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[edit]Bone Meal
Bone Meal

Wool dyes


15 (Data)




Yes (64)

Data value

dec: 35115 hex: 15F15 bin: 10101111115


dye 15

Bone meal is a material made from the bones of killed skeletons. It can be used as dye as well as a fertilizer for most plants.


[edit] Crafting

Ingredients Crafting recipe


Grid layout Arrow (small).png Bone Meal3


Grid layout Shapeless.png

[edit] Usage

[edit] As a crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

White Firework Star

Gunpowder +
Bone Meal +
Diamond or
Glowstone Dust or
Head or
Gold Nugget or
Feather or
Fire Charge

Grid layout Arrow (small).png White Firework Star
Gunpowder Bone Meal

DiamondGlowstone DustHeadGold NuggetFeatherFire Charge

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Gray Dye

Ink Sac +
Bone Meal

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Gray Dye2
Ink Sac Bone Meal

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Light Blue Dye

Lapis Lazuli +
Bone Meal

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Light Blue Dye2
Lapis Lazuli Bone Meal

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Light Gray Dye

Ink Sac +
Bone Meal

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Light Gray Dye3
Ink Sac Bone Meal

Bone Meal
Grid layout Shapeless.png

Light Gray Dye

Gray Dye +
Bone Meal

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Light Gray Dye2
Gray Dye Bone Meal

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Lime Dye

Cactus Green +
Bone Meal

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Lime Dye2
Cactus Green Bone Meal

Grid layout Shapeless.png

Magenta Dye

Lapis Lazuli +
Bone Meal +
Rose Red

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Magenta Dye4
Lapis Lazuli Bone Meal
Rose Red Rose Red
Grid layout Shapeless.png

Pink Dye

Rose Red +
Bone Meal

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Pink Dye2
Rose Red Bone Meal

Grid layout Shapeless.png

White Stained Clay

Hardened Clay +
Bone Meal

Hardened Clay Hardened Clay Hardened Clay Grid layout Arrow (small).png White Stained Clay8
Hardened Clay Bone Meal Hardened Clay
Hardened Clay Hardened Clay Hardened Clay

White Stained Glass

Glass +
Bone Meal

Glass Glass Glass Grid layout Arrow (small).png White Stained Glass8
Glass Bone Meal Glass
Glass Glass Glass

[edit] As a dye

Like all other dyes, bone meal can be:

[edit] As fertilizer

When using Bone Meal as fertilizer, there is a chance of failure for saplings and mushrooms. In that case, the procedure must be repeated until it eventually works. Bone Meal does not work on cacti, sugar cane, vines or Nether Wart. Before version 1.5, one or two Bone Meal were sufficient to achieve full growth. After the update, as many as ten may be needed, and Bone Meal can now grow a plant to intermediate stages.

  • Seeds, Potatoes, Carrots: When applied to the plant, it will accelerate its growth, either moving it to the next stage of growth or final stage depending on its current growth and amount of Bone Meal used.
  • Melon and Pumpkin Seeds: When applied to the planted stem, the stem will grow to a later stage of development, and enough Bone Meal can grow a stem to full size. Bone Meal only affects the stem itself; Melons and Pumpkins sprout from adult stems at a fixed rate which cannot be modified.
  • Saplings: When applied, the Bone Meal is consumed and the sapling may grow instantly into a tree, provided it has enough space, light, and luck. Multiple uses of Bone Meal are necessary to achieve this.
  • Grass Blocks: When applied to a grass block, the Bone Meal is consumed and tall grass, and usually a few flowers, form in a random pattern in a 10x10 area centered on the northwest corner of the grass block (the corner with the lowest X and Z values). This can be an effective method of gathering wheat seeds. Does not work on dirt. On average mass production of this application of bonemeal will produce Seeds (7/3), Daffodils (4/3), Roses (2/3), based on a dispenser full of bonemeal. Remember that grass does not always drop seeds: the grass figure is much higher.
  • Mushrooms: When applied to a mushroom that is planted on dirt, it will eventually grow to full size after enough uses. The sudden growth may cause you to take damage if you occupy the space it needs to grow. While the damage itself is minimal, this can pose a danger if Huge Mushrooms are grown near cliffs or with low health.
  • Cocoas: When applied to planted cocoa plants, the bone meal is consumed and the cocoa plant grows instantly, ready to be harvested for Cocoa Beans.

