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Solid Block









Blast resistance









Yes (64)



First appearance

Classic 0.0.12a



Data value

dec: 07 hex: 7 bin: 111



Bedrock is both an indestructible[1] and unmineable block.


Bedrock is impossible to obtain without commands or creative mode.

Natural generation[edit]

Bedrock comprises the bottom-most 5 layers of the Overworld in a very rough pattern, although to the 4th layer is predominately flat bedrock with no gaps, which makes the very bottom 5th layer inaccessible. The game code numbers the lowest layer of Bedrock as layer 0, and the highest as layer 4.

In the Nether, bedrock comprises both the top and bottom 4 layers in a very rough pattern. At the top of the Nether, bedrock prevents you from going past layer 127, although you can use several bugs to get through. It can also be found at the sides of the Nether in the console edition. Mushrooms may occasionally spawn on top of this Bedrock layer.

In the End, defeating the Ender Dragon spawns a portal with a Bedrock frame. A single piece of flaming Bedrock also appears underneath Ender Crystals.


The primary function of bedrock is to create impassable barriers. Bedrock blocks cannot be moved by pistons.


While bedrock does have a finite damage resistance (18,000,000), there is no explosive in the game with that much force. Notch confirmed on the 11th of February 2011, during a Machinima Live stream,[2] that it is indestructible, or so solid that the amount of TNT it would take to destroy it would more than certainly crash the game, therefore the save file would show no evidence of the explosion ever happening. However, later examinations of Minecraft code have shown that multiple explosions do not add damage to blocks; any block that is not destroyed by one TNT immediately adjacent to it will not be destroyed by additional TNT. Thus, the "amount of TNT" does not matter (other than indirectly by possibly crashing the game).

It is impossible to break bedrock by punching it. Bedrock has "hardness" of -1. A negative hardness is handled separately in the code, whereas damage from players' hits to the block are zero, thus the accumulated damage will always stay at 0.

Dark oak trees[edit]

You can currently break bedrock by growing dark oak trees. The method abuses the fact that dark oak trees trees might grow downwards if remaining parts of a previously grown tree blocks remain above it. When the tree grows downwards, some Bedrock blocks are likely to be replaced by Dark Oak Wood, which are easily removable. When using this method, the bedrock does not drop. This method is inconsistent, and might take a few tries, but is easily done in survival Minecraft. Note that this is likely to be patched in the future.

Nether Reactors[edit]

In Pocket Edition, if you activate a Nether Reactor on a low enough layer, the last layer of bedrock is replaced with Netherrack, allowing access to The Void in survival mode.

Creative mode[edit]

In Creative mode, bedrock can be destroyed in one hit, just like any other block. By doing this, the Player is able to enter The Void, but will die (after falling past Y: -63), unless they are flying or using cheats to have very high regeneration. This is one of the two ways to die in Creative Mode, aside from the /kill command.


Another way to break Bedrock, if you have cheats on, is to use the "summon" command to create a fireball entity with an explosion power of 5000. This will destroy bedrock, but is extremely rare for the item to drop, as when the explosion power is increased it is less likely to drop as an item. This will probably crash the game, but if not, the explosion will take several minutes.



