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Health points

4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg)


Solid surfaced blocks with a minimum of two block spaces above them
A 1/8 chance from a thrown egg

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Common drops

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Kill Adult: 1–3
Breeding: 1–7

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Chickens (also known as Ducks on Pocket Edition[1]) are egg-laying passive mobs.


Natural generation[edit]

Chickens naturally generate on grass blocks with 2 blocks of free space above it at light level of 9 or more.

Baby chicken[edit]

A chick with its parents.

Chickens can be bred with wheat seeds (or beetroot seeds, melon seeds or pumpkin seeds in Pocket Edition), producing a baby chicken.

Thrown eggs have an 18 chance to spawn a baby chicken. If successful, there is a 132 chance to spawn 4 chicks instead. If the egg was thrown at a wall at certain angles, the chicken may spawn in the wall, causing suffocation.

Baby chickens will grow up in 20 minutes, although the growth can be accelerated by wheat seeds; each use reduces 10% of the remaining time.


Chickens drop from 0 to 2 feathers, and 1 unit of raw chicken. If a chicken dies while on fire, it drops cooked chicken instead of raw chicken. The amount of raw chicken (or cooked chicken) dropped is not affected by the Looting enchantment.

Chickens drop 1-3 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.


Chickens are 0.875 blocks tall, 0.5 blocks wide and 0.8125 blocks long.

Chickens appear to wander around aimlessly, and usually swim in water. When falling they will flap their wings quickly and fall slowly, making them immune to fall damage. Despite this, they will still avoid falling off cliffs high enough to cause fall damage.

While in a loaded chunk, a chicken will lay one egg every 5 to 10 minutes (6000 to 12000 ticks), unless it is (or was) a part of a chicken jockey. If you are close enough to a chicken when it lays an egg, a popping sound can be heard.

They share some behaviors with other "farm animals":

  • They are drawn to light when in a dark environment.
  • When struck, they run around quickly and aimlessly.
  • They can swim, visibly flapping their wings as they stay on the surface.
  • They can be led around by holding a seed, and are also able to breed with seeds.

Chickens are attacked by wild ocelots.

Chicks do not lay eggs. Due to their small size, they can pass through openings even smaller than a full block, though not willingly. A chick's height is somewhere in between 0.51 to 0.80 blocks.



1.0.14 Added chickens.
1.0 Chickens can be spawned by throwing eggs.
1.8 Chickens now drop raw chicken. Before this, chickens dropped only feathers upon death.
Chickens will run away when attacked.
Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre2 Chickens can be bred with wheat.
Beta 1.9-pre3 Baby chickens were added.
1.2.1 12w04a Ocelots attack chickens.
12w07a Chickens have new AI.
1.4.2 12w36a Chickens now use wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds and nether wart instead of wheat to breed.
12w38a Added new step sounds.
1.7.4 13w49a Added chicken jockeys - baby zombies found riding chickens.
1.8 14w02a Baby chicken growth can be accelerated using seeds.
14w34d Chickens can no longer be bred using melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or nether wart.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.3.0 Added chickens.
0.6.0 Chickens and chicks now spawn randomly.
0.7.0 Chickens now lay eggs and have a 1 in 8 to spawn a chick and a 1 in 254 chance an egg will hatch 4 chickens.
0.8.0 Chickens follow the player if the player holds pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, beetroot seeds, or wheat seeds.
Thrown eggs can now spawn baby chickens.
0.10.0 Chickens no longer have a black texture on their chin.
Console Edition
TU1 Added chickens.
TU5 Chicken will run away when attacked.
TU7 Added baby chickens.
Chicken can now be bred with seeds.
TU14 Baby chickens can now be spawned by using Left trigger on an adult form of that mob using a spawn egg.


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  • When a chicken is killed off a ledge, the corpse also falls more slowly than normal, and the wings still make a flapping animation.
  • Chickens are able to "hide" within hoppers due to their small size, protecting them from lava or water that might be directly on top of the hopper.
  • A few weeks before the end of Beta, Notch tweeted that he changed the chickens to ducks,[2] causing a turmoil on Twitter. A few days later, Jeb, still getting feedback on the idea, stated that it was just a joke.[3]
  • While you are loading/creating/exiting a world on Console Edition, the message that appears can say "Is it a Chicken, or a duck?". Also, the summary for the mobs avatars at the end says "... and a chicken... Or is it a duck?".


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