[edit] Data values

DV Description

0 Ink Sac

1 Rose Red

2 Cactus Green

3 Cocoa Beans

4 Lapis Lazuli

5 Purple Dye

6 Cyan Dye

7 Light Gray Dye

8 Gray Dye

9 Pink Dye

10 Lime Dye

11 Dandelion Yellow

12 Light Blue Dye

13 Magenta Dye

14 Orange Dye

15 Bone Meal

[edit] Video

[edit] History


1.2 Bone meal added.
1.6.6 Bone meal can now be applied on grass blocks.
1.8pre1 Bone meal can be used on mushrooms to make Huge Mushrooms, and the block the mushroom is on changes to dirt.
1.8pre2 Bone meal can now be applied on pumpkin and melon seeds.
Bug in "1.8pre1" fixed; huge mushrooms only grow on dirt and grass.
Official release
1.3.1 12w19a Bone meal can now be applied on cocoa beans.
12w25a Fixed being able to use bone meal in dark rooms.
A fully grown crop can no longer accept bone meal.[citation needed]
1.4.2 12w34a Bone meal can be used to dye leather armor.
1.5 13w04a Bone meal is significantly nerfed.

Wheat, melon and pumpkin seeds, potatoes and carrots: one bone meal is consumed for all seven stages of growth. (Melon and pumpkin seeds do not spawn right away)
Saplings: one bone meal is consumed for each of the two growth stages then it will grow into a tree
Cocoa pods: one bone meal is consumed for each of the three stages of growth.

Green particles are now displayed when bone meal is used.
Bone meal can be used from dispensers.
13w05a Adjusted balancing of bonemeal. Growing a plant to its last state now takes on average 2-5 uses of bonemeal (results vary from plant to plant).[1]
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.3.3 Added bone meal.
0.8.0 build 2 Nerfed like in the PC edition.
build 5 Pumpkin and melon stems only grow by one when bone meal is used
Flowers now spawn other flowers when Bone Meal is used.
Can grow Ferns and Tall Grass in survival and creative.
Now grows Sugar Cane to maximum height (exclusive to MCPE).
Console Edition
TU1 Added bonemeal.
Pi Edition
0.1.1 Added bonemeal.

[edit] Trivia

  • Bone meal's fertilizing properties make it ideal for growing large quantities of trees or wheat in tight spaces very quickly.
  • Using bone meal over grass blocks immediately grows tall grass along with the flowers for that biome.
  • When bone meal is used on a grass block, each new plant has a 90% chance of becoming tall grass. Each plant that is not tall grass has a 1 in 3 chance of becoming a poppy, or a 2 in 3 chance of becoming a dandelion.
  • Using bone meal to fertilize, harvest and replant seeds is a fast way of creating a large number of seeds at the expense of bone meal instead of harvesting tall grass. This method also produces wheat and can be used to replace traditional farming methods.
  • One bone can be crafted to 3 bone meal, which means on a successful drop, you can get 3 or 6 units of bone meal from a single skeleton.
  • There is a crafting recipe that uses white wool and bone meal. It is useless, however, because it outputs white wool, thus wasting bone meal.
  • Tall grass planted with bone meal in an area already populated with grass blocks can force grass to appear up to 6 blocks away from where you originally used it. The chance of any plant growing on the block decreases with distance from the block which bone meal was used on, the chance becoming very small at 6 blocks distance.
  • Bone meal can be used on the sides or bottom of a grass block, as well as on a grass block with plants already on top of it.
  • Regardless of if it succeeds in fertilizing, bone meal makes green sparkles. However, like smoke from a torch, the sparkles only appear if the player has particles set All or Decreased.

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