0.0.12a Bedrock added.
Bedrock cannot be placed or destroyed, except by players on servers with admin permissions.
Does not spawn in the map, cannot be destroyed by explosions, but it is breakable and drops a normal resource. However, it takes more than 16 minutes to break a single block.
0.0.20 Bedrock could now only be destroyed by admins and could be placed by using the /solid command.
Unbreakable, but Bedrock on the bottom of the map will turn to Lava after a while if it is exposed to sunlight. Bedrock during this development stage was smooth.
Bedrock was unbreakable with no exceptions.
1.2 The Nether was added, with bedrock at the top and bottom.
1.3 Bedrock could no longer be destroyed by planting a seed below it on tilled dirt.
1.6 A bug was fixed where you could fall into the void. Destroying a boat or rails with a minecart on the lowest bedrock block caused this to happen.
1.8 Creative mode is added, in which bedrock can be placed and destroyed instantly, as can any other block.
Notch tweeted he had accidentally done something to the Bedrock layer, but didn't specify what.[3]
Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre6 The particle effect can now be turned off or lowered.
When the Enderdragon dies, it leaves behind a fountain-like bedrock structure with the Dragon Egg sitting on top. It has another End Portal to return to the player's spawn point.
Ender Crystal added, an entity which sits atop of a block of bedrock.
1.2.1 12w07a As the max world height of the Nether was increased to 256, but Nether world generation is unchanged, mobs and Mushrooms were spawning on top of the Bedrock ceiling.
12w07b Fixed crash when mobs were spawned above the world height limit by no longer allowing mobs to spawn on bedrock.
1.2.1 With the addition of lakes (of lava and water) at any height, it was possible for a lake to cause an unusually large gap in the Bedrock. This was fixed in release 1.2.
1.2.5 The pick block functionally was introduced. However, it was slightly bugged and gave you bedrock while your crosshair was on any part of any mob.
Bedrock in the End will burn forever if set on fire, similar to Netherrack. It can still be put out by the same methods, as well.
1.7.2 Bedrock can be broken by growing a dark oak tree above the bedrock on one layer of dirt, then after growing the tree destroying one layer of wood directly above the dirt, and after that growing another tree on the same patch of dirt and it will have a chance of having roots growing downwards breaking through the bedrock (good for making a gateway from the top of the nether to below, or making a trap for people to fall in the void).
1.8 14w27b Bedrock's texture now rotates randomly, giving a more natural look to the bedrock layer.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.1.0 Bedrock appears at the bottom of the world, but is unobtainable even in creative mode.
0.8.0 build 3 Added bedrock to Creative mode.
0.9.0 build 1 Added bedrock fog.
Console Edition
TU1 Added bedrock.

Classic properties[edit]

In Singleplayer Survival Mode, Bedrock is impossible to place without a mod, because Bedrock is never directly placed. But, using a server command on multiplayer, other blocks can be changed into Bedrock. Any Bedrock that exists on the map cannot be destroyed by the player.

In Multiplayer mode, server operators can place Bedrock blocks by using the "/solid" command. When /solid is used, stone blocks turn to Bedrock a short time after being placed. If /solid is used again, stone blocks placed will remain stone blocks. Normal players cannot place Bedrock; this makes Bedrock useful for making spawn jails. However, ops can destroy Bedrock like any other block, as a flag is set on the client when they log in. Vats of fluid blocks (water and lava) are also recommended to have Bedrock barriers so as to prevent server floods. Bedrock is used as a dark colored building material for normal structures as well.

A player can use an inventory editor to put Bedrock blocks in their inventory. If they attempt to place the blocks, the server will automatically kick them, even if they are an op. This is an anti-griefing feature that is scripted into the server software.

In all Classic maps, the very edges of a map are lined with a Bedrock-textured barrier. This barrier is not actually made of Bedrock blocks; it is simply a flat, impassible wall with the Bedrock texture. It is also completely covered in water. Consequently, attempting to place blocks on it does not work; you must place a block on one already attached to the wall. This barrier appears on the sides of a map starting two blocks below ocean level, extends under the ocean, and across the entire bottom of the map. Additional walls made of Bedrock blocks are often built against the ocean to prevent flooding in custom servers. Using a /kill command for classic servers causes your player to go extremely far away from the map and to glitch high above the bedrock area. The command is highly glitchy, somehow being able to send you off the map, so later versions of the command simply set the target player's health to 0.


Issues relating to "Bedrock" are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.


  • The Bedrock texture is modified from Stone, at a higher contrast and placed on all sides.
  • Bedrock emits a dark particle effect
  • In Xbox 360 and Playstation editions, only the lowest layer (or highest in the Nether) of naturally spawned bedrock is unbreakable.
  • In maps generated before the Halloween Update, there were occasional gaps in the bottom layer of Bedrock that the player could fall through.
  • It is possible, but rare, for ore to be found encased in Bedrock.
  • In Minecraft 4k, there is bedrock on the bottom of the map with no texture.[4]
  • Strongholds can cause a bedrock not to form within its bounds.



  1. Not entirely indestructible, see this paragraph of text.