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A typical jungle.

A very dense, tropical biome. It features large jungle trees that can reach up to 31 blocks tall with 2x2 thick trunks. Oak trees are also common. The landscape is lush green and quite hilly, with many small lakes of water often nestled into deep valleys, sometimes above sea level. Leaves cover much of the forest floor—these "bush trees" have single-blocks of jungle wood for trunks, surrounded by oak leaves for foliage. When inside a jungle, the sky will become noticeably lighter. This is the only biome naturally containing ferns and the aforementioned jungle trees. Hostile mobs rarely spawn, due to the amount of leaves, but when they do they can be dangerous due to the difficult terrain making getaways hard, highly obscured vision, getting lost, and if killed, finding your stuff becomes almost impossible amongst the mobs and foliage. Vines are found alongside most blocks and may be found close to the surface in caves. Ocelots, jungle temples, and cocoa plants spawn exclusively in this biome.

Warning: If you have a slow computer or your hard drive is 90% full or more, venturing into a jungle may crash Minecraft, or worse, your computer.

What can be found in this biome[edit]






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