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A Mesa biome next to a desert.

Mesa is a desert-like biome added to version 1.7.2. It comprises hardened clay, various colors of stained clay, red sand and regular sand with dead bushes and cacti around, similar to a desert. It is an efficient way to get hardened clay, since clay is rare. There are also groups of trees that sometimes spawn in this biome. Small lakes regularly generate inside the biome's plateaus.

Much like in deserts, rain cannot be found in this biome.


[edit] Spawning

Mesa biomes are extremely rare, and have roughly the same spawnrate as the Mushroom Island biome, however, they are generally much larger and therefore slightly easier to find.

Mesa biomes are often considered the second rarest biome in the game next to the Mushroom Island (though their spawnrate is the same), and is one of the most magnificent and striking biomes in the game with colours no other biome sees.

Mesa biomes can be any size. They can be very small, but generally, they are one of the larger biomes, similar to the desert and tundra biomes. The mesa biome is unique, comprising various parts. There are flat sections of red sand, many dead bushes and the occasional cactus, then there are the plateau parts, which are made of hardened clay and 6 colours of stained clay: yellow, red, orange, white, light grey and brown. These plateaus are raised 20-30 blocks from the flat part (like Savanna biomes), and the layers of colours resemble sedimentary rock. There are many dead bushes. The third part of mesas lies on top of the plateau, occasional small dying forests, the plateau forests. These forests are small, and mostly comprise grassless dirt, dull-coloured grass and a few dull-coloured oak trees. Some mesa biomes have a fourth section - the Bryce section. Roughly 35-40% of Mesa biomes have a bryce section, and these act like the ice plains spikes, with a flat red sand bottom and spikes of clay with the same colours as the plateau parts jutting out of the ground of various heights, some getting close to the clouds.

A screenshot of a Mesa biome, showing the red sand that spawns in the Mesa as well as a plateau with a few trees off in the distance.

The mesa biome is classed as a hot biome and will usually be found near deserts and savannas. Your best bet for finding a mesa is to look around a desert biome. Coordinate hopping is not recommended as mesas often only spawn once within a 16000 by 12000 block view. You could coordinate hop until you find a desert and explore the desert until you find one and if not, find another desert.

[edit] What can be found in this biome

[edit] Blocks

[edit] Variations

  • Mesa

A very flat area made of red sand and with the occasional dead bushes spawning and a few lakes.

  • Mesa (Bryce)

A very flat part of a mesa. Not all mesas have a Bryce section. This consists as a flat low-lying area with red sand and multiple coloured clay spikes jutting out of the ground with the same colours as the Mesa Plateau, similar to ice spikes.

  • Mesa Plateau

A flat area that is raised to about 30 blocks above sea level. These plateaus are made out of hardened clay and make up the majority of the mesa biome. Dead bushes and occasional lakes spawn on the plateaus. The clay consists of seven colours, being normal, red, yellow, orange, white, light grey and brown. These plateaus are large and resemble sedementary rock.

  • Mesa Plateau M

A mountainous area of the Mesa biome.

  • Mesa Plateau F

Occasionally on the plateaus the F variation spawns. The F stands for forest. A small dying forest consisting of dull grass, grassless dirt and a few small trees spawn. If you spawn in a mesa, this is your source of wood.

  • Mesa Plateau F M

Combination of the "Mesa Plateau F" and the "Mesa Plateau M" biomes.

[edit] History

Official release
1.7 13w36a Added Mesa biome
13w39a Added Red Sand to Mesa biomes
1.8 14w20a Caverns now generate in Mesa biomes

[edit] Issues

Issues relating to "Mesa" are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Mesa Biome is the biome with the most variations, being six.
  • Red sand can only be found in Mesa Biomes, which makes this biome a good place to go to.
  • On August 2 2013, Jeb tweeted the first picture of the Mesa biome and jokingly called them Disco Mountains, due to them having various stained clay colors.[1]
    • The image was the first confirmed new feature of the 1.7 update that was revealed by Mojang, a picture of the Mega Taiga would be the second, tweeted on August 7.
  • It is possible to find lava lakes inside a small hill in the Mesa biome.

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