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Cocoa Beans

Solid, plants







Blast resistance





This block can be broken with any tool, but an axe is the quickest




Yes, 64



First appearance

1.3.1 (12w19a)


Cocoa Beans
Cocoa Beans
(fully grown)

Data value

dec: 127 hex: 7F bin: 1111111



Cocoa Pods are fruits found naturally on the trunk of normal-sized Jungle Trees. Cocoa Pods are a renewable resource, as they grow on and can be planted on a Jungle Log using Cocoa Beans. The player can harvest Cocoa Beans from the fruits, which can be used in further reproduction of Cocoa Pods, as a brown dye, or for Cookies. When harvested, Cocoa Pods will briefly flash red before disappearing and dropping cocoa beans (the amount of beans dropped varies depending on the cocoa pod's stage of growth. See below for the amount of cocoa beans each stage of pod growth yields).


The player is able to plant Cocoa Beans on the logs of Jungle Trees. The Cocoa Pod has three stages of growth. During its first, the pod is small and green. In the second stage, the pod is bigger and colored tan. In its last stage, the pod is even bigger and orange. When destroyed in the first two stages, the pod will only yield one Cocoa Bean. When destroyed in the third stage, it will give three Cocoa Beans. Bone meal can be used to immediately mature the Cocoa Pod to its last stage of growth, although since 13w04a it will only advance it one step. When Cocoa Beans grown on jungle tree logs are moved by a piston, they will become harvested. They will also become harvested when touched by water. Some players use a form of double farming making wheat farms like found in villages but instead of using oak wood they use jungle tree wood—This allows for wheat as well as cocoa bean farming.


  1. While one cocoa bean makes 8 cookies, cocoa pods drop three beans in their third stage, making up to 24 cookies from one pod.
  2. Cocoa pods grow extremely quickly, taking between several seconds and a couple of minutes to fully mature.
  3. Cocoa pods will grow normally in complete darkness, so if you have an underground farm and not enough torches at the moment you can still grow cocoa beans.
  4. Cocoa pods only need one block of jungle wood to grow on, so one block can farm up to four cocoa pods at once. Basically, cocoa farms can be as small as one block.
  5. Though cookies are not a superb food item, cocoa is easy to rapidly farm, providing more than enough cookies to replace other foods like meat. Like many inferior foods, there is also little waste when eating them while healing.(Note:You will also need a strong wheat farm in order to make cookies in mass quantities)
  6. While a stack of cookies may not last long, like Mushroom Stew, carrying the ingredients allows the creation of a large amount of food: one stack of Wheat and a half-stack of Cocoa Beans allows the crafting of 4 stacks of cookies. Wheat and Cocoa Beans are also easier to farm than Mushrooms.


  1. Cookies restore little hunger compared to other farmable food sources, as well as having a weak saturation level.
  2. Crafting cookies, and dyeing wool, sheep, carpets, hardened clay, and leather armor are the only uses for cocoa beans.
  3. They can only be grown on jungle wood (however, this isn't a problem if they were found there).
  4. Even though carrying the ingredients allow for a large amount of Cookies to be crafted on demand, it's still inferior to carrying Mushrooms for Mushroom Stew. It is also inferior to planting and carrying melons, as melons do not require replanting, making them easier to harvest than the ingredients for Cookies. Melons also do not require a crafting table to convert into Melon Slices (though they do have to be placed and broken), and Melon slices are a better food item.



Jeb revealed Cocoa Pods on May 8, 2012 with a screenshot.[1]

Official release
1.3.1 12w19a Added cocoa pods.
In Creative, using the pick block key on a cocoa pods would yield an item called "cocoa". It could be placed anywhere as small cocoa pods.
12w21a Fixed bug with using the pick block key on cocoa pods.
1.5 13w04a Bone meal only grows cocoa pods by one stage.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.9.0 build 1 Added cocoa pods.
Console Edition
TU12 Added cocoa pods.



  • Cocoa plants have a different hitbox for each size, however the top is always .25 blocks below the top of the wood it's on.
  • If a Cocoa Pod grows while the player is standing next to it, the player will not be pushed out and can move through it.
  • Player-created Jungle Trees do not generate with Cocoa Beans on them.
  • Cocoa Pods do not drop more Cocoa Beans if a tool enchanted with Fortune is used to destroy them.
  • Water can break Cocoa Pods if the water flows onto them. This also happens when the jungle wood block that the pods are attached to is removed by any means, including pistons.
  • With the use of external mods to place a Cocoa pod with data values 12-15, you can create dragon egg textured cocoa plants. This is caused by the way Minecraft chooses textures based on metadata, and similar effects can be achieved with wheat, pumpkin and melon stems. This can not be done with the normal /give command. It is also disabled after Minecraft 1.5.