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Savanna Acacia.png

The Overworld

Biome ID



≥ 1.0



First appearance

1.7.2 (13w36a)


Savanna M, Savanna Plateau, Savanna Plateau M

The Savanna (also known as the Savannah) biome is a relatively flat and dry biome similar to the plains. Savanna biomes feature Acacia trees and flat terrain with tall hills occasionally generating. Horses and villages can also be found, as well as yellow grass.


S Requires additional data from the saved game's Data array to fully define the block.
I Has a different ID as an inventory item.
E Requires a block entity to store additional data.
Red Cannot be legitimately obtained. Only available using the /give command or via inventory editors.
Light Blue Cannot be obtained no matter what. (Some can be placed using /setblock)
Blue Available in Creative mode by item list.

Naturally generated[edit]

Naturally Generated includes blocks that are created through the world seed.

Icon Dec Hex Name Block
0 0 minecraft:air Air
Stone.png 1 1 minecraft:stone Stone
Grass.png 2 2 minecraft:grass Grass D
Dirt.png 3 3 minecraft:dirt Dirt D
Bedrock.png 7 7 minecraft:bedrock Bedrock
Water.png 8 8 minecraft:water Water S
Lava.png 10 A minecraft:lava Lava S
Sand.png 12 C minecraft:sand Sand D
Gravel.png 13 D minecraft:gravel Gravel
Gold Ore.png 14 E minecraft:gold_ore Gold Ore
Iron Ore.png 15 F minecraft:iron_ore Iron Ore
Coal Ore.png 16 10 minecraft:coal_ore Coal Ore
Wood.png 17 11 minecraft:wood Wood D
Leaves.png 18 12 minecraft:leaves Leaves D S
Lapis Lazuli Ore.png 21 15 minecraft:lapis_lazuli_ore Lapis Lazuli Ore
Tall Grass.png 31 1F minecraft:tall_grass Tall Grass D
Dandelion.png 37 25 minecraft:dandelion Dandelion
Poppy.png 38 26 minecraft:poppy Poppy D
Brown Mushroom.png 39 27 minecraft:brown_mushroom Brown Mushroom
Red Mushroom.png 40 28 minecraft:red_mushroom Red Mushroom
Diamond Ore.png 56 38 minecraft:diamond_ore Diamond Ore
Redstone Ore.png 73 49 minecraft:redstone_ore Redstone Ore
Clay Block.png 82 52 minecraft:clay_block Clay Block
Sugar Canes.png 83 53 minecraft:sugar_cane Sugar Cane D S
Pumpkin.png 86 56 minecraft:pumpkin Pumpkin
Acacia Leaves.png 161 A1 minecraft:acacia_leaves Acacia Leaves D S
Acacia Wood.png 162 A2 minecraft:acacia_wood Acacia Wood D
Sunflower.png 175 AF minecraft:sunflower Sunflower D


The Savanna biome was officially released alongside three variations, which follow:

Savanna Plateau[edit]

A Savanna Plateau biome. An NPC village can be seen to the right.

A plateau like in the mesa biome, is raised up to about 30 blocks above sea level. These make up much less of the area than in the mesa biome, but are easily seen as sudden walls of hill. Like the mesa plateau, they are very flat on top.

Savanna M[edit]

A variation of the Savanna. These are quite rare, and consist of stone and grassless dirt (coarse dirt in 1.8), and are more mountainous than their regular counterpart. These mountains can almost reach the cloud limit, and sometimes go slightly above, even without using the AMPLIFIED world type.

Savanna Plateau M[edit]

An extremely mountainous variation caused by the plateau and the M variation combining, with very steep hills very much around, with Acacia Trees atop them. The generation of this biome can cause several strange 'structures' to be created. Their peak has a huge range of altitudes. They can go above Y: 200 sometimes, whilst others don't reach the clouds. These have a huge amount of variation and are the closest to AMPLIFIED terrain on default. Like the M variation, these have a lot of exposed stone and grassless dirt.


1.2.0 The biome introduced alongside 10 others.
1.8 The biome, and the other ten, were removed to make way for new ones.
Official release
1.7.2 13w36a The biome re-introduced, with various changes, alongside various others.
13w43a Jungle wood in the Acacia trees is replaced by Acacia wood.


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  • Savanna and Plains are the only biomes where Horses can spawn.


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