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Planned release date


1.13 is an upcoming major update with no set release date. It will focus mainly on bug fixes and technical features.[1]

Planned additions

Data packs
  • Like resource packs, but for loot tables, advancements, functions, can be changed from world to server side.[2][3]
    • It is used by placing it in the world or server file, and it is also possible to use more than one.[4]
  • Data packs are zips or folders with a pack.mcmeta in the root. See: Tutorials/Creating a resource pack#pack.mcmeta
  • Structures will load from (world)/generated/structures/(namespace)/(file).nbt before checking data packs.
    • However, you should not use this to distribute structures and instead move them from out of here and into data packs

Planned changes

  • Customizable crafting recipes.[1]
    • Originally planned to be added in 1.12.[5]
Block ID
  • Expansion of the block ID limit past 256.[6]
  • A structure stored in the world file also will need a namespace.[7] The default namespace is minecraft which will cause conflicts later.[8]
  • Structures are saved to (world)/generated/structures/(namespace)/(file).nbt.
Block metadata
  • Numeric block metadata completely phased out in favor of block states.[9]
World Files[8]
  • Files in (world)/data/advancements/(namespace)/(file) will need to be moved to inside data pack as data/(namespace)/advancements/(file)
  • Files in (world)/data/functions/(namespace)/(file) will need to be moved to inside a data pack as data/(namespace)/functions/(file)
  • Files in (world)/data/loot_tables/(namespace)/(file) will need to be moved to inside a data pack as data/(namespace)/loot_tables/(file)
  • Files in (world)/structures/(file) will need to be moved to inside a data pack as data/(namespace)/structures/(file)

Unconfirmed features

  • Damage value parameter in /give, /clear and /replaceitem will be removed.[10]
    • Damage value will be moved to a Damage tag. /give @p diamond_sword 1 1 becomes /give @p diamond_sword 1 {Damage:1}.
  • Many blocks, currently separated by block states, will be split into their own ids. (for example wool color=red will become red_wool.)[10]
    • Damage value will only be used by tools and armor, resulting in different ids for all other items with their own that use the damage value.
  • Removing the block entity for flower pots, mob heads (except player heads) and note blocks.[10]
  • The ability to change technical colors (such as sky and foliage) without needing mods[11]
  • The new "^" notation to use coordinates based on the rotations of entities.[12][13]


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