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An ice plains biome with a small ice-covered lake.

A relatively rare but expansive, flat biome with a huge amount of snow. It does not rain in this biome — it snows instead. Lakes and rivers are frozen over. Hills tend to be more mountainous. Sugar canes will spawn in this biome, but tend to become uprooted when chunks load as the water sources freeze to ice. There are very few natural oak trees in this biome. Due to their size and the scarcity of wood, initial survival becomes difficult in comparison to other biomes.

As of 1.7.4, the ice plains spikes biome can be found within ice plains.

What can be found in this biome[edit]



Since there are few mobs in this biome, food is scarce. Because this biome is so empty, it is not recommended for people playing on survival.

Packed ice spikes


Official release
1.0.0 Added ice plains.
1.7 13w36a Added ice plains spikes.


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