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Partial (diffuses sunlight)



Blast resistance



This block can be broken with any tool, but a sword is the quickest; however it still takes double damageGrid Shears.png




Yes (64)





First appearance

Beta 1.5



Data value

dec: 30 hex: 1E bin: 11110



Cobwebs are blocks which cause slow movement. They are found in Abandoned Mine Shafts, especially dense near their Cave Spider spawners, and in Strongholds, especially in the libraries. Prior to 12w49a, it was impossible to obtain them legitimately in Survival. Now it is possible with shears enchanted with Silk Touch.


[edit] Effect

All mobs that move through cobweb will slow down, with the exceptions of spiders and cave spiders. Mobs falling through cobweb will take 13 seconds to move down by 1 block. Moving into a cobweb limits your movement abilities. When you are "inside" the cobweb, you will move at a speed equal to about 15% of the normal walking speed. Additionally, jumping will vibrate the player, akin to jumping in a 2 block high space. Dropping an item into it will make the item stick and gradually sink through it. Even falling blocks such as sand or gravel can be slowed down by cobweb. Like water, players falling into a cobweb will not take fall damage, meaning a fatal fall can be mitigated with cobwebs.

Along with affecting the mobs mobility, cobweb also provides a multitude of other effects:

  • Items thrown on the cobweb are also slowed and will fall down after about 24 seconds.
  • A block of Sand or Gravel which falls or is shot into a cobweb will slow down, then be destroyed and become a resource after about 4 seconds. Primed TNT seems to be not affected by this phenomenon, as it doesn't disappear and will eventually explode, destroying the cobweb.
  • Players are unaffected by cobwebs when in a minecart, except when the cobwebs are in the way of the cart. This allows creation of a mob-slowing tunnel that can be ridden through with ease, making safe rooms even safer.
  • A Minecart with no players in it takes about 9 seconds to fall through the cobweb if a Rail is placed directly under the cobweb, but if there is air between the cobweb and the Rail the Minecart takes about 34 seconds to fall through. Every extra cobweb added will give an additional 25 seconds of falling time.
  • A shot Arrow will pass through cobwebs without being slowed down.
  • Placing cobwebs on Ice will increase the slowing effect of the cobweb.
  • Cobwebs will slow the time of a player breaking blocks, similar to when in water.
  • Items that fall through a cobweb will not merge with other items thrown on the ground of the same type.
  • Mobs can spawn inside of cobwebs as if they were air.

[edit] Use in Redstone

2 cobwebs delay for around a minute

Cobwebs can be used in redstone as a delay, by using a dispenser or dropper to discharge an item into a tower of cobwebs above a pressure plate or hopper. This is very space efficient compared to other delay methods and can be easily adjusted for the amount of delay needed. It is also less demanding on the server, reducing lag for that region. As hoppers can take items from a little under a block above them, a small two cobweb tower takes about 5 seconds. Larger towers can use the formula (n-2)x25 + 5 for the seconds delay. Note that if you should have limited supplies of cobweb, the last cobweb, immediately above the hopper, is almost irrelevant, and the first cobweb (in front of the dispenser/dropper) is only worth 5 seconds. Using a pressure plate instead of a hopper adds an extra 10 seconds delay. It is also effectively irrelevant whether the delivery mechanism is discharging horizontally or vertically; a vertical discharge adds a fraction of a second extra delay.

They can also be used to reduce the amount of daylight that reaches a daylight sensor. Example: Make two chimneys with a daylight sensor at the bottom; one with a cobweb inside it and one with a cobweb above it. The one with the cobweb above it will be triggered first at dark and last at dawn. This effect is caused by the light mechanics. When it is placed inside it only reduces the light in one direction (from above) when it is placed above it reduces the light in five directions (from the sides and above).

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[edit] History

Notch originally planned for spiders to produce webs.[1]
Cobwebs were added to the terrain.png file some time during Classic, but had no block ID assigned.
1.5 Cobweb blocks were introduced, but did not occur in the world and could only be obtained with a third party mod or cheat.
At this point, before cobwebs occurred in the game, they would suffocate the player like solid blocks if entered.
1.8 New structures were introduced which included cobwebs: Abandoned Mine Shafts, especially dense near their cave spider spawners, and Strongholds, especially in the libraries.
Official release
1.2.1 12w06a Before this version, cobwebs did not completely absorb all the fall damage.
1.4.6 12w49a Cobwebs can be now obtained with the silk touch enchantment on shears.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.8.0 Cobwebs were added to the creative inventory.

[edit] Issues

Issues relating to "Cobweb" are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

[edit] Trivia

  • Ender pearls are "caught" by cobwebs, which makes them ideal for stopping players from teleporting over walls.
  • It takes exactly 8 seconds to get across a cobweb on top of Soul Sand with ice under, given that you had a running start and did not jump.
  • The slowest non-zero speed in Minecraft is achieved by placing lava and a cobweb on soul sand, then placing ice under the soul sand, and finally, walking through it with Sneak Mode activated, walking backward and blocking with a sword in a slowness potion effect amplified by 5 using the /effect command.
  • Cobweb blocks can be used as air pockets in the same manner as Sugar Cane.
  • Signs and Paintings can be placed on cobwebs.
  • Ghasts will not see players in or behind cobwebs.
  • No kind of mechanism (excluding Dispensers, Note Blocks,and Droppers) can be placed on top of cobwebs.
  • In SMP, the particles given off when breaking a cobweb may slow down whilst falling, as they appear before the cobweb block disappears. This also seems to cause them not to fly outwards, but just drop directly downwards after the cobweb disappears. This phenomenon only seems to happen if there is a considerable amount of lag on the server.
  • Destroying a cobweb makes "Stone" sounds.
  • While traveling down through a cobweb and attacking, it counts towards critical hits the same as jumping and attacking as the player falls.
  • As Mineshafts have cobwebs inside them in sparse amounts, finding a room inside the Mineshaft almost completely full of cobwebs indicates that the room contains a Cave Spider spawner.
  • When moved by a Piston, or Sticky Piston, the cobweb will drop as a String.
  • When a cobweb is placed in water, it is destroyed and drops a single piece of String.
  • You may also use a Sword to destroy a cobweb and get string, but it won't happen instantly and counts as 2 uses
  • Cobwebs can be used in the Xbox 360 version through the use of Creative Mode. But it is just simply called "web"
  • Cobweb will partially stop blast damage if you and the TNT/Creeper/etc are in the cobweb
  • Cobwebs can slow the movement of particle effects that come off players and mobs.
  • A player travelling in a minecart (that is on rails) will not be slowed down by the cobwebs
  • Cobwebs can be used for decorative effects, including smoke rising from chimneys and nets for tennis courts.
  • Primed TNT can pass through Cobwebs without slowing down if they are shot through fast enough.
  • Zombies will not catch fire (even during the day) if they are caught in a Cobweb. This occurs regardless of which part of the Zombie caught inside of it.

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