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Planned release date


1.13 is an upcoming major update with no set release date. It will focus mainly on bug fixes and technical features.[1]

Upcoming changes

Unconfirmed features

  • Damage value parameter in /give, /clear and /replaceitem will be removed.[4]
    • Damage value will be moved to a Damage tag in the tag tag. /give @p diamond_sword 1 1 becomes /give @p diamond_sword 1 {Damage:1}.
  • Many blocks, currently separated by block states, will be split into their own ids. (for example wool color=red will become red_wool.)[4]
    • Damage value will only be used by tools and armor, resulting in different ids for all other items with their own that use the damage value.
  • Removing the block entity for beds, flower pots, skulls (probably except player heads) and note blocks.[4]
  • The ability to change technical colors (such as sky and foliage) without needing mods[5]


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