4 Cocoa beans were formally brought into the game as a reward found in dungeon chests.[1] (53% chance) Also as of Beta 1.4, brown sheep naturally spawn which made obtaining brown wool easier.
Official release
1.3.1 12w16a Cocoa beans are obtainable in bonus chests.
12w18a Cocoa beans have a small (0.5%) chance of dropping from destroyed jungle tree leaves in a similar fashion to Apples, making cocoa beans a renewable source of material for the first time.
12w19a Leaves no longer drop cocoa beans. But Cocoa Pods are introduced and provide an additional way of obtaining them.
Texture changed from Cocoa Beans - Pre 12w19a.png to BrownDye.png.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.8.0 Added cocoa beans (crafted from orange dye and ink sack).

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