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A mesa biome next to a desert.

Mesas are rare biomes comprised of hardened and stained clay. It is an efficient way to obtain hardened clay, especially when other sources of clay are scarce or for a large build made of hardened clay. Red sand can also be found, as well as small patches of trees on the mesa plateau variant.


S Requires additional data from the saved game's Data array to fully define the block.
I Has a different ID as an inventory item.
E Requires a block entity to store additional data.
Red Cannot be legitimately obtained. Only available using the /give command or via inventory editors.
Light Blue Cannot be obtained no matter what. (Some can be placed using /setblock)
Blue Available in Creative mode by item list.

Naturally generated[edit]

Naturally Generated includes blocks that are created through the world seed.

Icon Dec Hex Name Block
0 0 minecraft:air Air
Stone.png 1 1 minecraft:stone Stone
Grass.png 2 2 minecraft:grass Grass D
Dirt.png 3 3 minecraft:dirt Dirt D
Bedrock.png 7 7 minecraft:bedrock Bedrock
Water.png 8 8 minecraft:water Water S
Lava.png 10 A minecraft:lava Lava S
Sand.png 12 C minecraft:sand Sand D
Gravel.png 13 D minecraft:gravel Gravel
Gold Ore.png 14 E minecraft:gold_ore Gold Ore
Iron Ore.png 15 F minecraft:iron_ore Iron Ore
Coal Ore.png 16 10 minecraft:coal_ore Coal Ore
Wood.png 17 11 minecraft:wood Wood D
Leaves.png 18 12 minecraft:leaves Leaves D S
Lapis Lazuli Ore.png 21 15 minecraft:lapis_lazuli_ore Lapis Lazuli Ore
Tall Grass.png 31 1F minecraft:tall_grass Tall Grass D
Dead Bush.png 32 20 minecraft:dead_bush Dead Bush
Diamond Ore.png 56 38 minecraft:diamond_ore Diamond Ore
Redstone Ore.png 73 49 minecraft:redstone_ore Redstone Ore
Sugar Canes.png 83 53 minecraft:sugar_cane Sugar Cane D S
Pumpkin.png 86 56 minecraft:pumpkin Pumpkin
White Stained Clay.png 87 57 minecraft:stained_hardened_clay Stained Clay S B
Hardened Clay.png 172 AC minecraft:hardened_clay Hardened Clay
Red Sandstone.png 179 B3 minecraft:red_sandstone Red Sandstone D


  • Mesa

A very flat area made of red sand and with the occasional dead bushes spawning and a few lakes.

  • Mesa (Bryce)

A very flat part of a mesa. Not all mesas have a bryce section. This consists as a flat low-lying area with red sand and multiple colored clay spikes jutting out of the ground with the same colors as the Mesa Plateau, similar to ice spikes.

  • Mesa Plateau

A flat area that is raised to about 30 blocks above sea level. These plateaus are made out of hardened clay and make up the majority of the mesa biome. Dead bushes and occasional lakes spawn on the plateaus. The clay consists of seven colors, being normal, red, yellow, orange, white, light gray and brown. These plateaus are large and resemble sedementary rock.

  • Mesa Plateau M

A mountainous area of the Mesa biome.

  • Mesa Plateau F

Occasionally on the plateaus the F variation spawns. The F stands for forest. A small dying forest consisting of dull grass, coarse dirt and a few small trees spawn. If you spawn in a mesa, this is your source of wood.

  • Mesa Plateau F M

Combination of the “Mesa Plateau F" and the “Mesa Plateau M" biomes.


Official release
1.7.2 13w36a Added Mesa biomes.
13w39a Mesa biomes now generate with red sand instead of regular sand.
1.8 14w20a Caverns now generate in mesa biomes.
14w32a Entrances to caves in mesa biomes now generate Red Sandstone.


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  • The Mesa Biome is the biome with the most variations, being six.
  • Red sand can only be found in mesa biomes, which makes this biome a good place to go to.
  • Mesa biomes were the first 1.7 biomes to be revealed.[1]
    • An image of the mega taiga would be the second, tweeted on August 7.
  • It is possible to find lava lakes inside a small hill in the mesa biome.



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