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Planned release date


1.10 is an upcoming major update to Minecraft with no set release date. Snapshots are not expected to begin before the release of 1.9.3.[1]

Version number

The version number of this update is 1.10. It is currently listed on the bug tracker as "Future Version - 1.10+",[2] and this version has been referred to as 1.10 by Minecraft developers Erik Broes (Grum)[3], Nathan Adams (Dinnerbone)[4], Jens Bergensten (Jeb)[5] and Michael Stoyke (Searge).[6]

Planned additions

Teaser screenshot of a new option
  • A new button called 'Auto-jump'.[7]
    • "Needs to be on by default so new players know about it", Jeb says.[7]
    • Ported from Minecraft Pocket Edition.[7]
Teaser screenshot of a new block
Teaser screenshot of the structure block
Teaser screenshot of polar bears
Teaser screenshot of skeleton-like mob
  • Polar bears[10][11]
    • Cubs are peaceful, adults are neutral unless cubs are nearby.[12]
    • Portrayed in a teaser screenshot of an adult and a cub in a snowy biome.
  • Skeleton-like mob with ragged clothing and white eyes.[13]

Planned changes

Numerical block IDs
  • Limit will get removed[14]
Block states
  • Can now be used in /setblock.[15]
    • For example, to set down a block of blue wool, it will be /setblock <x> <y> <z> blue_wool instead of /setblock <x> <y> <z> minecraft:wool 11.[16]
Teaser screenshot of endermen in the Nether


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